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PUBLIK MARKETTE Grand Indonesia Jakarta

HELLO Friends !!!

So glad to see how many new restaurant opened in our beloved city and amazingly in one area East Mall Grand Indonesia ! Start with Union Deli, Nomz Jakarta, and now another top restaurant under Ismaya Group has revealed, they're PUBLIK MARKETTE sounds catchy right? they chose that name beside public market and I think they're really going well with that, and so let me tell you my experience here.

PUBLIK MARKETTE is a newborn baby of Ismaya Group, one of biggest lifestyle company, they handle so many brand and I think all of them are really success let's say SKYE, Collette & Lola, Djournal Coffee, Sushi Groove, People's Cafe, Fook Yew, and don't forget Djakarta Warehouse Project as of the event that people always waiting for, so in my opinion PUBLIK MARKETTE will develop easily under their management.

So I came here with a lot of my blogger friends and try so many food, by the way PUBLIK MARKETTE has a unique concept that I've never found before, they took "canteen" as the concept, where you pick your own menu at the stall, they call it as a Food Gallery, and this food market stands on lunch 11.00-14.30 and dinner 18.00-21.30, so beside that hours there'll be an ala carte menu.

Another unique concept here is their menu changing everyday, yes so people won't get bored easily here, but for the main course there always be chicken, beef, fish and pork, just in different style of cooking, let's say today you'll find beef ribs, maybe tomorrow beef steak, I love their mix and match menu, beside that for the side dish you also pick by yourself but they also give the best option for your dish, don't worry your meal won't go wrong. One more thing,don't forget to bring your table number when ordering ;)

Anyway, PUBLIK MARKETTE is located on East Mall Grand Indonesia, just across Nomz Kitchen & Pastry and also the Hipster UNION DELI, so many new restaurant around East Mall, they have a spacious dining area, there's also a bar and coffee shop handled by Djournal Coffee inside, so it's like the combination between all Ismaya Group, so guys I won't take it too long because I have lotsa food here !!

Here're some of the Smoothies ! They have such a great option of smoothies, all comes with IDR 45.000, sorry because I forgot the details of the name, but the first glass I think is the best, Berryoxidant , mixture of blueberry, banana and mango, first in my head they'll be strange but not at all, they're very lovely, a must try.

>> Ratatouille Quiche w/ Fried Egg
IDR 55.000

Start with a delicious quiche, crunchy outside and soggy inside, yes I love the texture of their quiche, and served with quail egg, a delicious starter for my big dinner.... looks beautiful right?

>> BBQ Pulled Pork Crostone
IDR 80.000

No need to explain much because you know they're superb ! Crispy texture from the crostone and they layered with cheese and then topped with tasty pulled pork and soft boiled egg, I want it everytime I opened my eyes in the morning :p

>> Kombucha Pumpkin Gorgonzola
IDR 40.000

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from tea, but I exactly don't know are they using it in cooking process of the pumpkin, because it tastes like usual grilled pumpkin, but I love it, the sweetness of pumpkin combined with saltiness of gorgonzola cheese, a good twist.

>> Caesar Salad w/ Spicy Dressing
IDR 45.000

It's a quite unique presentation of Caesar salad, they usually served in a bowl and all mixed together, here only a half of fresh lettuce, served with crouton which the main ingredients of Caesar salad and then their special dressing sauce, I can taste a strong anchovies in the dressing, served with fried quail egg.

>> Baked Bolognese Pasta
IDR 55.000

A delicious baked pasta ! Their bolognese sauce was so rich, made from fresh tomato and the generous minced beef also give a strong taste, beside that they also combined with a lot of cheese, seriously this is good, but I think are they overpriced?

>> Scalloped Potato
IDR 20.000

A superb Baked Potato for the side dish, yes I'd love to compare this to my main course, but having this as ala carte also great buddy ! The crust outside was crispy and quite cheesy.

