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[NEW MENU] Ron's Laboratory : is not just about Gelato

Ron's Laboratory is one of big name in Indonesian culinary industry, one of the most develop Liquid Nitrogen Gelato, nowadays there're a lot of gelato bar using liquid nitrogen but not doing well and has taken down now, but Ron's Laboratory is improving. Why I said like that?

First, they have biggest number of store among the competitors. Starting from Grand Indonesia in late 2013 now Ron's Laboratory has opened in Pondok Indah Mall Jakarta, Lippo Mall Puri Jakarta, Sun Plaza Medan, Ciputra World Mall and Galaxy Mall Surabaya and will open another store soon. Next, they always develop their menu, so people don't get bored. And now I'm gonna share some of their new menu that just launched this 25th May 2015 !!

Are you guys ready??

So I visited their Pondok Indah Mall outlet, actually I haven't tried it because yeah it's quite off-reach, first I think they're in PIM 2 or 3 which contain a lot of restaurant, but they're located in PIM 1, it's quite old-school area, they're in 2nd floor, same level with Cinema XXI, actually the area wasn't that bad. 

They're not too big, but I'm sure 30 people is more than enough. Ron's Laboratory always attract people when passed by, as you can see they're very fancy with those liquid nitrogen and this is their strong point. Ronald Prasanto as a man behind this success story also a key of Ron's Lab, because his passion in culinary brings improvement, and almost every single menu here was invented by him and so this new menu !

He's a coffee-expert, gastronomical chef and also person with unusual idea in food, and that's what make Ron's Laboratory different from the others. We all knew that they're focusing on Liquid Nitrogen Gelato, but now they develop from their comfort zone to create another menu that still go with liquid nitrogen and a touch of coffee.

>> Milkshake with Cream Cheese Jelly
IDR 40.000

Actually milkshake still quite similar with gelato, as they contains milk, cream, sugar and of course in Ron's Laboraroty, they make this milkshake liquid nitrogen to replace the ice cube and the result?? Like smoother version of gelato, and I really like it. For the milkshake they have some flavors : Milo Milkshake, Red Velvet Milkshake and Taro Milkshake. 

Taro Milkshake 

Milo Milkshake

Red Velvet Milkshake

As Red Velvet Gelato is one of the all-time best seller in Ron's Laboratory, there's no doubt about this Red Velvet Milkshake, but for me the highlight is the Taro Milkshake, one of the best taro based drink I've ever drink ! Not to creamy, and Milo Milkshake? Who doesn't like Milo? Nothing I can say about that, anyway all this milkshake served with cream cheese jelly and that's one of strong point in this new menu, really love their milkshake.

>> Troffee
IDR 35.000

Most of you must have tried fruity flavored tea but how about coffee? Personally I think some kind too strong to combined with fruit especially tropical fruit, but this is the new menu TROFFEE : Tropical Fruit Coffee, mixture of coffee, mango and dry-ice. Well they use coffee with good level of acidity and got that sweet hint from the mango and dry-ice? they're giving sparkling sensation in every sip, you must try the difference before and after dry-ice added, they're really different, but I love them both as a coffee-drinker.

>> Affocado 
IDR 35.000

As a gelato specialist, they still improving their gelato, and here's Affocado : Avocado Gelato with Affogato style. Affogato is an Italian way to enjoy coffee with gelato, so the gelato will be poured by a shot of espresso, and just like classic affogato, Ron's Laboratory use the magic of molecular gastronomy in this menu. They put the espresso in some kind of jelly, and when you cut it, the espresso will spread out just like you pour it, perfecto ! Avocado gelato? we're all already knew the quality. 

>> Latte Float 
IDR 40.000

This is an option for people who wants coffee with sweet taste, the mix of latte and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, creamy but still can taste the coffee, it's really good for social-drinker-coffee, instead of St******* I would vote for it !

>> Ice Americano
IDR 20.000

A simple Ice Coffee, but they have a really attractive presentation, you'll pour the hot americano into the glass full of iced, and on top there's kinda ice-blockade layer, so when they meet hot temperature from the coffee, they'll melt and here's the result ! you can see on the video...

That's some of Ron's Laboratory new menu, very interesting and affordable of course, anyway you can find this menu in every store, but I recommend you to try at Pondok Indah Mall, as they're not to crowded and you can feel the ambiance they created.

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