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ST.Ali Jakarta

Heyho! maybe this is the fastest post ever! Yeah this time I'll write my experience at ST.Ali Jakarta that just opened recently and I just visited this spot earlier today and I just can't hold to tell you about this happening place. Actually, this is not the first time ST.Ali coffee in Jakarta, they've ever opened a pop-up store at Common Grounds Coffee, and now they opened their first store in Asia, yup it's in Jakarta, so we should be proud of it! 

For a coffee lovers, ST.Ali is a big name and famous because of their world champion barista, not just having a great skills they also good looking! hahaha ladies be ready then. ST.Ali Jakarta is located at Setiabudi One Building. Actually this is not a crowded shopping center but it's an office building and usually people come here for business meeting, but when it comes to ST.Ali I think people will come.

They open quite early in the morning, so when you needs coffee just drop a visit. The place looks humble and comfy, we can call them a semi-indoor, I really love the lighting here and sitting outside this cafe feels like you're in the city park, feels so comfortable. They bring an ambiance of Melbourne to the heart of Jakarta! So people will enjoy the same experience when they visit ST.Ali Melbourne.

I came here with my fellow foodies and enjoying their brunch session, yup they not just serving a great coffee but also decent food. Today's brunch was quite perfect for me : Manual brewing coffee by Matt Perger, Latte by Ben Morrow and Melbourne Brunch Menu by Mark Richardson, that's a deadly trio!!

Not just having a great Melbourne brunch menu, but we also got a chance to see Matt Perger and Ben Morrow in action! They're all coffee artist for me. This is where you can enjoy a cup of coffee from World Champion Barista, they're using their own house blended coffee, so it's their signature that you can't find at another coffee shop.

So here's some of the great stuffs I enjoyed today

>> White Espresso 
IDR 45.000

They have two kind of espresso based here, white and black, with and without milk. To start the brunch I choose white. They have cappucino, flat white, latte and piccolo. Piccolo is a ristretto shot (15-20 ml) and topped with silky foamy milk served in small glass, this is why some people knew it as baby latte, for me it's quite dense and I love the small dose that stimulate my taste buds, love their coffee. Just don't forget to order latte by Ben Morrow's magic hand.

>> Filter Bar 
 IDR 60.000

Most people maybe have wrong perception about having a coffee with high level of acidity will make you have a stomache, cause in fact the high acidity coffee is the best coffee and won't hurt your gastrointestinal tract, so it's totally safe. Filter Bar is a pour over style brewed with Kalita Wave, here's the selection

Colombia - El Llanito: heavy fruity and rich sweetness, yeah it's totally fruity and personally I like that. Fruity taste come because of the soil where the coffee was planted, we can say this is a crowd pleaser.

Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe: when Colombia taste so fruity, Ethiopia come with floral, light and vibrant taste. Feminim and complex.

Kenya - Asali: now it's the combination between that two origin, Kenya is fruity and floral at the same time, you can taste hint of blackcurrant and citrus in the middle of rosehip. The Beaujalais of coffee.

And all this stuff was prepared by the charming Justin Timberlake, errr sorry Matt Perger! 

>> Iced Chocolate
IDR 50.000

You're not a coffee seekers? don't you worry, because they also serve a good quality of chocolate drink, tea, shakes, juice and even smoothies! For the chocolate base drink, I order their Iced Chocolate and that's very rich and thick. So it's worth a penny! 

Now here we come the all day menu even it's more suit on brunch ;) 

>> My Mexican Cousin 
IDR 155.000

Now you can taste the Melbourne brunch at Jakarta, the first best of the best menu by Chef Mark Richardson is "My Mexican Cousin" the secret recipe corn fritters *Indonesian people really well known this as Bakwan Jagung" and seriosuly this corn fritters is being a trend now at Melbourne, and then this corn fritters is served with poached eggs, grilled halloumi, corn&cucumber salsa, kasundi and green salad, looks beautiful on the plate and surely taste really good!

>> Koo Koo Ca Choo
IDR 150.000

They quite smart in creating menu name, all sounds fancy, like this menu. Crispy potato has with mushroom duxelle, poached eggs, shaved Emmental, clorophyll and truffle vinaigrette. I think this is the best hashbrown in my life! Not OILY, very crispy  and steamy inside, I love the character of this potato hash, and the best part also the mushroom and truffle oil for the dressing! My favorite!

Enjoy it with Mark Richardson signature sauce!

>> ST.ALi Chicken Burger
IDR 135.000

Probably I won't eat this for my daily brunch haha cause it's sinful, can you imagine the calories? Southern Kentucky buttermilk fried chicken with coleslaw salad and vegemite mayo. It looks so big thou, but the crispiness of the chicken can't hold myself to not ordering their special burger, the bun was soft and buttery combined with juicy buttermilk fried chicken and unique taste of their mayo, having this once a week won't kill you right? 

>> Omega Love
IDR 120.000

Please welcome the healthy brunch! Smoked salmon with new season potatoes, red onion, green beans, mixed leaves, olives, tomato, tarragon dressing and a soft poached egg. It's a high protein dish, smoked salmon and salad is never fail I guess. The dressing is quite sour because it using lemon with hint of herbs from the tarragon, it's simple and hearty meal. 

That's some of the menu that I tried at ST.Ali Jakarta, overall I really love them all, I enjoy their brunch menu and for sure their coffee, they quite pricey in my opinion but the portion is quite big too so it's a fair price. Beside all that complex menu they also have simple toast, scones, waffle and pancake if you gonna have quick breakfast here, so now people will have a great option of having coffee here beside Starbucks and Anomali :p will I come back here? ABSOLUTELY YES! 

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Setiabudi 2 Building #1A (near main entrance) and beside Foodhall
Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 62
Jakarta Selatan 12920

ST. Ali located near Starbucks 

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