Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cacao Barry : Purity from Nature

Hello foodies! As you've seen on my Instagram lately, I've posted a lot desserts yes because I'm one of the tasting panel of newest Cacao Barry chocolate! A big honor to me, Cacao Barry is one of the biggest chocolate brand that I believed most of the good cafe, restaurant or hotel using their product to create a great dish. To be honest, I'm not a sweet-tooth but when it turns to chocolate, yes I love chocolate! So here I'm going to tell about their opening ceremony that taken place in Peacock Lounge Fairmont Hotel Jakarta that also take part of creating delicating desserts using Cacao Barry newest products! 

A short story about Cacao Barry , they're claimed as world's most innovative and creative chocolate brand. Driven by 175 years of expertise, Cacao Barry unlock the sensorial richness of cocoa to raise the standard in pastry and to elevate chefs' creativity and hence success. They're working with local farmers to create a really natural chocolate with their own fermentation technique, so the taste gonna be the best. The potential of the taste of cocoa is defined by genetic, terrior and fermentation. One pods are opened, the fermentation starts this process will convert sugar to acidic acids. 

Why Cacao Barry chocolate taste different from another chocolate? because their commitment that creating a nature's intense taste of chocolate,  the cocoa is really protected by the farmer and delivered to the chef. The very passionate farmer is really needed here. Well as the world changing fast and taste is evolving along with it, consumers demand an authentic, intense flavors true to nature of better, closer to nature than ever before. That's why chefs are responding to this demand with changing cuisine; less sweet, more intense, pure and less processed. 

This cuisine demands chocolate couvertures that perfectly embody such purity and intensity. Cacao Barry finally found the answer to this evolution and proudly presents "Purity from Nature" a new generations of chocolate couvertures, Ocoa, Inaya and Alunga!

What's the difference between them? 

Ocoa 70% : dark chocolate that has been created for enrobing and fine moulding with strong cocoa taste and much bitter than another, the true definition of dark chocolate.

Inaya 65% : Dark chocolate yields perfect results in mousses, ganaches and moelleux, this is most favorite among the others by the chef, and I think it's really suit with Indonesian taste, that not too strong, but still intense without decreasing their chocolate identity.

Alunga 41% : The most intense milk chocolate ever created and promises perfection in mousses and ganaches. Very milky and everyone gonna love it I guess.

So here at Peacock Lounge, their created some of mouth-watering desserts containing Ocoa, Inaya and Alunga 

Tropical Almond-Hazelnut 
Almond Genoise, Tropical Alunga 41%, Lime Zephyr Ganache

Coconut and hazelnut Dacquoise, Mango Compote, Cardamon Alunga 41% custard, Inaya 65% Creme mousse

Chocolate biscuit, Ocoa 70% Baileys Creme, Coffee Streusel

Lemon and Spice
Lemon biscuit, lemon light mousse, spice 65% chocolate Cremeux, Almond Inaya 65% Sponge

Caramel Hazelnut
Alunga 41% Chantily, Hazenul biscuit, vanilla caramel

- Coconut-apricot, vanilla-ocoa bonbon
- Raspberry-ocoa, Pistachio bonbon
- Szechuan-Inaya Chocolate
- Praline-hazelnut Alunga Truffle
- Banana Zephyr
- Earlgray-Inaya, Clove Blossom Honey

They look very beautiful right? And more look beautiful when they served in small version in Peacock Lounge signature Afternoon Tea Set, with the iconic drawer which I'm sure the desserts lover already well-known in this set!

So all of us enjoying their desserts containing Ocoa, Inaya and Alunga! They're all great! I ate a lot, very a lot! I don't even feel to much because they're all in balance taste, meanwhile I also try chocolate drink made of Ocoa, Inaya and Alunga, it's so lovely!

Last, I'm not enjoying it myself because you all can try it at the nearest outlet or your favorite cafe! Cacao Barry not just collaborating with Peacock Lounge but 10 DESSERTS HOUSE IN TOWN!!! Amazing right? Go try Cacao Barry newest product in Social Affair, Latteria, Eric Kayser, Pand'or, JF Bistro Kemang, Lewis & Caroll, La Maison, Nomz, and Lady Eve Patisserie 

Put it on your list and want to know their creation? Here I give you the sneak-peek! But I also update it on my Instagram so you better check it out! 

Get more curious to try?

Not just collaborating to create fantastic desserts, Cacao Barry also held a photo competition with prize of IDR 3.000.000 dining vouchers from Ismaya Group, just follow these easy steps:
1. Post any desserts from the outlets above that tagged as Cacao Barry products
2. Photo must be original (Can NOT Repost)
3. Caption must included #cacaobarryindo #unboxcreativity #PurityfromNature and mention also tag @cacaobarryofficial
4. Photo must be submitted between 13 March - 31 April 2017
5. Good luck! 

Easy right? so what to wait! Visit the store, pick the desserts, take a photo, upload on your Instagram and enjoy the prize!

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu 

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