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SOCIEATY by Les Amis Group, Plaza Indonesia

Food is lifestyle, lifestyle is social life, so food is social life! When food meets social life then this is SOCIEATY ! A new restaurant under Les Amis Group that already well known all over the world. They're the latest concept of all day dining restaurant which features popular dishes from Les Amis Group Singapore brands such as Bistro Du Vin, La Strada, La Taperia, and of course along with special menu that especially curated for Indonesia. So they're the hottest restaurant in town now! 

When it comes to Les Amis Group, nothing you can worry about. They've been in culinary industry for more than 21 years and already manage top rated restaurant overseas, so this is the first brand in Indonesia. So here you can enjoy three different concepts in one restaurant. SOCIEATY is located at Plaza Indonesia 1st floor, a lot of exclusive restaurant here, so the place is just perfect.

SOCIEATY has big area of dining with capacity of 120 pax, that's a big number. The restaurant feels so open to everybody, when passing by you'll find a cake stall that their freshly made pie and tart look so tempting. I really love the ambiance of this restaurant, looks classy and fine but it's actually casual and comfort when you entering it and enjoy your food.

Even they're new, the service was quite good. Sadly, when I came here the wi-fi connection hadn't working but yes I'm okay with that because they're just 2 weeks old. But beside that I love everything in the place, but wait... the lightning also tricky for me! Due to the warm ambiance it's quite hard to take a clear picture. So here's some of the menu that I tried that night.

>> Fried Baby Squid 
IDR 95.000

Let's start from appetizer! My all time favorite here, the Fried Baby Squid, it's so addicting guys! Just a simply black ink battered baby squid, the battered was so light and crispy of course, so the baby squid still juicy inside, and don't forget the aioli for the dipping! Taste so so so good! Gosh, I want it now, even they don't look tempting on the picture, but it will last in your taste buds, anyway here's from La Taperia.

>> Portobello Pollo
IDR 105.000

Breaded portobello mushroom and served with chicken in red wine stew, this appetizer looks quite heavy actually, the portion also big but sure taste wise. The crispy texture outside the portobello always tempting, the chicken also blend well with the mushroom and rocket salad.

>> Spicy Chicken Quesadilla
IDR 148.000

Next we have Spicy Chicken Quesadilla, maybe it's quite usual menu but yes it taste really good here, and it's specially made for Indonesia, because the strong and complex taste that every Indonesian will like it. The chicken tight was marinated in Sriracha and tomato sauce, served with bell pepper, pineapple, onion, mozzarella and parsley. So, it's spicy and fresh! The portion also big and yes it's shareable menu! 

>> Aglio Olio
IDR 65.000

They also have wide variety of pasta, and when in new restaurant I always order their aglio olio, because it's indicate the taste of the others, if they can't cook a simply delicious aglio olio then you don't have to try the others, and SOCIEATY has a great aglio olio! Very aromatic and garlicky, my favorite is enjoying aglio olio with mushroom or bacon, but with chicken here also good! They also have strong taste of olive oil.

>> Truffle Carbonara
IDR 228.000

Another pasta menu and here's their signature! using fresh Chittara pasta, so you won't find those al dente texture, but it's more like noodles, because it's freshly made and of course I love it especially when it meet creamy sauce and crispy Parma ham, they have strong flavor of Truffle oil too which always give sensation of eating pasta, served with soft boiled egg, mix it together to enhance the creaminess of the pasta, super love it! Maybe it's pricey but you get what you paid. 

>> Roasted Chicken 
IDR 128.000

Pan-roasted Half Chicken with Asian spices, the chicken was so tender and all the spice was absorbed really well. Taste so asian and served with potato also garlic fine bean. Always like roasted chicken with spicy Asian seasoning, feels like my comfort food. The chicken also crispy outside, the wasn't that thick but the flavor really spreading through every layer.

>> Duck Leg Confit
IDR 195.000

Next, they have signature dish from Bistro Du Vin, Duck Leg Confit. I've eaten this duck confit in many restaurant, but here they're different, because when it comes to confit usually they're just have one dimension of texture, just tender but here they make it the skin crispy and I super love it! Served with sauteed mushroom and mustard mashed potato. 

>> Floating Island
IDR 65.000

And now it's time for dessert! A unique dessert and it's also signature menu from Bistro Du Vin, called Floating Island. Meringue drizzle with Vanilla sauce and candied almond, it's so fluffy and it's kinda floating on the sauce. This is so light, it's like eating a cloud haha but yes so beautiful too, the candied almond also giving extra flavor and sensation, love love love!

>> Assorted Tarts
IDR 38.000

Save the best for the last, the TARTS !!! The best tart ever! They have seasonal tart here, so it's different day by day but here's some of the best: Hazelnut Caramel Tart, Pistachio Tart, Passion Fruit Meringue Tart, Mango Fruit Tart, Chocolate Tart! I really love the chocolate tart and the passion fruit. I think the passionfruit tart is the best ever, really like the combination between sweet and sour taste, must order foodies.

So, that's all! They're tempting and SOCIEATY has a big menu. I believe all of the menu were good, so just order anything you want, you won't ever dissapoint, but if you ask me 3 best dishes, I would go for Fried Baby Squid, Duck Confit and Passionfruit Meringue Tart. Beside good food they also have great ambiance and friendly service. 

Stay Hungry,
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SOCIEATY by Les Amis group
Plaza Indonesia GF level
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Phone: (+6221)29923888
Instagram: @socieaty

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