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Cream of Europe : "Choosing Quality Cream for Pastry Making"

Hello foodies! Now I'm gonna share my experience about my last event with National Interprofessional Center for the Dairy Economy (CNIEL - Centre National Interprofessionel de l'Economie Laitiere) at Almond Zucchini Cooking Studio that already well-known all over Jakarta. This campign was held to introduce more closely cream of Europe which known for it's richness and superiority in the patisserie world. There will be cooking demo from Chef Gerald A Maridet (Executive Pastry Chef at Pullman Jakarta) and also Putri Miranti (One of my favorite pastry chef through her cooking show on TV) in this event!

Focus point in this event is the usage of Pastry Cream. Pastry Cream or creme patisserie is an essential building block of a great dessert. The creamy and rich custard is a workhorse in any pastry kitchen and can be flavored and combined with other ingredients in limitless ways to create the perfect touch of any cake, pie, pastry, or plated dessert. Of course good quality of cream must combined with great techniques of a pastry chef.

Making pastry cream is one of the basic techniques of all patissiers. The key to create a good pastry cream lies in the quality of cream used. Rich and silky smooth European cream is often regarded as the leading product among the top pastry chefs in the world. 

European Cream are subjected to an exceptionally high standard of quality: In France and other countries in the European Union, the term "cream" is only used to refer to a dairy product with a minimum fat content of 30% and about 6% of non-fatty ingredients such as protein, lactose, and trace minerals - the rest is made up of water.

Exclusively derived from cow's milk, the quality of cream is dependent on several factors. Dairy products get hold of the freshest raw cream by collecting them from areas that have not undergone any heat treatment to preserve it's fuctional and organoleptic properties. To prolong it's shelf-;ife, the dairy producers must put the raw cream through UHT sterilization process that does not have any impact on taste.

Due to it's high standards and quality, European cream carries strong values that reflect the professionalism of the top pastry chefs. Authenticity and tradition are qualities that cannot be replicated, so pastry chefs can be assured of the best quality when they choose European cream.

The cream of Europe began to be known and used in Indonesia, especially in big cities where the now ubiquitous hotel, cafe, restaurant which also presents dessert, pastry quality and a special shop for pastries or Patisserie. For that with the introduction of the cream of Europe closer through the pastry chef, owner of patisserie, bakery, hotel or restaurant then certainly the consumers will get the best dessert and pastries.

In this event Chef Gerald told us a lot of trick of creating the best dessert, with his magic hand everything looks simple but beautiful. He create 3 of his signature dessert Gateaux de Voyage, Pullman Religieuse and Autumn Candied Apples while Chef Putri Miranti create two most beautiful cakes Carrot Cake and Black Glutinous Rice Cake, these two traditional ingredients which blend with cream of Europe that elevated the taste over and over! 

Not just media, this event also attended by Indonesia's culinary figure such as William Wongso, Ratna Soemantri, Chef Yuda Bustara and many more they're all looks very interested with this event. Because we can share our culinary knowledge, yes because food connects everyone.

One of the most interesting process is the making of Microwave Sponge Cake! This is a new-thing for me, now baking a sponge cake can be done with microwave, that's a super simple and quick way to create sponge cake and taste very airy and soft! I like it and Chef Gerald combined it with coffee cream brulee along with candied apples, all my favorite and this is my favorite dish from Chef Gerald, but that doesn't mean the rest wasn't great. To be honest, his choux was the best ever! 

Move to Chef Putri Miranti, I really love how she can transform simple ingredients into a breath-taking dessert, just look at her Black Glutinous Rice Cake with Creme Fraiche and Tropical Fruits! Colorful and taste so light yet fresh. Can say no more beside I want this for my birthday cake! 

Once again thank you to Cream of Europe and CNIEL for having me in this event, and yes they still have more workshop to go! So be ready guys ;)

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