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New Sunday Brunch at Scusa

Brunch, oh yeah I always love it and especially when it comes buffet! So what kind of your favorite brunch? my ideal brunch is having a great fresh food with family and good music and now you can find that kind of brunch. Please welcome SCUSA at InterContinental Jakata MidPlaza !! Scusa already well-known as their fine Italian dining and now they have a special brunch session, sounds interesting.

The atmosphere of Scusa always perfect for dining, looks so classy and lovely for sure. When you enter the restaurant you can directly see the kitchen on your side. Open-kicthen concept brings the intimate to the customers, it feels like they can see what the chef do and can communicate with the chef if they want and maybe request some special dish? why not?

Well, if you come to Scusa you won't forget the figure behind all of the fantastic food here, Chef Gianluca, he picked the best dishes for the brunch. He's a very humble and friendly in person and he often walk around the dining and asking about the food, such a great service. Not just Chef  Gianluca, all the staffs here also doing a really great service, two thumbs up.

Special brunch usually only available on weekend and so do Scusa, you can enjoy it only on Sunday, because Sunday is family day :p why I say this is special? because it's so different with another buffet brunch, when we usually walk around to have our food, here you don't need. They have "bringing the buffet onto your table" concept, so you'll do it by order, very pleasing right?

Just like usual brunch, it will start at 11.00 until around 14.00 and for this brunch you can start with some selected cheese, antipasti, pasta, pizza, fresh oyster, grill section of seafood and meat and don't forget the dessert. For sure, all the foods were served in Italian touch and yes Italian food lovers should do a brunch here. Anyway the brunch already included a glass of Bloody Mary or Spiritz and along the brunch you'll enjoying a jazzy live-music (my favorite part) So here's some of the menu you can find on this New Sunday Brunch !


For the starter you can find a lot of classic Italian antipasti just like you're in fine-dining services but it's buffet, well I didn't try it all but I believed they're all good! 

Stracciatella di bufala con carpaccio di pomodori e basilico e finocchi marinati al balsamico

Creamy buffalo stracciatella on roman tomato carpacio and marinated roasted fennel in balsamic vinegar. It's all Italian fresh ingredients and simply served in Italian way too, taste like buratta. The tomato carpacio taste so special and of course along with aromatic fennel that already roasted in balsamic vinegar, bring a taste of classic Italian.

Tagliere di antipasti

Another classic antipasti, your choice of pork or Halal cold cuts with grilled marinated vegetables and deep fried pizza dough coated in parmesan cheese. Not so many restaurant served this kind of antipasti, only the one who really concentrate to their quality of food. This premium cold cuts always good to start the brunch and I really enjoy it alongside with grilled vegetables and deep-fried crispy pizza dough, one of my favorite!

Terrina di fegato grasso e riduzione di mirtilli al porto

Foie gras terrine served with port wine-blueberry reduction, black winter truffle and toasted brioche. Where can you find foie gras in buffet? only here I guess! Spread the toasted brioche with foie grass terrine, truffle and of course the wine-blueberry reduction sauce, uhmm perfect! The strong taste of foie gras and truffle was balanced by the sourness of blueberry reduction a lovely dish.

Beside the menu above, they also have Insalata di mare (Italian style seafood with celery and olives in citrus and extra virgin olive oil dressing), Salmone marinato al limone e basilico (marinated salmon served with creme fresh, cappers, cocktail onion and fresh lemon), and Insalata di rucola, mele Verdi, noci e parmagiano con vinaigrette ai lamponi (aragula salad with green apple, walnut, orange segment, and parmesan cheese in raspberry vinaigrette).


My favorite section is pasta and you can choose a lot of fresh pasta from Tagliatelle, pappardelle, maltagliati, farfalle and also gnocchi. After you choose the pasta, you can choose the sauces : Classic carbonara (fresh cream, egg yolk, pecorino Romano, pork belly and black pepper sauce), forest mushroom with thyme, Amatriciana (pork belly and garlic in tomato sauce pecorino Romano), Arabiata (spicy tomato sauce), Classic hand chop bolognaise sauce or Clams in white sauce.

