Monday, March 16, 2015

EURECA Resto and Cafe BSD

Happy 1st Anniversary EURECA Resto and Cafe !! Yey thank you for inviting me to the event, I feel so glad can participate to the event, well to celebrate their first anniversary they invited some food bloggers and also media. Anyway, EURECA Resto and Cafe has a different concept with another cafe, where mostly cafe focusing only from the taste, Eureca also think the healthy side that's why they have motto "Where Healthy Meets Tasty".

EURECA Resto and Cafe is located at Ruko Versailles, BSD City. They're quite easy to find, if you have found Teraskota just straight ahead and you'll find the Ruko Versailles on your left side. The cafe is not too big but comfy enough. You can see their sign-board easily, when you enter the cafe you'll see the kitchen, that's why you can also do a quality control here. 

The decoration here is lovely, actually quite girly because they're dominated with flowery pattern, but that's beautiful indeed. Mostly the sofa are really girly but that's really comfortable, they have bigger second floor which the decoration is still girly and vintage, I really like the design. EURECA Resto and Cafe has maximum capacity of 40 persons and they have quite enough space for party, meeting, gathering and etc.

Healthy Dairy Free Snack 

They also have a good connection of Wi-Fi which is the main facility that every cafe should have ! Another good news for you who live around Serpong, they also have delivery service, so you don't need to waste your time with the frightening traffic, and yes they also open for catering service. What a nice cafe right??

As I've told you before that their motto is "Where Healthy Meets Tasty" they replace mostly the cream with yoghurt, and if they have to use the cream they pick the 40% less fat cream or non-fat milk, they also use whole wheat pasta. One more good point here, there's no deep-fried menu here, they prefer pan-fried or pan-seared or even baked. There're also menu for vegan ;)

So here's some special menu that just launched at their Anniversary and now I'm gonna reveal it now!

>> Eureca Espresso Smoothies
IDR 40.000

The waiter recommend me to try their special drink, and yes it is. They're special ! Espresso based smoothies combined with non fat milk and just a little bit sugar that's why they're not too sweet and the milk wasn't overpowering the espresso. They also served with coffee beans for the aroma and good presentation of course.

>> Mushroom Bites
IDR 35.000

The newest EURECA's appetizer ! A delicious six mushroom caps stuffed with Smoked Beef, Smoked Chicken and Pineapple, Tricolor Paprika and all filled with mozzarella cheese :9 UH-MAZING !! From the three variants I like Smoked Chicken and Pineapple the most ! The combination between the smokey chicken and fresh sweet and sour pineapple combined with savory melted cheese, super delicious ! The texture of the mushroom also lovely, juicy and served with bloody mary sauce. What a great appetizer, recommended ;)

>> Chicken Breast and Yoghurt Sauce
IDR 50.000

For the main course, they have two new menus ! So this is the first one, Chicken Breast with Yoghurt Sauce served with Brown Rice. The Chicken Breast was a lil' bit dry because they're not cooked a la minute at that event, because they have to prepare it before, but I bet if you order they'll perfectly cooked. They use only chicken breast because that's one of the most hi-protein ingredient. The chicken was served with yoghurt sauce instead of cream, that's light and delicious, the bit also give some hint of sweet and served with aromatic brown rice, special and healthy friends.

>> Pan Fried Snapper with Spinach Mushroom
IDR 60.000

This is my favorite from EURECA Resto and Cafe !! Pan Fried Snapper with Spinach Mushroom, Grilled Baby Potato and Special Tar-Tar Sauce ;9 The snapper was so soft, juicy and tasty, not oily of course, because they're not deep-fried once again. Served with saute spinach and mushroom with garlic, the grilled baby potato also great and tasty, the sauce was perfectly blended with the fish, delicious and healthy of course !! 

>> Chocolate Molten Cake
IDR 25.000

Last... THE DESSERT ! Yes, everybody loves it ! It's not new menu by the way, but the best seller here. Chocolate Molten Cake is simply delicious dessert, the cake was really warm and soggy, when you cut the cake the chocolate will melt and served with a scoop happiness of vanilla ice cream. They're not too sweet anyway, maybe it's not healthy much but a little cheat doesn't make any problem right? :p

So friends, EURECA Resto and Cafe is recommended ! They have comfy place, healthy and tasty menu with affordable price , the price range for the the food here is IDR 25.000- IDR 80.000 and to celebrate their Anniversary they're giving 40% discounts for the new menu and 20% discounts for the others, enjoy the promotion until 31st March 2015 friends !

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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EURECA Resto & Cafe
Ruko Versailles FB No.5, BSD
021- 5384856

Opening Hours : 07.00 - 21.30

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