Monday, August 10, 2015

Splash Bistro at Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Hard Rock Hotel is one of the most famous hotel in the world and so in Bali, has been an icon of Kuta Bali, where you can find a lot of people taking a picture in front of the hotel. As a five star hotel, they should have great restaurant too and so I wanna try their restaurant here, but anyway this restaurant is closed for public for lunch, only hotel guests and members allowed, so this is my lunch at Splash Bistro.

It obviously named Splash Bistro because located just beside the pool, well the pool here was so amazing, there's a lot of pool just like a water-park and when you get hungry you can easily eat here, maybe it's quite hot here due to outdoor concept bistro, but it brings you more beach sensation. Dominated with blue and white all over the area.

As you can see from the picture, the weather was so clear and the area was so clean, really great situation for leasuring. Well beside the atmosphere of the bistro, the service was really great too. They have a lot of friendly staffs and they're well trained. One more plus point for Splash Bistro they have an open kitchen, I always love to see open-kitchen, because we can see all the process and can see the hygiene.

They've already had great atmosphere alongside with good service, now the most important one. Yes, the FOOD itself! Splash Bistro served International food from Western, European, Asian until Indonesian, so here's some of the menu that I try.

>> Fruit Punch
IDR 85.000

What can be more perfect than a glass of fruit punch in the tropical area? The fruit punch contain a lot of tropical fruit but what can I feel the strongest was the pineapple and guava, their combination made this drink was sweet, sour and really fruity, great option for non-alcoholic drinker here.

>> Coconut Water 
IDR 60.000

Think about beach think about coconut, this tropical fruit is usually found at the beach and in Bali you can find fresh coconut easily and so Splash Bistro also put it on their menu! Actually they didn't add anything just a hint of lemon I guess. So the freshness of coconut water itself was the main thing. I love it!

>> Pork Steak Schnitzel
IDR 155.000

A superb delicious Pork Steak Schnitzel served with ratatouille. gratin potato, lime wedges and roast gravy sauce. The schnitzel was so damn tender and juicy! usually when pork chop like that was deep-fried it will kinda dry but here they still on top! The gravy was so tasty and what make the dish more fantastic was the potato gration that's so soft yet creamy and tasty, a powerful dish! Don't forget to squeeze the lemon over the lettuce for make it fresher ;)

>> Oseng-Oseng Sapi
IDR 90.000

As I've told you before, Splash Bistro also have a great Indonesian food and when I was having lunch here, they have Special Menu of the Day and it was Oseng-Oseng Sapi or Saute Beef. It's simply delicious Indonesian food, using the prime quality of tenderloin and saute with black-pepper and some spice and than for the color they put three colours of pepper, look beautiful on the plate and served with aromatic rice, outstanding comfort food served here.

So it was a really great  experience having lunch at Splash Bistro , they have a really enjoyable atmosphere and of course stunning dishes. Well, all the price-tag is exclude tax and services. So when you're in Hard Rock Bali you can enjoy it or while you're not stay here you can have a great dinner which I bet will as good as the lunch!

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Splash Bistro
Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Jl. Pantai Kuta, Bali
(0361) 761869


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