Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kitchen Hopping by Almond Tree Cakes

Almond Tree!! Once again I want to share my experience with Almond Tree, now not just reviewing their cake and another good stuffs here but I also did something different, can you guess? If you follow my Instagram @filipusverdi you must have known that last week I join Almond Tree “Kitchen Hopping” what is that? Enter the kitchen and hopping together? 

Of course not, it’s kind of fun activity held by Almond Tree to have an unique relationship between them and their customers! When most of business keep the secret behind the kitchen, Almond Tree give their customer a chance to know more about how the cake here was made. I think that’s a very rare situation, and when they invited to join this event, there’s no reason to say NO! So here I come!

So this event was taken at Cikini and Tomang, and yeah I know how they got and idea for the name, because we move from one to another store, it’s so fun! It’s the 4th time and the last Kitchen Hopping in Jakarta! I think next episode will take another city, and if you read this you should join, it’s a once in a lifetime chance I guess. From Kitchen Hopping I know how hard is the baking process for every cake in Almond Tree, so this time I got a chance to learn how to make Cheese Croissant, Cake Pop, Peanut Butter Milkshake and Almond Tree newest creation Butterscotch Cake!

The first thing that we make is Cheese Croissant, yes I’m a big fan of Almond Tree croissant, especially their almond, actually never try their Cheese Croissant, but due to duration we must skip the resting process and directly go to flattening and of course rolling process, trust me it’s HARD! Better just buy it than have to make it haha, I really love the aroma of baking, so this cheese croissant contain Cream Cheese Inside and also grated cheese on top, imagine that buttery crispy croissant meet the aromatic and sweet cream cheese, perfecto! I enjoy it directly after they take out from oven, crazily delicious!

Next I got Cake Pops, so it’s like lollipop but cake! Chocolate based cake, taste like brownie and we can d├ęcor it by ourselves, first put them into a melted white chocolate then you can cover it with some chocolate sprinkle and another ingredients you want, chocolate sauce, peanut, and whatever you like, here’s my creation! THE RED HAIR SAD GIRL CAKE POP, sounds creepy right? Therefore, better eat them! That hard chocolate that cover this soft brownie give some flavor and layer to this unique cake, like it!

After the second cake, we move to Tomang store for the next 2 menus. First we gonna make Butterscotch Cake and then Peanut Butter Milkshake. The process take quite long, so when waiting for some part of the cake, like hardening the cream, we create some garnish for our Peanut Butter Milkshake! It’s very easy to make Peanut Butter Milkshake, you can easily make it at home. You have to prepare Vanilla Ice Cream, Fresh Milk and Peanut Butter Jam, just it! Then mix them together and start blend it, the flavor is so rich and milky also creamy! No ice cube added, so it’s very creamy and thick! Fantastic Milkshake and last but not least our special cake today Butterscotch Cake.

I just can’t wait to try the very aromatic Butterscotch cake, imagine that dark chocolate cake meets caramel (butterscotch taste like alpenible candy if you ever tried it before) sweet but also has bitter taste, just like caramel but more rich! Imagine that! If only imagine it doesn’t satisfy you, go to your nearest Almond Tree Cakes to try it! Seriously it’s worth every calories ;)

Big thanks to Almond Tree for this Kitchen Hopping! I hope it’s not the last Kitchen Hopping, because it give us a very memorable experience to know how one of the best cake shop in Jakarta process their cake

 Stay Hungry,
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