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Jamie's Italian Bali by Jamie Oliver

Who didn't know Jamie Oliver? Celebrity Chef who have a lot of TV shows and of course a book writer! I bet all food-lovers must have read or watched his recipe but have you ever tried it by yourself? Jamie already have many restaurant and just this year he has just opened his newest restaurant in Bali called Jamie's Italian.

Altough born as british-man he also have a capability in Italian food as he has written some books about Italian culinary, so when I know that he has spread the wings to Bali, I can't wait to try his restaurant. Some of my friends that have tried Jamie's in Singapore tell me that they're not good enough but it doesn't change anything, I'll tried it though.

Jamie's Italian is located at Kuta, yes the hot-spot in Bali for sure, just next to Hard Rock Cafe, their location just very strategic for tourist like me :p but if you went here by car maybe it's a lil' bit tricky to find parking area, but this is Bali man, I bet you'll find enjoyment walking in a good weather.

The restaurant looks so fantastic, give a touch of fine-dining in their casual concept, you can see the rustic chair and table around this place and also some comfort sofa for hangout. When you enter this restaurant you'll find the bar which will provide you a lot of great signature drinks of Jamie's. Seriously the place was really good.

Let's move to the second floor where you can find the central kitchen and of course another dining area, I chose sitting here because I can see through out the window and of course get some natural light for taking a picture :p


Talking about service, you can't agree more that their service was fantastic, the waiters really know their menu and can giving a good recommendation because they have wide variety of menu here and I don't need to wait so long. Beside all the menu that written on the menu, Jamie's Italian also have special menu of the day that will change daily, getting more excited to try their special menu.

So here they are...

>> Fresh Fruit Juice

IDR 60.000

Well it's just an usual fruit juice made from pure fruit without syrup or concentrate, you can choose Orange, Apple, Pineapple but this is a simple orange juice, sounds really tropical in this hot sunny day. 

>> Refresher
IDR 90.000

Beside that fresh fruit juice you should give it a try to their mocktails, but if you an alcoholic drinker then ordering cocktails will be better, well beside that all mocktail I chose Refresher which mixture of fresh lemon juice, elderflower cordial & cranberry juice topped with lemonade, fresh really fresh just like as it named. 

>> Truffle Tagliatelle 
IDR 165.000

If you want to know the delicates of the restaurant you should start with the simple one, and this is a simply foraged black truffle, butter, Parmesan & nutmeg, really simple right? but it's super delicious. The tagliatelle was perfectly cooked that Italian usually says al dente well-cooked but still have a chewy texture. For the seasoning also simple but have strong taste from butter, parmesan, nutmeg and don't forget the aroma of foraged black truffle. Good pasta!

>> Amazing Spinach & Ricotta Cannaloni
IDR 185.000

Menu of the day! Yes special of the day so I won't miss it, actually on the menu they have something similar with it but changed the cannaloni with raviolli. So this is spinach & ricotta cannaloni with aged Parmesan. crispy basil and garlicky flat bread. Very cheesy! Yes so deliciously creamy and cheesy. The cannaloni was crispy outside yet soft when you bite it mixed with the ricotta spinach hmmm so so good! the crispy basil and parmesan also giving extra sensation in every-bite. Served with garlicky flat bread, well this component actually made the portion was too big and it's good for sharing!

>> Lamb Chop Lollipops
IDR 280.000

Italian food not just well-known with their pasta and pizza but also grillin section. Bone-in grilled lamb chops served with a creamy artichoke & mint sauce, roasted nuts, chili and fresh mint, no need to worry about the lamp chop, must be perfectly grilled and marinated well. But it will much better if served with side dish like mashed potato or something like that, beside it I love everything on the plate.

>> Creamy Pannacotta
IDR 95.000

Lovely wobbly panna cotta served with a fruit compote for the dessert!! No one can resist it! I'm not over but this maybe the BEST Pannacotta ever! I've been trying so many pannacotta but nothig can beat it seriously, the texture was superb and taste also fantastic, the sweetness not over-powering because the sour fruit compote balanced it, uhhh lovely and feels like I won't share it even in fully-tummy.

>> Raspberry & Chocolate Rippled Pavlova
IDR 95.000

Another good dessert from Jamie's Italian, crunchy meringue, mascarpone cream, peppered raspberries & smashed honeycomb with a drizzle of dark chocolate. A lot lot lot of element in this small plate, the presentation is really eye-catching with those beautiful color on the plate, the taste also blended well between the sweetness and sourness. 

Well guys, that's my experience at Jamie's Italian Bali , probably one of the best Italian restaurant I've tried so far, So if you happened to be in Bali don't forget to drop a visit and try some of their menu, although you have eaten much here, give some space for desserts fellas!

Stay Hungry,
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