Thursday, July 9, 2015

Culinary Trip with The Hungry Doctor

Bandung or the Paris of Java as it is known during the Dutch Colonial time is the third largest city in Indonesia. It is known to locals as culinary heaven as variety of great food can be savored in this city, that's why I'm currently collaborating with and Tx Travel to create a one day culinary trip to BANDUNG ! Just prepare your empty tummy, because I'll guide you from the best local food until the hipster cafe in Bandung, here's the list !

Kick off the Journey

  • We will meet and gather at a *pre-agreed place and we will start our journey to Bandung at 8 AM sharp!
  • We will contact you with the detailed information when you have successfully book the triip
If you wanna book your seat into this trip just go to

Tour Itinerary
  • Ambokueh Kebonjati
    • Bandung famous traditional food, pork meat and sausage fried to perfection over gravy
  • Two Hands Full Coffee
    • Enjoy great coffee & food complete with great ambience at this coffehouse
  • Nasi Bancakan
    • A variety of delicious traditional Sundanese food to choose from and serve in a traditional setting
  • Nasi Goreng Cek Acong
    • The famously delicious fried rice cooked with samcan, pork belly and pork ear
  • Kue Balok Pak Didin
    • Many called this the prototype of Kue Bolu, traditionally cooked over charcoal and has been in business since 1960s
  • Roti Gempol
    • Fresh homemade toasted bread that has been serving generations of hungry stomach since 1958
  • Martabak Asan
    • Enjoy this legendary Martabak Tipker and specially made by Koh Asan himself
Yes friends, some of the menu are not halal, lotsa porky stuffs here ! 

This destination isn't in order, so I'll guide you along this trip, and I still have many food-list that I won't tell you now, so just book your seat now and get full and at last don't forget to.....

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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