Beside that "make your own pasta" they also have Chef's specialty pasta that must be good! Pappardelle tossed with Duck ragout in red wine sauce, Mushroom ravioli with black truffle sauce and aged fontina fondue and also Lemon flavoured risotto with prawns. But I'm kind of experimental person, so I decided make my own pasta!

Pappardelle carbonara with truffle oil

It's simply delicious pasta, the fresh pappardelle was cooked al dente and the cream sauce was so rich and have a hint of herb, the cream also very cheesy and that's wonderful! I can taste a chunck of juicy pork belly and mushroom combined well and don't forget the aromatic and strong flavor from truffle oil, it elevated the taste! Mammamia!

Gnocchi Amatriciana with forest mushroom cream sauce

I always love gnocchi, because it's so light and the texture was very lovely, a lil bit chewy. So the gnocchi here was cooked perfectly the color also tempting with some mark from the pan and they served in a mixture sauce of tomato and cream with pork belly, onion and mushroom! taste fantastic and I think they should put it on the menu, my kind of all time favorite pasta :9


The main dish of the brunch start now, yeah the grill section you can choose eiher it seafood or meat for your grill. You can choose the main protein, sauce and also the side dishes and it's up to you served in personal plate or sharing.

From the seafood section you can find King prawns, rock lobster, baby lobster, tuna steak, assorted catch of the day, squid, octopus, which for that day the fishes were yellowtail and snapper. I always love fresh seafood and how can I resist the tempation of grill lobster? they're fresh, the meat was thick and chewy, grilled perfectly and served with tomato salsa.

Here's the Rib eye, lamb chop, beef tenderloin, chicken breast, quail, beef sausage, pork ribs, Italian pork sausaga. All grilled and all delicios! They prime quality of beef didn't need a complicated spice, only salt and pepper but the taste was really good and can expose the quality of the meat itself, a simple and smart way to appreciate the meat. You can find quail here! Sounds really special :9

Sauce selection : lemon mint salsa verde, lemon butter sauce, tomato salsa, truffle jus, rosemary jus, red wine jus, blueberry jus

Side dish selection : Peperonata (stew bell pepper and potato in tomato sauce and fresh basil), Patate arrosto (Roasted rosemary potato), Pure di patate al tartufo (Truffle mashed potato), Carotine saltate alla vaniglia (Sauted vanila carrots) and Spinach saltati (creamy spinach with parmesan cheese)


Everyone's favorite station at Buffet is dessert! Here you can find some classic Italian dessert like Tiramissu, Fruit Pie, Eclair and also Pannacotta. I find something unique with the pannacotta because you decorate it by yourself you can pick any fresh fruit and sauce you want. Don't forget to pick some fresh fruits!

All tempting right? This one-bite fruit pie also placed in a beautiful order and made me want to pick them all, the fruit pie taste really good and light, mostly dessert here using fruit, because it brings freshness and light taste in your mouth. 

I do also love the tiramissu, the mascarpone cheese and the coffee just in a balance combination. For the panncaotta I mix all the fruit and using strawberry sauce to complete it, I'm a big fan of tiramissu and pannacotta :9 

Beside that there's also fresh Gelato and Sorbet, but as I'm on diet I didn't try that one.

Well, beside all the stuffs mentioned above, while waiting for the order you can also pick some light bites from cheese selection, pizza until a freshly made calzone! anyway this brunch costs IDR 395.000++ per person and already included a free flow ice tea, ice lemon tea, fresh juice, coffee and tea. The price can be topped up if you want a free flow soft drink, beer or wine.

So, this New Sunday Brunch at Scusa is definetly highly recommended! The best part of the brunch is you don't need to walk around and wait on the station for your ourder, just called the waiters and they'll take the order and it will served on your table. Fine dining concept of buffet, you don't want to miss that fellas. One more thing, please come with empty tummy!

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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SCUSA at InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza
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