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Marty's Smokehouse Bandung

HELLO GUYS! If you follow me on my Instagram you must have known that last weekend I was going to Bandung with my family for a short trip! Well, as grown-up in a family who have a big passion in culinary world especially EAT, we often go out of Jakarta for hunting the new stuffs and Bandung is likely the nearest one, so we regularly go to Bandung, and for this trip we've found so many new and cool food, from street-food until restaurant, and here I want to share my culinary experience at the first smokehouse in Bandung, MARTY's Smokehouse.

They claimed as the first smokehouse in Bandung, mostly in Bandung are just steakhouse not smokehouse even they're not so different but the concept is great. Smokehouse basically while you slowly roast your meat, so the smoke from the firewood hasn't went out but it's seal inside, so the smoke itself bring so many flavor to the meat, the technique needs time for sure, but it brings a very decent flavor!

But before that, let's take a look at their ambiance. Marty's Smokehouse is located at Cimanuk Street, it's in the same location as Vio Hotel, I think I don't need to give the detail direction to get there, let Google Maps or Waze do their job! They're located in busy area, especially on weekend where you can find a public bazaar around the park. They're easy to find for sure.

They have two parts of dining area, the outdoor and indoor. The indoor dining area is located in the hotel itself, near the kitchen, there's nothing special with it but I really love the concept of their outside dining area, where you really like you're in nature, feel so good here! Using the rustic concept, bring us to the classic American style dining where you can find a great smokey dish! Countryside dining concept is very delight me, it's impress me.

For the service, they're using a self-service here. So when you enter the restaurant, just go straight to the cashier and order anything you want (pssstt they have wide variety of food!) and directly paid, after that just wait for your food to come, it take less than 10 minutes to get your order ready. The concept is really American but if you need something just ask the waiters and they'll get to you soon.

So good place and good service, what's next? Food for sure!

As their name they're specialized in Smokey thing, they have beef and chicken as the main dishes

Smoking Process 

So this is how the protein cooked here, SMOKED! This is the classic way to create Beef Brisket, slow roast it until the smoked infused into the meat, all the flavors trapped well and there's no doubt the taste would be so good! The meat also tender and juicy for sure, maybe not everyone like smokey taste, but I'm the one who love it so much! 

Combo Platter (IDR 120.000)

The all time favorite menu even they're just opened for 2 months, the combo platter is coming in big portion, including Half Chicken Roast, Beef Brisket, Cocktail Sausage, French Fries and Cole Slaw Salad! Texas Style BBQ ! 

The beautiful Beef Brisket was prepared, they're thinly sliced and look at that juicy meat! Looks dry outside but it turns to PINK insde with fatty streak on it.

>> Fettuccine Carbonara
IDR 29.000

Before going far to the smoked dish, let me take you to their another dishes, as I've told you before they have wide variety of menu. They also have Pasta! There's Aglio Olio, Neapolitan and the famous Carbonara, which tagged only IDR 29.000! How affordable is that, the taste also great, they have a good density of creamy taste, it's thick btw with great flavors also. To add more creaminess they add an egg yolk on top, when it served on your table directly mix it together, so it's really good, it's also served with ground beef, I think it's a very good deal.

>> Creamy Butter Rice
IDR 29.000

If you're really Indonesian that can't live without rice but your friends take you to American Smokehouse that usually don't served rice you should thanks to Marty's Smokehouse, because they have a decent CREAMY BUTTER RICE ! The very aromatic butter rice topped with creamy sauce. The rice cooked with butter and onion, so it's savory and sweet from the caramelized onion, then topped with extra creamy sauce. You can add topping if you like, from egg, sausage and beef. I'm sure you gonna love their sausage, it's very chewy and there's some smokey aroma, it's also sauteed quite long, so it's kinda crispy outside, perfectly cooked sausage to enjoy alongside with butter rice. 

Now, it's time for reviewing their main-star : Combo Platter that only costs IDR 120.000 !! Seriously you can't find any cheaper combo platter with quality of taste like it.

The first component and the most attractive was their Roast Chicken or Chicken Can , seriously I can't staring at this sexy chicken, the chicken looks so flavorful! The caramelized seasoning on the skin makes me drooling. While look very beautiful outside, inside they're very juicy and the seasoning also absorb well, so it tasty anywhere. You can order this Chicken Can for ala carte for only IDR 69.000 (Whole) or IDR 39.000 (Half), and the perfect sauce to combine with is the Peri-Peri Sauce (Pepper in Swahili) it's thick and spicy, but the spiciness wasn't attack you at first bite but the aftertaste, that's good buddy that's good.

Before going through, let's talk about their Sauce! They have 3 kind of sauce that you can pick as you want because it served on the table. It's Marty's Smokehouse signature sauces : Peri-Peri Sauce, Original BBQ and Caramel Glaze. Peri-Peri Sauce was the one served alongside with the chicken can, the character of the sauce was definitely spciy. Next is Original BBQ, their original sauce that we recommend for the Beef Brisket, the sauce wasn't to powerful, so it's perfect for balancing the richness in the brisket. Last, the Caramel Glaze and became my favorite, because it's sweet, a little bit sour and there's some caramelized taste and that's very rich! 

For the Cocktail Sausage, I love it when enjoy with Caramel Glaze sauce! OMG I love it! The cocktail sausage was really good, because it's chunky and have smokey aroma also, even not too strong. Also you can have this Cocktail Sausage in ala carte for only IDR 20.000

The Beef Brisket was so so so good! It must have been this good as they're cooked for 12 hours! They're so freaking tender and juicy, I always love how brisket has many layers that brings different texture, actually some of smokehouse served the lean one, oh come on, is there any better part of the meat than the one with fat in it? The fat from the meat gave extra taste. You can have this for a single portion by IDR 45.000/100 grams.

It's obviously why Combo Platter been their best-seller item because it's super affordable, just with IDR 120.000 you can have half of super sexy chicken, the famous brisket and super good cocktail sausage! Their french fries and cole slaw also complete the platter well. Don't forget to add more sauce on this sinful tray! I recommend you to finish this with your HAND! No knife and fork needed, it's so finger-licking good dishes. 

Good food must be enjoy alongside with good drinks! Cold Beer must be perfect for this Texas Style BBQ and yes they have it! If you don't drink alcohol hmm lemonade or mojito can't be refused, or you can have cold cola, uh so great! 

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Marty's Smokehouse 
Jl. Cimanuk No.15, Bandung

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