Friday, January 29, 2016

Sunny Side Up : New Face, New Taste

Hi Friends! New year means resolution and that's happened to Sunny Side Up and to be honest this is one of the most improved restaurant, I've known them since they first opened at Kelapa Gading last two years I suggest and to be honest I'm not impressed enough, but last year I came back with my friends and actually some of the menu has changed and yeah I'm totally like it and last visited was just last week, I tried some of their new menu and guys.... SERIOUSLY they're amazing! So I can't wait to share the whole stories with you, so here's Sunny Side Up.

Maybe you all used to know them as egg specialties, but now they more like Omurice house to be honest and I love that concept, they look more Japanese and the taste become more Japanese too as their menu were invented by Japanese Chef also. I might say, they totally improved now and I'm sure they're one of the most threatful competitors in this section.

So far, Sunny Side Up has already had 7 outlet if I'm not mistaken, they're located at Central Park, Kota Kasablanka, Mal Kelapa Gading, Summarecon Mall Bekasi, Summarecon Mall Serpong, Mall @Alam Sutera, and Bintaro Jaya XChange Mall and I'll wait for more new outlets in Central Jakarta maybe? 

So last week I visited their latest outlet Central Park for lunch, I always love the ambiance of Sunny Side Up, they look casual and artsy with those hand painting, they also have spacious dining place and the service was quite good too, but for you every foodie who expecting natural light to take picture is kinda impossible here. Enough for now and here's their new menu! 

>>Tamagoyaki Nori
IDR 28.000

To start the lunch, I had this Tamagoyaki Nori. Special Japanese egg dishes served with chopped Japanese nori, it taste so japanese, an egg roll with sweet taste and nori chopped inside, it's like enjoying tamago that you usually found on top of sushi but with more complexity of taste, I like it so much! I love to dip it into special spicy mayo that specially made at Sunny Side Up.

>> Tori Karage Mushroom Omurice
IDR 55.000

For the first maincourse I had perfect combination between crunchy chicken karage, enoki and shimeji mushroom served with Sunny Side Up special Japanese sauce called Tori Karage Mushroom Omurice, as I've told you before that now Sunny Side Up is like an Omurice house, they have a lot of varierty of Omurice. 

>> Beef Patty Curry Omurice
IDR 68.000

My favorite Omurice here!!! Also their new menu, so this is beef patty and japanese curry fried rice served with spicy mayo sauce! If you like Japanese curry you'll love it, the curry sauce was so thick, but the curry fried rice itself already rich, not just that, the beef patty was so juicy tho even they're deep fried with bread crumbs, I really love the new version of their beef patty, combined well with the curry.

>>Sukiyaki Omurice
IDR 78.000

Here's their premium beef menu called Sukiyaki Omurice, so Japanese right? Shimeji fried rice served with beef slice and special sukiyaki sauce from Sunny Side Up, it's really savoury and delicious, the sauce taste so Japanese, like you're having sukiyaki at authentic Japanese restaurant, the beef was so tender and juicy, I like it!

>> Creamy Salmon
IDR 67.000

Creamy salmon maybe not new menu, but this is one of all time favorite at Sunny Side Up, but now they're improving also, they used to use quite thick creamy sauce and using cube size of salmon, but now the change the cream sauce a lil bit lighter but the taste was getting better I guess, and it also served with fresh slice salmon, I always love when the butter rice meet those creamy sauce!

>> Prawn Mee Jelly
IDR 32.000

To end the lunch let's have dessert!!! Even this dessert looks like a maincourse I don't mnd, they called Prawn Mee Jelly, the whole interpretation of Prawn mee in dessert White noodle jelly for udon, lychee jelly for egg and of course prawn shape jelly, so unique and lovely. I'm also a big fan of lychee dessert, always love lychee syrup, because it's aromatic and not too sweet, I simply love it and share it with your love one can't be more perfect.

Well. that's all friends! Some of their new menu that I tried and overall I like them all but if I have to pick the best, it will be Beef Patty Curry Omurice, it's like nothing I would change, every single components on the plate, I really enjoy my lunch here, and definetely I'll come back for try their another menu as they have a wide variety of menu. Itadakimasu!

Stay Hungry,
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