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Hurricane's Grill Indonesia

The famous Hurricane's Grill is now in town! Yes another grill and steak joint from Oz has opened their very first branch in Jakarta! I knew they're gonna boomed from the first time I heard they'll open here, and yes now it happpens, you can see they're almost fully-booked every single day, especially dinner time. So this is my dining experience here.

Honestly, I've never tried the one in Oz but every people said they're the best. Hurricane's Grill Indonesia is located  at Jl. Gunawarman no.20 just next to H Gourmet. They're open everyday from 11.00 - 22.00 and a hour lately for weekend. I highly recommend you to book before come here. Like another restaurant and cafe along Gunawarman and Senopati area they lack of parking space but they have valet parking service with IDR 25.000 charge,

You're totally unfocus if you can't see this restaurant, one of the biggest spot in this area I think. From the outside you can see it's exclusivity and class. When you enter the room you'll find the bar and the friendly staffs will directly accompany you to  the table, a first class service. The have some area here it's huge man! They look simple and classic. The ambiance also great, I feel so comfort here.

They have great place, good service and now it's time for the food! Hurricane's Grill Indonesia has a variety menu, not just grill and steak session but also have pasta, seafood, sandwich, burger and many more which I'll tell you more. They also have some menu that only served in Indonesia, so it's kind their local signature dishes.

So here they are...

>> Lychee Ice Tea
IDR 40.000

They have wide range of drinks and a simply Lychee Ice Tea would be perfect for a big dinner! I'm a big fan of lychee ice tea and here they come with great level of sweetness, just like it!

>> Full Rack Beef Ribs
IDR 448.000

Here's the signature menu  at Hurricane's Grill, the RIBS ! Actually they  have pork, beef and baby back ribs, all of them were great but due to the portion I recommend you this BEEF RIBS!! Seriously they will come in HUGE portion! You can share up to 3 people I guess, not just big bone but the meat also thick and it's so f*cking TENDER! Also the spice was very beautiful and lovely, the best part was when the sauce looks darker due to grillin process, tasteful! They're caramelized through every part of this ribs. PERFECT ! This is why they claimed as the best ribs!

>> Whole BBQ Chicken
IDR 248.000

Most of the menu here were served in a really big portion, I guess you won't come here alone, so that's not problem and this Whole BBQ Chicken totally perfect for sharing guys! A whole perfectly marinated chicken in some kind peri-peri sauce which was aromatic, spicy with a hint of sweet and sour,it's combined well and they also served with french fries. I wish they have butter rice, because it will be so lovely to eat those sauce with rice :9 but anyway they have rosemary rice instead, but I didn't try it.

>> Double Decker Burger
IDR 288.000

Even they're just open less than 2 months they already serving the new menu and one of them is Double Decker Burger! It will end the competition of great burger, because this is the winner!!! The big portion tower of Burger! Each layer contain perfect ingredients, especially the Beef Patty each 200grams! So it's Burger with 400grams' Beef Patty, crazy? Don't forget the extra cheese and the lovely caramelized onion! The last thing was the wow factor of the dish, they also put onion rings for crunchy sensation! when they're eat  together it become super great!

>> Steak Rolls 
IDR 238.000

Another new menu here is steak rolls. So it's basically sandwich that using brown bread and filled with fillet tenderloin, the beef was grill in medium and made it so juicy and the glaze was lovely yet. To complete this beuatiful beef they put some caraemelized onion and aioli also with rocket salad! I find it's very delicating and some alternative if you gonna have less calories dinner :p but forget diet!

>> Pork Belly
IDR 258.000

The star of the night beside the ribs was the PORK BELLY !!!! The most beautiful sin ever! Twice cooked crispy skinned pork belly served on bed of coleslaw and finished with periperi jus! Guys it's super crispy !! The skin was the crispiest  ever! The fat also come well with the meat and that's what make it even better, give some aroma and of course enhanched the taste! Sweet and sour coleslaw balancing the flavor and that's really great, just can't stop munching it and now I'm craving while writing about it. MUST ORDER!

>> Pistachio Berries Cake
IDR 68.000

Well okay, enough with that sinful course and now let's move to dessert! Usually another grill and steak place just have usual dessert, but here they still hard-work for that part because everyone loves dessert and here's the Pistachio Berries Cake beautiful layer of sponge pistachio cake, raspberry jam jelly and some cream, I find it's quite light and great, but the pistachio flavor wasn't that strong, so the one who expecting rich pistachio flavor maybe will dissapoint but I'm fine with that and enjoy it.

>> Chocolate Fudge Cake
IDR 68.000

It's quite standard dessert that we can find easily at every restauarnt. A dense chocolate fudge cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I didn't find any special "kick" in this dessert but yeah it's great and I don't have any comment about it, anyway it's not a choco lava cake, so never say "why it's not melted?"

>> Caramel Mars Bar Cheesecake
IDR 128.000

Last we have Caramel Mars Bar Cheesecake and this is the BEST of the night! I'm not a sweet-tooth person but it's totally perfect dessert! Super smooth and soft cheesecake covered with chocolate and topped with caramel mars bar hmmmm sinfully good! The combination between cheesecake and caramel choco bar was absoulety good! also the sourness of strawberry sauce made this dessert taste so balance, anyway it's portion for two, sweet treat must be shared with sweet one *love is in the air*

Well that's my dining experience at Hurricane's Grill Indonesia from 0 to 10 I would give 9.5 for everything! The price here was quite high but there's a price you have to pay for a quality right? But due to the portion was shareable I think it's still fair for that number, Recommended!

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Hurricane's Grill Indonesia
Jl. Gunawarman no.20, Senopati
Kebayoran Baru
Reservation: +622127513388

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