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Shabu Ghin, Wolter Monginsidi Jakarta

Hello foodies! A lot lot lot of new restaurant open recently, not just the old name that open their another outlet but a real new comer also bring a good competition to culinary industry, one of the hottest joint now maybe Shabu-Shabu, as we can see now we can find shabu restaurant easily, let's just say Shaburi that already opened so many branch right now, but wait now I'm gonna share a new Shabu restaurant called Shabu Ghin.

Just start opening in early October but this restaurant already been talk of the town, so I just can't hold myself to try this restaurant. Located in Jl. Wolter Monginsidi maybe kinda tricky because the access here wasn't that good due to government project to build a fly-over, but that's not ruin my desire to visit this new comer in town. Don't worry about parking space because they have free valet parking service.

Personally I love shabu better than grill, because it's healthier, all boiled and no carcinogenic substances. Here at Shabu Ghin you'll find a personal portion of shabu, yup each of you will get the soup, that's really good. A solo food hunter also can enjoy eating here, because mostly shabu restaurant will serve a single pot for maybe up to 4 persons. 

From the outside I can see the quality of this place, the design and ambiance feel so good, so comfort! When you enter the restaurant you'll see a quite big area of dining and of course the food area where you can pick anything you want *the busiest area of course* the service also great even they're still new. In weekend you'll need some patient if you haven't made a reservation, especially if you come here with big member (above 8 persons) because mostly the table here were set for 2 and 4 persons.

Now, let's talk about the food! They're serving al a carte and all you can eat, please friend do their ALL YOU CAN EAT!! The more the merrier, right? forget about diet and let's enjoy the shabu party here! So what you get from their all you can eat menu? Here we are

You can choose 3 kind of beef : Shabu Ghin Special Beef, Shabu Ghin US Premium Beef and Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef

Shabu Ghin US Premium Beef

 Shabu Ghin Special Beef

Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef

Different beef also different price, but if you choose the Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef package you can order the another, seriously the have prime quality beef that you can't find at another shabu restaurant, after you choose your beef, you'll pick your soup, they have 5 different soup

Original Konbu Soup : the original soup of Shabu Ghin that consist of nori, taste clear and tasty

Chicken Mizutaki Soup : another clear soup, if you doesn't like the fishy taste of nori, then this is perfect for you

Spicy Tonyu Soup : one of the most unique soup here, made from soy, so it's kinda think and sweet, that's why they add some spicy taste to balance the sweetness

Spicy Seafood Soup : this is my favorite soup! Made from prawn, taste really good and spicy of course, maybe look like tom yum but taste quite different and I love it! I'd like to add more chilly and garlic to the soup to enhance the flavors.

Sukiyaki Soup : another sweet soup here cause dominated by Japanese soy sauce, personally I'm not really into it, cause I'd prefer tasty, savory and spicy character of the soup.

while waiting for the beef and soup ready, you can go to the buffer station to pick starter like assorted sushi, ramen bolognise, japchae, tempura and of course CHICKEN KARAGE !! THIS IS A MUST TRY! Super love their chicken karage, very crispy outside and juicy inside, a top notch! One more thing you should try their Gyudon, a stewed beef in sweet special soy sauce and then you can served it on top of fried rice, I love it!

For the shabu ingredients you can enjoy a lot vegetables here from cabbage, spinach, bean sprouts, scallion, and another green vegetables. They also have mushroom from shimeji, enoki and shitake, beside that don't forget to pick some assorted fish ball and fish cake, also the fresh fish! Seafood tofu also my favorite to enjoy along with the prime beef.

I think it's useless if you have good soup, great beef and another ingredients but not good dipping sauce, because that's one of the important thing for shabu, especially in Indonesia, every people love tasty food. Shabu Ghin has nailed it! They have amazing sauce, they have Suki sauce, Gengis Khan sauce, Ponzu and Goma. The 4 main of sauce you can mix together with garlic, sesame, scallion, daikon, ginger and also chili! I love to mix all of it! Very very good! 

For the drinks they have ocha, soft drink, milo, coffee and also their special Sjora, a drink made from mango and lychee really refreshing and yes after you enjoy your Shabu please give some space for the dessert, because they have puddings, jelly, fruits and also ICE CREAM !!! yeah Green Tea and Vanilla Ice Cream that you can twist! Anyway it's soft served, uhh lovely!

Shabu Ghin is a place where you can find a full of happiness in 90 minutes! So if you craving for a good shabu in town, this is propably the place you should go! Anyway, the also have FREAKIN 50% DISCOUNTS OPENING PROMO until this 30th October 2015! So what are you waiting for? Bring your friends and family, enjoy your dinner here! 

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Jl. Wolter Monginsidi no.53 (across 7/11)
+62217202336 / +62217201827


Shabu Ghin Special Beef 
IDR 188.000,- (adult)
IDR 115.500,- (child/senior)

Shabu Ghin US Premium Beef
IDR 238.000,- (adult)
IDR 145.000,- (child/senior)

Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef
IDR 388.000,- (adult)
IDR 235.000,- (child/senior)

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  1. I love Japanese cuisine, but I've never tried shabu. Maybe next time I'll give it a try