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Cut Catch Cucina, Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Just back from my holiday in Bali and just can't share it with you all guys !  So my very first post since the trip, my brunch experience at Cut Catch Cucina the signature restaurant of Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort sounds really catchy right? They serve you a lot of fancy food during weekday  but on Saturday and Sunday they'll hold an a La Francaise Special Brunch and I just can't miss this perfect time in Bali.

Cut Catch Cucina is #2 restaurant in Nusa Dua based on Trip Advisor, well before talk much about my brunch let me tell you a bit about Sofitel. Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua is part of the Accor group that also managed Pullman, Novotel, Ibis and many more. Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua's layout and architecture showcase the celebration and integration of French elegance and Balinese charms, providing us a unique experience, lovely !

When you enter the main lobby you'll find a circular-stair that feels really French while around the wall you'll see a Balinese life-cycle, really educating. Sofitel Nusa Dua has 5 restaurants Kwee Zeen, L'oh Bar, Le Bar, Nikki Beach and Cut Catch Cucina. So let's see what they have !

You can enjoy this special brunch at Cut Catch Cucina only on weekend at 11.00-15.00 where the last order is 14.30 , last order? Yes because not just a buffet section, you still can enjoy their a la carte menu, but of course smaller portion, but you can order it limitless, crazy right?? Just like their name, this restaurant contain 3 mains cuisine : Cut where you'll find the premium beef, organic poultry, Catch that serves you a very fresh seafood, fantastic grill fish and Cucina Italian Osteria where authentic Italian dishes served on your table.

Not just that 3 different concept, in this a la Francaise brunch they also have a fresh french boulangrie alongside with selected classic french canape and wide variety of cheese, it's like heaven of food ! Food lover should have enjoy this brunch much. All the staffs and services was superb and the dining area was prepared well with some classic lovely decoration.

A lot of starter here, a unique is popcorn, you can make your own popcorn with extra butter, caramel or some spice, good for kids and a plate of full canape to raise your appetite like smoked salmon, smoked ham, prosciutto, beef terrine, chicken liver pate, saute mushroom and pepper, grilled eggplant, and they also have cheese fondue ! simply love that ! Here we go the main station :

CUT (meat station)
As I've told you before, in CUT you'll find fresh prime quality of beef, lamb, and also poultry that cook perfectly, you can pick your own meat and they'll grill right in front of you and you can request how it cook, they also have skewers , a live cooking in front of you. After that just pick your sauce and many side dishes.

Beside the grill fresh meats they also have some great meat  food like roasted chicken, roasted lamb leg and this beautiful Beef Wellington ! Look at that gorgeous pink color and fancy layers from mushroom, spinach and of course puff pastry served with brown gravy sauce and some creamy mustard alongside with roasted baby potato, classic and delicious, make sure you try this one.

CATCH (seafood station)
When you enter the restaurant you'll directly see this beloved station for seafood lovers, fresh oyster, clams, shrimp, mussel, fish, and crab are ready to fill your empty tummy, just pick your own seafood and the chef will grill it for you, except the fresh oyster and prawn just enjoy it with a squeeze of lemon !

A full-plate of mouth-watering grilled seafood on your table ! Amazing right? They grill it with Balinese marination style, kinda sweet with hint of spicy, oh my...they're all perfectly cook without losing the juice, fantastic one ! For the dipping sauce they have special chili sauce and some tartar sauce for the fish, I just can't stop enjoying it :9

CUCINA (Italian station)
As the Cut Catch Cucina is a restaurant they serves you a really great food, and for this Italian section they have a fresh made pasta, like spaghetti, fettucini, penne with sauce of fresh tomato, cream or simply aglio olio, wide variety of pizza and some great crepe and of course make your own salad, an open kitchen give us a great experience and the service also quick as usual, the pasta cooking only take less than 5 minutes, stunning !

Here's the simply Spaghetti Aglio Olio, looks wet and oily but taste really good, not the best I've ever had but will satisfy your palette for sure ;) this aglio  olio have a strong taste of garlic and some spicy punch from the chili flakes, super enjoy the pasta and their pizza also worth to try :9

A La Carte

Beside that buffet section, you can also order some signature menu from the list of Breakfast, Meats, Fish & Seafood and Dessert, each section contains 4 beautiful menu, here's some of menu that I tried.

