Tuesday, July 4, 2017

King Mango Neo Soho Mall Jakarta

Hello foodies! Happy Eid Mubarak for everyone who celebrate it. Well, during this Ramadhan there's one new spot and very happening in town, the concept is juice bar and unexpectedly this store is very viral and maybe claimed as the hottest spot in town! Yes it's KING MANGO! I came here exactly at the second day of Eid Mubarak, so gonna know more about this spot?

From it's name we knew that they're specialized in Mango, well for the first time I think they serve all Mango desserts, but in fact they only serve one menu, yep a single freaking menu, that Mango Juice!!! King Mango is located at Neo Soho Mall, just across Pingoo restaurant, actually it's not hard to find King Mango, just look the crazy long queue in this area and that means you found King Mango!

Since they opened from the first day until now they never lack of queue, salute to them! The decoration is cool too, looks really Thai, I just can't imagine the queue, all the people look very excited even they have to wait for almost 2 hours! *personally I wait for 2 hours* it's crazy man. I've never waited for so long! Is it worth waiting for? Let's see!

Maybe most of you have seen this juice frequently in Instagram, yes this is what King Mango look like

Served in Jumbo Glass with some layers of mango, as the base is Mango Juice, next whipped cream, mango sorbet and fresh cutted mangoes

We can see the cooking process and yes it's made by natural and fresh ingredients, for the juice they use only Mango and Ice Cubes, no syrup or extract added! (A very good point) ah they also add some simlple syrup, but only a bit. Surely they have a high-quality of mangoes. The juice was very thick and aromatic, the juice is filled more than half of the cup then they add some whipping cream, nothing special with the whipping cream but it gives another sensation, when you first can taste the freshness it turns to creamy parts when the juice is mixed with the cream.

The next part is Mango Sorbet, actually I don't know what they call this ornaments but I taste sorbet here, somehow taste like mango shaved ice and in my opinion it's the best part of this jumbo cup! I want to add some more haha

Last touch is fresh cutted mangoes, it looks so fresh and sweet! I love their mango, very perfect texture, not too ripe and there's still some sourness in it. All the ingredients are combined well and give a lot of freshness. A cup of King Mango is tagged for IDR 50.000 and I believe it's shareable up to 2 person, but are you sure want to share after a 2-hours queue?

Overall I can say King Mango is so so good! They're fresh and IDR 50.000 is worth it, I'm surely going back for King Mango, but if have to wait for another 2 hours I don't think it's worth it
Hopefully the euphoria ends soon and I can enjoy it easily ;)

Stay Hungry,
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