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FAT SHOGUN JAKARTA : Nikkei Experience

Hello foodies! This time I want to share my lunch experience at the newly opened restaurant in Kuningan area that served unique Japanese cuisine, because they come with Japanese Peruvian fusion dish, sounds strange but definitely good! Let’s say they’re the first Nikkei restaurant in Jakarta or even Indonesia I guess. So Nikkei basically mixes Japanese techniques with Peruvian ingredients, here we come FAT SHOGUN.

Their name sounds catchy right? It’s easy to remember and I think they have a really good concept, for you who still afraid how it will be don’t worry, I’m here to make sure that their dishes are great. FAT SHOGUN is located at Menara BPTN, Mega Kuningan. Actually the building is not operate properly, but FAT SHOGUN has been ready to serve you well. They’re located at 3rd level and the dining area is very spacious and looks so fancy!

If you know Lawangwangi Art Space in Bandung, yes they're in same owner and of course the management, but their concept is totally different. While Lawangwangi is more like gallery than a restaurant, here they're established as a fine restaurant with a very nice touch of art, as you can see from their decoration, looks elegant and feel warm.

They have two dining area, indoor and outdoor. Personally I prefer indoor to get more comfortable. but in some occasion outdoor can be very pleasing, such as a romantic dinner at the rooftop with Jakarta's sky scraper view! That's priceless! 

As you can see it's such a great place to dine, either it casual lunch or dinner and even a romantic moment with your beloved, not just in a great atmosphere, their services also very well and I don't mind paying for service if we get this kind of treatment, now the most important part of good restaurant, QUALITY OF FOOD! Let's crunch it ;)


>> Shogun Roll
IDR 120.000

As their a Japanese Peruvian restaurant, the soul of Japanese dish can't be avoid from sushi that's why they have sushi roll to served. The first one is Shogun Roll! It's obviously their signature roll.Look at that beautiful color. Roll of prawn, cream cheese topped with slice mango and avocado. I always love crunchy texture in a bite of sushi roll, they have so many texture in one bite, the chewy stuff from the prawn, the cream cheese elevate the taste and freshness from mango with tasty sauce! Recommended!

>> Lazy Salmon Roll
IDR 125.000

The tasty Lazy Salmon Roll, a manifestation of fusion roll, not like another sushi, they're deep-fried, while you think frying sushi will drop them down, it's not happened to Lazy Salmon Roll. Deep-fried classic roll, filled with baked salmon, cream cheese, topped with spicy fried salmon, garlic chips and green scallion, no need to mention their complexity of taste. 


>> Tuna Over Crispy Rice
IDR 115.000

Now it's time for appetizers, from the look is still sushi, nigiri specifically. While nigiri using raw fish, it's served in modern style and it's super good! Crispy rice topped with spicy tuna, scallion and fish eggs, from all the appetizer this is the best in my opinion, a must try!

>> Seabass Ceviche
IDR 90.000

Traditional Peruvian raw fish, freshest seafood cut into small pieces, cure and balanced with lime juice, onion, jalapeno pepper served with cracker chips, this cevice is so good. Never think that seabass will be this good, cause I rarely found seabass for cevice. It's very soft and juicy, the acidity and another flavors are combined perfectly, BEST!

>> Tuna Tataki
IDR 140.000

Seared sashimi grade of fishes, thin sliced, scallion and served with tataki yuzu sauce, another classic yet delicious dish from FAT SHOGUN! Look at that beautiful color. The temperature of the fish also perfect and while combined with the sauce, OMG So good! The sauce has many dimension of flavors, sweet, savory, sour, all combined well! Beside that the plating also nice ;)

>> Tostados 
IDR 80.000 – IDR 85.000

A version of pizza by FAT SHOGUN, they're not made from usual pizza dough, but using tortilla, called Tostados! Chopped of sashimi grade fresh fishes with red pepper, cilantro, edamame beans over bed of fried tortilla and topped with spicy creamy sauce, available with two kind of fishes, Tuna and Salmon! I prefer their salmon because they add more truffle oil !


>> Crab Salad
IDR 80.000

THE BEST DISH HERE! Lump crab over greens, sprinkle with salmon skin then served with buttery sesame dressing, actually it looks just ordinary at first sight, but when all the component going to my mouth, I'm speechless, it's so damned good, the crab was so soft and the salmon skin gives crunchy part in every bite, their sesame dressing was a top-notch! I can't say anything beside you have to try this.

>> Miso de Mariscos
IDR 65.000

Another classic Japanese dish. Miso broth, shrimp, clam, fish, seaweed, scallion and shredded snow pea, with optional fried onion, very strong and for me it's a bit too salty, but well the freshness of the prawn made me forgive their overseasoning.

>> Salmon Tiradito
IDR 120.000

Thin slice sashimi grade of salmon with spicy red pepper tiradito sauce, topped with coriander. Simple but delicious, what I most love from this restaurant they always create something complex, you can find many texture in one bite and that's perfect for me.

>> Black Cod Misoyaki
IDR 185.000

Save the best for the last it's really fit this time! 36 hours marinated Canadian black cod served with sautéed asparagus and horenzo. Believe me you won't ever find cod can be this soft and buttery! It's like melted in your mouth and very tasty! Another side dish is just a side dish, the fish is very outstanding, good job!


>> Mango Mousse with Coconut Sorbet
IDR 55.000

Now going to dessert, we have this mango mousse, mixed fruit, almond touille and coconut sorbet. Looks very nice in their many color, and taste so fresh! Personally I'm a big fan of mango dessert, so I think it's not objective anymore haha but for sure no one gonna say this is not good, it's light and complete your lunch. Indeed. 

>> Milk Chocolate Pannacotta
IDR 55.000

Going to the next dessert, we had this superb Chocolate Pannacota! Milk chocolate, mixed berries and vanilla ice cream, the consistency of the pannacotta was nearly perfect, also they using high density of chocolate that's why it taste so rich and still creamy. They also doing something smart combining chocolate with berries! Can't say anything beside thank you for serving it to end my lunch.


>> Red Shogun
IDR 50.000

Start from the mocktail, Red Shogun, one of signature mocktail. Soursop sorbet, orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice, pomegranade syrup, house soda

>> Datelines
IDR 55.000

Another unique mocktails, using Dates, green grapes, yoghurt, milk, choco cookies syrup. Actually the dates not dominating the flavor, the grape was more dominant and also the cookies syrup, but it's good as well

>> Sake Dap De’i
IDR 120.000

A very unique Sake here! Called Sake Dap De'i , inspired from Sundanese. House sake, green liqueurs, vanilla liqueur, homemade honey syrup. It's quite strong btw, but still fresh, the unique way of serving with jelly noodles, green tofu and nori! It's like nano nano in your mouth hahaha nice experience of drinking sake.

>> Shogun Sake

Still not enough Sake? Order some more! The classic Shogun Sake, their house sake taste still sweet, add some lemon for infused the acidity.

Coffee? Btw they using morph coffee so don't worry about their quality. Overall I'm very satisfy and totally recommend this newly opened restaurant for you guys! Book now!

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Menara BPTN Rooftoop level
Jl. dr. Ide Anak Agung Kav 5-6 CBD Mega Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan

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