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Celebrate Independence Day at 1945 Restaurant

Happy Independence Day Indonesia!! I hope Indonesian food will go International and I think there’s some restaurant that already did it and one of it is the most iconic Indonesian restaurant (in my opinion) and it’s 1945 Restaurant that located at Fairmont Hotel Senayan. You know what? They’re officially opened for public 17 August 2015, so they’re having their first anniversary this year and to celebrate it they have some great promotion and it’s iconic too such as 17.08% discount during this month, so it’s like my third visit here and they also have new menu! Get curious enough?

I always think their decoration is simply classy, modern but still have traditional and ethnic touch, it’s perfect for you who craving for some new experience of fine dining, where usually fine dining dishes are western or European cuisine, why not Indonesia?

It's like my third visits to 1945 Restaurant and I always find different dishes here, so I've explored so many food here and for celebrate Independence Day they also add some new menu beside promotion.

Java Tea

Melinjo Chips "Emping"

>> Sayur Asem Octopus 
IDR 95.000

The rendition of Sayur Asem by 1945 Restaurant and probably the best Sayur Asem I've ever had in period! First I guess the taste will light and bland, but it's very thick and tasty, just like homemade Sayur Asem but all the flavors are elevated. When usually sayur asem contains only vegetables, here they add some pan seared baby octopus, scallops and prawn, also served with simeji mushroom, the scallop was cooked well and that's one of the strong point here! I can taste all the flavors blended well with the toppings, I'm so in love with this Sayur Asem! a must try!

>>Martabak Wagyu 
IDR 140.000

Martabak! Maybe this is the most trending topic dish in Jakarta nowadays, savory and sweet all become hits in town and so 1945 restaurant also create their own version of Martabak and when first see on the menu they have Martabak Wagyu, I'm thinking of high-end version of Martabak and it's true! They served very different from usual Martabak that we usually buy at the stall. Served on the stone plate like a flower and that from fillo pastry that's very thin and crispy yet not oily at all, and for the fillings they're using curry flavored Wagyu beef scramble duck egg, leeks and onion with pickles and pomelo salad! also served with sweet and sour soya sauce called "cuko" but they turn into jelly here, hint of molecular gastronomy here.

>> Pepes Seafood
IDR 250.000

When thinking about Indonesian food, I always wondering why pepes is so good and mostly we can find it easily at Sundanese restaurant, pepes is steamed dishes wrapped in banana leaves, I really like pepes but somehow I find lazy to open that banana leaves wrapping but here at 1945 Restaurant you can enjoy Pepes along with the wrapping because it's made from crispy fillo pastry! *again* it's really thin and crispy, this pepes contains fish, prawn, squid and another seafood flavored in sweet basil pesto. It's really good! They come in big portion too, so it's worth every penny.

>>Buntel Rice Burger 
IDR 110.000

Last but not least there's new version of Sate Buntel, called Buntel Rice Burger! So it's combination between satay and burger, when burger usually using bun, here the replace it with rice and sweet soya sauce, and it really presents Indonesian taste. The lamb burger patty also juicy! served with crispy onion and fresh salad, even it's not that special but it really brings Indonesian taste to the next level and can be enjoyed by foreigner who aren't usual with Indonesian taste.

Well my third visit to 1945 restaurant was completely lovely! Never get bored with them, because they always make me experienced something new, they elevated Indonesian dishes, from the presentation and also the taste, maybe you can see they pricey but worth it! 

Stay Hungry,
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