>> Crispy Pork Belly w/ Herb Mustard 
IDR 155.000

YES I'M A PORK LOVER !! and for me this one is the best in my life !!! Super delicious Crispy Pork Belly !! Before they completely grilled they already tempeting, and after they served well in the plate it become more more more tempting with those fat ! Crispy skin and very tender meat with melted fat in the middle, OMG kill meh now ! Served with spicy grilled corn and herb mustard, I don't everyone would love this herb mustard, but personally I really recommend it, it goes really well with their rich crispy pork belly, so the sauce won't overpowering the main pork belly. A must try !

>> Beef Short Ribs w/ Mixed Sambal 
IDR 155.000

It sounds like Indonesian food for me, grilled beef short ribs served with sambal and rice. The short ribs was marinated in Asian style marination, not like western BBQ that we usually found, and they're good, bring the Asian taste into this dish, the sambal also great and you can replace the rice with Yorkshire pudding for IDR 20.000 each.

>> Miso Glazed Salmon w/ Ginger Sauce
IDR 165.000

No offense, but the Salmon looks more beautiful on the stall :p I mean before they go into the finishing process, looks more juicy and pink inside, but they're still perfectly cooked and the miso glazed was caramelized so it's sweet and tasty, served with ginger sauce, personally I don't really into their ginger sauce, I prefer a rich creamy sauce ? hehe by the way they served with a super delicious Asian green salad :9

>> Creole Chicken w/ Spicy Tomato Sauce 
IDR 115.000

Well another main course today is come from chicken, and this a half grilled chicken, yes their portion is big, the chicken was perfectly cooked with simple spices, but I love the garlic and herbs they used for the chicken, well I prefer creamy mushroom sauce instead of tomato to accompany this delicious chicken and what makes they're getting more delicious was the roasted cauliflowers, smart !


>> Apple & Blue Cheese Tarte
IDR 35.000

My favorite Apple and Blue Cheese Tarte, it's light and delicious, I always love any dessert with apple, because apple has a good aroma and taste and the most important they're not too sweet, the tarte also light here, so really combined well with the apple and blue cheese, I prefer take off that whipped cream, because the tart itself already fascinating.

>> Coconut Cake
IDR 50.000

This coconut cake was quite unique, it's soft but really textury from the shredded coconut, the aroma also great served with coconut biscuit on top, love the crunchy sensation in every bite, I recommend you to try this cake.

>> Bitter Sweet Love
IDR 50.000

A compact chocolate cake, rich chocolate taste in every layer, everything made from chocolate, there's also crunchy part inside the cake, so it become sensational, the pie crust also great, crunchy also, a really good dessert.

Somehow Ismaya Group also well-known for their cocktails, so PUBLIK MARKETTE also have some signature for you alcoholic seeker ;)

>> Good Morning Vietnam
IDR 95.000

Caffeine with alcohol? Uh yeah I love both of them ! what if they're combined? Cognac mixed with espresso, chocolate,vanilla and I believe there's a touch of baileys in it, because it's creamy. Quite strong ! The espresso well blended with the cognac, none of them are overpowering, all comes in harmony.

>> Adios Mother F*cker
IDR 125.000

Sounds really breaking from the name, a mix of vodka, gin, tequilla, rum and blue curacao shaken with lemon juice and served with lemonade, a beautiful presentation of cocktails, the blue curacao take over all the color but not the taste, it's a really strong shot from cocktails, love them !

>> Mad Hatters Tea Party
IDR 95.000

Sweet tea shaken with rye whiskey, creme de peche, lemon juice and camomille liqueur ! There's no tea time for this tea I think :p this tea won't relaxing but wake you up baby, served uniquely, it looks like they're a real tea drink, but I love their good presentation, even this cocktails wasn't too strong, but I love it for the twist ;)

That's some of PUBLIK MARKETTE menu, to be honest among all of Ismaya's brand, for the quality of food I would say PUBLIK MARKETTE is currently the best ! Big area of dining spot, great ambiance, wide wide variety of food, maybe quite pricey but still reasonable compare with the quality, I would come back for sure !

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall, Central Department Store - G Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310

Opening Hours :
Lunch Time (Food Gallery) : 11.30 - 14.30
A la Carte : 15.00 - 17.00
Dinner : 18.00 - 21.30

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