Thursday, October 22, 2015

SOCIEATY by Les Amis Group, Plaza Indonesia

Food is lifestyle, lifestyle is social life, so food is social life! When food meets social life then this is SOCIEATY ! A new restaurant under Les Amis Group that already well known all over the world. They're the latest concept of all day dining restaurant which features popular dishes from Les Amis Group Singapore brands such as Bistro Du Vin, La Strada, La Taperia, and of course along with special menu that especially curated for Indonesia. So they're the hottest restaurant in town now! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Shabu Ghin, Wolter Monginsidi Jakarta

Hello foodies! A lot lot lot of new restaurant open recently, not just the old name that open their another outlet but a real new comer also bring a good competition to culinary industry, one of the hottest joint now maybe Shabu-Shabu, as we can see now we can find shabu restaurant easily, let's just say Shaburi that already opened so many branch right now, but wait now I'm gonna share a new Shabu restaurant called Shabu Ghin.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Brooklyn American Cakery : Your Sweet Indulgence

Hello para pembaca The Hungry Doctor yang manis! *maksudnya yang suka makan manis* well kali ini gw mau share salah satu tempat yang rekomen banget buat menikmati kue-kue khas amerika. Semua pasti udah gak asing sama yang namanya Pancious, yeepp ahlinya pancake, waffle serta berbagai hidangan manis lainnya. Kini mereka punya konsep baru yang mengusung kue original khas Amerika, so inilah dia Brooklyn American Cakery.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hurricane's Grill Indonesia

The famous Hurricane's Grill is now in town! Yes another grill and steak joint from Oz has opened their very first branch in Jakarta! I knew they're gonna boomed from the first time I heard they'll open here, and yes now it happpens, you can see they're almost fully-booked every single day, especially dinner time. So this is my dining experience here.