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Ramen Kanbe AEON Mall

Ramen has been one of the most developing joints in Indonesia's culinary industry in the last 2 or 3 years I think, now we can easily find those ramen house in town and what make it more interested is most of them are branch from Japan. Yes they're all originally from Japan, that means Indonesian market love ramen, and now I'm gonna share one of my favorite ramen in town called Kanbe Ramen,

Maybe you still not familliar with this one, yes their still new located at Ramen Village AEON Mall. There are a lot of ramen house here and the competition of ramen here is very very strong, so you must have something special to attract people, and what Kanbe Ramen have? Let's see !

Actually, I'm a pork-ramen lover, I think you can't beat the richness and thickness of pork broth but somehow I just can't tolerate the high level of fat and oil that wasn't healthy for our body, that's why I'm still in the journey of searching the comfort ramen that I can eat everyday without worrying about that fat and finally I found this Kanbe Ramen.

Well, what makes me want to try this ramen is because the chef has been involved in Ramen World 16 years, yes experience means everything, so they're a super expert ramen, no need to worry about their quality then. What make it Kanbe Ramen special is they make their own noodle everyday, a fresh noodle! it's quite rare now finding a place like this, they also have own machine then.

Beside ramen they also have some great signature dishes, so let's we start the journey here!

>> Charsiu Ramen
IDR 57.000

They say this is the favorite and best-seller here! The great noodles combined with rich soup, well the soup was made from chicken stock and vegetables, do you think the taste wasn't great as pork one? oh man you wrong! They're totally tasty, the soup was rich but comfort one, I can enjoy a bowl without having a fatty after taste. What makes them really great beside the soup was the special house soy-sauce, that's why the soup looks kinda dark but that's the great one, the charsiu itself also have wonderful taste, I can enjoy it anytime.

>> Spicy Ramen
IDR 57.000

If you think it's just charsiu ramen in spicy version you're wrong because the taste was totally different, well the noodle was still the same and always come in a perfect way, the soup still using their basic chicken and vetegable stock but they add some spice that makes it spicy and more more tasty, I love this one and served with minced spicy chicken on top! For more satisfaction you can add some boiled egg ;)

>> Vegetables Ramen 
IDR 57.000

Believe it or not this is my favorite ramen here! Vegetables ramen sounds bland and only for vegan but here you can enjoy the vegetables ramen at it's best! It's totally different from usual ramen, because they're cooked well the soup was kinda gooey and sticky but that's make us had a different experience while enjoying ramen, super tasty and delicious. I highly recommend you to try this ramen!

>> Karage
IDR 32.000

While eating ramen you can also enjoy it along with karage, the karage here was different because the lightly battered that's why the crispiness will come out from the skin not the flour and that's a strong point I think! The chicken was crispy outside and very juicy inside because using the tight part which contain more fat! Dip it with special mayo sauce.

>> Gyoza
IDR 32.000

Gyoza it's the most favorite food in Japan to accompany ramen, here they only have a kind of gyoza mixture of chicken and prawn, taste really really good, the smell of burnt gyoza skin was really tempting and it's still juicy inside, I love to dip it into the soy sauce that I already put some chili powder! A great dish !

>> Tenshin Han - Rice
IDR 42.000

Last but not least, they have Tenshin Han-Rice! Another signature dish here, a warm steamed rice covered with juicy fried egg and mushroom and then poured with special home-made soy sauce! it's fantastic! While you cut the fried egg you smell a really great of aroma :9 the fried egg was tasty and perfect while meet the soy sauce, a great dish for your lunch if you don't want to eat noodle that day :)

Well, that's some of their signature menu and I love them all but if you ask me what's my favorite I'll definitely say Vegetables Ramen!! That's superb and I just can't stop eating that stuff, anyway the price here also affordable and a really serious competitor to the other ramen joint in this Ramen Village area. So when you're in AEON and gonna have some ramen, make sure you try this one!

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Ramen Kanbe
Ramen Village, AEON Mall
BSD City

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