Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hello Kitty Cafe Jakarta

The original Hello Kitty Cafe is coming to town!!!! YES IT'S OPEN YESTERDAY 18th May 2016!! Calling you all hello kitty lover or at least your girlfriend is hello kitty's lover, this is the place you should visit as soon as possible, because it's already became a viral on social media and I'm lucky to be the first  to enjoy the experience at this super cute cafe.

Hello Kitty Cafe is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk in the same building with Tsubohachi (on the 2nd floor) as they're in the same company, thanks to them for opening this "will be hottest" cafe in PIK! They look so so so damn cute for the outside and anyway this cafe is Sanrio certified that's why I called them the real hello kitty cafe. 

I don't think have to mention this, but yes this cafe dominated with pink color and seriously I have no words beside it's really fancy and cute, such a lovely cafe and I think everyone gonna love this place. I don't want to describe this place more detail, because I want you to come and enjoy the atmosphere by yourselves, so I just share these cuteness to you! 

Honestly, I didn't expect much from the food because usually this type of cafe will focus on their presentation and gimmick not the food itself, but overall their quality of food is over my expectation and I think they execute it well, so here's some of the unique menu.

>> Cappuccino
IDR 40.000

A basic cappuccino that every cafe should serve, and they add a cute hello kitty on the foam!

>> Slush
IDR 32.000

This is my favorite drink here, a very refreshing watermelon with ice that already blend well, not too sweet that's why I love it! When it comes with red flavor I know it's gonna be great. They also come in another flavor! 

>> Bacon Bits Fries
IDR 48.000

To start your experience here you can order this simply french fries with bacon bits and aioli sauce, just say this is fries in two ways, carbs and protein, looks nice, crisp and delicious, a good choice to wait your main dishes.

>> Kitty Slider 
IDR 85.000

If you're looking for a quite big appetizer this is gonna fit yours, 3 slidders served with juicy beef patty, extra cheese and aioli sauce! Imagine when this juicy patty meets cheese and their signature aioli dressing.

>> Caesar Salad
IDR 55.000

Another essential menu at nowadays cafe is caesar salad, romaine lettuce with egg, chicken, pink bread bow topped with cheese and caesar dressing. Just look at the pink bread bow that change crouton that makes this salad looks more cute.

>> Mushroom Soup
IDR 38.000

Fresh mushroom soup with pink bread bow, nothing special about this soup but yeah it's quite warming.

>> Pinkwich
IDR 78.000

Another super cute dish here! Pink hello kitty shaped sandwiches with egg salad filling.

>> Hot Dog 
IDR 75.000

I'm not a big fan of burger or hot dog but they have a really great hot dog! 100% premium sausage with fried egg, onion and lettuce, I love the way the served this hot dog with caramelized onion, I can taste the sweetness and juiciness from the sausage. Superb!

>> Nasi Goreng Gila 
IDR 75.000

Not just a typical western food, Hello Kitty Cafe also have this SUPER GOOD Nasi Goreng Gila!!! The dish that we usually find as street food but they make it so fancy and cute! They using japanese rice as the fried rice, so it's more soft than Indonesian fried rice, but it's so aromatic and buttery here, the fried rice is topped with chicken, egg, meatballs and sausage! Served with a hello kitty shaped potato, bow shaped carrot and hello kitty chili powder art! Very good looking and mouth watering.

>> Breakfast Platter 
IDR 95.000

2 baguettes filled with runny eggs and bacon bits, sausage, chips, beans and vegetables.

>> Waffle 
IDR 78.000

Crispy waffle with honey, chocolate, banana and berries.

>> Hello Kitty Donut
IDR 38.000

Another hello kitty gimmick in the form of donut! grab some for some sweetness!

>> Honey Brownies 
IDR 78.000

I like this one better than the other dessert here, a simply brownies with soft ice cream and extra honey dips. This chocolate brownies was quite dense and very chocolaty but I like the aroma that they freshly baked from the oven.

>> Kitty's Garden Pot 
IDR 68.000

Pannacotta with strawberry sauce and oreo crumbs

>> Sliced Cake 
IDR 68.000

I think they'll add more sliced cake as they have their own cake station, I tried their Speculous and carrot cake, they both great, quite airy and light yet buttery and also have nice cream that layered well.

>> Brick Toast 
IDR 88.000

An EYEGASM dessert is coming!! It's big and very appetizing! A japanese brick toast served with mix berries, banana and SOFT SERVE STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM! Their strawberry soft cream taste just like candy, it's so lovely you know, you have to share this happiness with your friends.

>> Kitty Zilla
IDR 98.000

 Last but not least, we have KITTY ZILLA! Hello Kitty Godzilla?? Yeah because this is a super big portion smoothies!!! You can share up to 4 persons for this Kitty Zilla, basically this is banana smoothie served with donut, marshmallow, cotton candy and many pinky condiments, oh yeah they also put a lot of chocolate and fruit loops around the glass! Fantastic!

Overall I think this cafe not just brings you a fun from the interior and concept but also the food itself, price reasonable and I hope their service is as good as their presentation, don't forget they'll open TOMORROW 18th MAY 2016! Make sure you don't miss it! 

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Ruko Crown Golf Block D No. 29-30
Bukit Golf Mediterania, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara
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  1. BUSET. BENER BENER buat hello kitty lovers nih cafe, bohong kalau ngaku pencinta hello kitty tapi belom mapir kesini nih....

  2. Kmrn lewat PIK dan sempet liat ini, temen2 ce pada mau nyobain tapi yg co ngak ada yg mau jejeje

  3. soo cute. But better if we can find the price list from their menu book hehe seems they have an expensive price, aren't they?