Egg Benedict

The classic Egg Benedict will always be a lovely dish, a buttery brioche, poached egg, hollandise sauce and choice of smoked salmon or ham. The poached egg was perfectly cooked and the yolk melted beautifully, the sauce also great and smoked salmon just a perfect match for it !
Grilled Australian Lamb

A perfect grilled of Australian Lamb served with tomato and white bean ragout, glazed carrot, caramelied garlic puree and spinach fondue, what a delicious meal ! the presentation also beautiful and all the fat was cooked perfectly so it's really enjoyable, the lamb was super tender and the spice also good, one of my favorite dish here.
Poached Lobster Tail

Here we go the seafood section, poached lobster tail served with squid ink tagliolini, red pepper marmalade, bisque emulsion and seaweed crisp. Nothing to worry, the lobster must be fresh and perfectly cook, the pasta also cook al dente, and the bisque emulsion raise the taste of sea beside making a color so contrast and looks really delicating.
 Crispy Soft-Shell Crab

Still on seafood menu I had crispy soft-shell crab served with cucumber, 5 spices sauce and green peas. The soft-shell crab was deep-fried but not oily at all, love that and combine with sour yet spicy dressing, also served with sea-foam, cucumber and green peas for the texture and color, love the presentation on the plate and of course enjoy the food itsef.

Pan Seared Scallop Mousse

Not the fresh pan-seared scallop but you still enjoy the strong flavor of scallop. The scallop already transform into beautiful mousse and served with lemon pumpki puree so it's sweet and sour, baby bok choy and truffle jus for the sauce, if they served it with fresh scallop it would be more fantastic I believe !
Poached Pear Gallete

Lovely presentation dessert ! poached pear gallete with caramelized white chocolate and tea ice cream, the pear was sweet and very dense taste of cinnamon, you must enjoy all of the component on this plate together, I'm not a big fan of green tea ice cream, but this wasn't green tea but tea, yes strong taste of tea in a form of ice cream, love it so much !

Cardamon Creme Brulee

You won't miss this classic french dessert during the brunch ! But wait how it works if it combined with spice? Yes, it's Cardamon Creme Bruee served with raspberry and yoghurt ice cream, creme brulee basically a custard cream with crackling sugar on top, so the creme had hint of cardamon, taste? of course it sweet but if you enjoy it sour raspberry and yoghurt ice cream it really balance in every bit, two thumbs up ! 

That's some of the menu and they still have Egg Cocotte, Omelette, Poached Duck Egg, Pan Seared Foie-Gras, 250 Day Fed Cube Roll, Sage Butter Chicken Balontine, Seared Mahi-Mahi, Chocolate Fondant and Berry Breakfast Pizza ! Just prepare your tummy :p because you can order it as much as you want !

Everyone's favorite station and dessert lover will out of contol here !! 

Here's the cake, they have so many cakes !!! Chocolate opera, raspberry mousse, orange mousse, fruit pavlova, blueberry mousse, peach mousse, white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate cherry cake, passion fruit cheese cake, lemon meringue tart and many more. Honestly I didn't try them all but my sister said they're all awesome, dessert lover should spend more space in their tummy for this section, but not over here, they still have...

Eclairs, choux, marshmallow and heavenly chocolate fondue ! Two chocolate fondue ! See? the white and dark chocolate but in some special occasion like cancer day they have pink fondue, pretty enough. It just like heaven for dessert lover, among all the brunch I've ever had, Cut Catch Cucina have the most complete food ever, especially for the dessert. 

The brunch won't over at the dessert station, there's also some attraction a live-cooking crepe, a flambe one, taste also great and you can pick some ice cream to enjoy with, this brunch also include free flow iced tea, soft drink and mocktail that's for non-alcohol brunch package where you can upgrade into alcohol brunch package and premium brunch package. There's also live music during the brunch ;) 

Brunch a La Francaise at Cut Catch Cucina Sofitel Nusa Dua is the best brunch experience ever for me, well when you have brunch here you can also have private access to the pool and beach where it's limited only for hotel guests. So friends while you're in Bali, make sure you enjoy the special brunch ! 

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Cut Catch Cucina 
Sofiel Bali Nusa Dua Beach
Resort BTDC Lot N5 
Jl. Nusa Dua, Kuta Selatan
Bali 80361

Price list :

Non Alcohol Brunch Package IDR 399.000++
free flow soft drink, iced tea and mocktail

Alcohol Brunch Package IDR 599.000++
free flow sparkling wine, house red and white wine, bintang beer, cocktail, soft drink, iced tea and mocktail

Premium Brunch Package IDR 1.299.000++
free flow champagne, imported red and white wine, beer, heineken beer, cocktail, soft drink, iced tea and mocktail

*subject to 10% service charge and 11% government tax


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