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Pisa Kafe Menteng : Back to Old Times

Hello Friends ! Now I'm gonna share my culinary experience with Food Blogger friends from Indonesian Food Blogger at one of Jakarta's classic restaurant, they're located in Menteng and I think you all guys has already known it.. Pisa Kafe

Pisa Kafe has been one of the oldest Italian restaurant in Jakarta with the oldies ambiance too, they're located in Menteng beside St.Theresia Church, easy to find but they're quite lack of parking area but they have valet service so don't worry friends. It also my parents favorite place to eat since they're dating ! You can see the oldies style from the napkin, feels like you're picnic at the garden right?

As you can see on the picture they have some dining area, the outdoor is quite wide but the indoor area isn't that big. I love the ambiance here, oldies and bring us to nostalgic sensation. At the dining area we can also see the gelato station, it's a lovely view ! 

Want to know about the menu? Here's some of their signature dishes !!!

>> Autunno
IDR 38.000

In the middle of sunny day I just need something fresh and Autunno is such a good option ;) fresh mixed of kiwi, peach, apple, and cranberry flavors, it feels like tropical punch, I love the balance of the sweet and sour in their mixture.

>> La Viola
IDR 36.000

Pisa Kafe have Dragon Fruit special promo ! Yes using dragon fruit the red one of course,so La Viola is a perfect mixture of dragon fruit, blueberry syrup, mojito syrup and fresh lime twist also sprite at the end. I love the color and of course the mixture of sweet and sour every single sip, such a freshness under the sunny day.

>> Forno Ostriche Arrosto 
IDR 82.000

To start our lunch we have oven roasted oyster topped with spinach dipping, Alfredo sauce, cheddar & mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, served with tartar sauce and sliced of lemon. The oyster was so fresh, no fishy at all and they've baked it well with 3 kind of cheese, this roasted oyster taste super delicious, and just a classic way to eat oyster, squeeze the lemon fellas ! 

>> Fried Steak Sandwich
IDR 83.000

After the delicious antipasti, let's move to sandwich, well beside those classic Italian food, they also serve many food such as Sandwich, even sandwich is so American, so this is deep fried breading Beef Tenderloin with mushroom sauce, just like a steak but fried served with tomato, lettuce head, mozzarella cheese and home-style focaccia bread and french fries, it's a really good dish !

>> Spaghetti Gamberi
IDR 85.000

THE STAR OF THE DAY !!! This is my favorite, basically this is Aglio Olio Spaghetti but served in hot and spicy style, cooked with olive oil, black olive, cappers, mushroom, spinach, red paprika, chili flake, shrimp and topped with big shrimp, the big shrimp also be a star that day, really eye-catching on the presentation, fresh and taste really great, the spaghetti was cooked in al dente and the spiciness was totally awesome ! All the component blended well and it has been my favorite pasta ever.

>> Ravioli Aglio Spinaci Con Crema di Gorgonzola
IDR 83.000

Beside usual pasta like spaghetti, fetucinni or fusili, Pisa Kafe also have Ravioli ! It's pillow shaped home-made fresh pasta, and in this case they stuffed the ravioli with spinach and served in blue cheese cream sauce, very simple yet delicious, if you're a vegan it's suit for you, the texture of the pasta was great and the creamy sauce make it perfect, simply delicious.

>> Metro Pizza
IDR 299.000

Here we come the Pizza !! One of Pisa Kafe specialty is their Pizza, and this is Metro Pizza ! It's a perfect choice for sharing portion, served in a really big portion, contains of 4  items topping with smoked beef, tuna, smoked chicken, beef salami, mushroom, green paprika, onion, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese, I don't want to talk much about it, because they have great pizza crust and great Italian dishes ingredients, I love their pizza ! 

>> Triangolo Pizza
IDR 129.000

Just like the name, triangolo means triangle, while usual pizza served in round shape, this triangle roll pizza topped with chicken sausage, smoked chicken, grilled chicken, spinach, jalapenos, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, they use many chicken component, taste so chicken, and what makes them good is the touch of jalapenos, level up this pizza and don't forget the cheese to complete the pizza.

>> Salmone Affumicato
IDR 136.000

I would say Pisa Kafe as a Pizza specialist, they're not just differ the pizza by the toppings but also the dough, this is the thin crust base pizza with tomato sauce, smoked salmon, black olive, cherry tomato, mozzarella cheese sounds really Italian and the smoked salmon with olive was a smart combination, love the smokey sensation and of course the taste ! Anyway it also served with mixed salad on top, beautiful color.
>> Volcano Pizza
IDR 125.000

Another unique pizza here !! Volcano style pizza with tomato sauce, smoked beef, mushroom, dried chili & mozzarella cheese, it actually shaped like volcano complete with the lava, it's like calzone, the dough was filling with smoked beef and mushroom, the filling was covered so the heat was still perfect, it's soggy and the dough was quite soft too, love it !

>> Coppa Amore
IDR 63.000

To end this lovely lunch we have Coppa Amore!! Amora means love and you can see the power of love by enjoying this 6 combination scoops of gelato !! You can pick any flavors you want, I really like their Coffee, Chocolate and Mint, also served with wafer, such a sweet time !

>> Two Scoops of Gelato
IDR 51.000

A sweet two scoops of gelato, you can pick anything you want, this is my favorite chocolate and mint gelato, their pistachio also good ;)

>> Frutta Fresca Small
IDR 55.000

We have eaten much and a lot of fat enter our tummy, so eat a fresh fruit will help your body to digest it, a lot of fresh fruit. Just don't forget to eat fruit a day to keep you healthy !

So this is the end of our lunch, Pisa Kafe serves many good and delicious food !! Anyway their ambiance also really classic and if you want a nostalgic dining experience it's a really good option guys or if you just wanna have a scoop of sweet gelato Pisa Kafe also perfect, anyway the price also affordable and thank you Indonesian Food Blogger and Pisa Kafe for a great lunch ! 

Stay Hungry,
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Pisa Kafe Menteng
 Jl. Gereja Theresia No.1, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat
Phone : 021-3928568, 3100151/149 

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  1. I think i'd like to try the Spaghetti Gamberi and Forno Ostriche Arrosto :9 look so delicious!