Monday, September 26, 2016

Bakmi Mewah : Easy and Tasty!

Noodles! Who doesn't love noodles? I belive this is one of the most popular dish in Indonesia and I'm pretty sure their good anytime anywhere and you can find it easily. If you follow my journey on Instagram @filipusverdi  you'll know that I'm a big fan of any kind of noodle, so now I'm going to share my experience with one of instant noodle but not like the others! They use real chicken meat and healthier ingredients and taste like usual noodle in restaurant. Curious enough? Here we come Bakmi Mewah.

They're quite well-known I guess but as I'm a big fan of noodle why not tell a story about it. As their named, they look "mewah" (re:luxurious) from the packaging and come in good hygiene, and yes we can compare them to another instant noodle but what makes them special? Well, instant noodle usually come in two version with soup or fried, but Bakmi Mewah is not like another instant noodle because they served dry! For me they're an interpretation of restaurant-noodle, so it's made for people who want to eat restaurant style noodle without have to go outside.

So when first I heard about Mie Mewah I'm getting very curious how it will be and it turned into satisfaction when I tried it! You can find it easily at your nearest store not just supermarket but also minimarket, yeah it's effortless to get it! 

What do you get from a box of Bakmi Mewah?

Of course the dry noodle, dry vegetable, oil, soy sauce, real chicken and mushroom also chili sauce for spiciness. All in really clean and good packaging. 

Now how to make it is quite important too, because you want to eat this in their perfect seving. So first boil the water and then put the noodle and vegetables in it only for 2 minutes and then pick them up and put in the bowl, then put the seasoning (oil and soy sauce) then mix all together, and welcome the main strength of Bakmi Mewah that makes them different, the real cut of chicken breast and mushroom! Last put some chili sauce, seriously the aroma is so tempting that makes me just can't wait to eat it.

Look at that flat-curly noodle! Very sexy and looks delicious, no one can say no to this Bakmi Mewah! They look expensive though, but actually the price is so reasonable. I love the texture of the noodle that still chewy as if it was made in resto. The seasoning of Bakmi Mewah is on their toppings! All made from chicken breast and mushroom that have been cooked together with all the seasoning, really tasty and yes it's real chicken! So not just tasty they also healthy even it's a quick-meal! 

For me, Bakmi Mewah is the answer for everyone who one to eat restaurant style noodle but simply made at home! Very easy and quick to make it, so everyone can make it and all can taste the same sensation and their portion also bigger than another instant noodle. Craving it right now? 

Stay Hungry,
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