Monday, December 8, 2014

Shirokuma : The Hungry Doctor SAVES OUR SNOWMAN

Hello Everyone ! I'm collaborating with Shirokuma creating Limited Edition Menu for December only and the menu called "The Hungry Doctor Saves Our Snowman" the idea of creating this menu is Christmas related to Snowman and pick some idea from my blog's name The Hungry Doctor, so it's created as the snowman isn't feeling well and The Hungry Doctor will help to give some injection and of prescription in The Hungry Doctor's way ;)

This is #saveoursnowman basically this is Vanilla Soft Cream special by Shirokuma, I think nothing can compare the softness and happiness of soft cream and then for the topping there're Rice Krispies, Meringue and Shirokuma's special mochi ! To complete the Snowman there's a choco chip for the eyes and buttons, chocolate stick for the hands and honeystars for the nose, a complete ingredients in one bowl and will be a sensational combination. The Matcha Christmas Tree is a super decent matcha cookies ever, you'll get surprise another strong point of this menu ! 

The happiness of Christmas not just end, because this Snowman is literally snowy ! Yey ! When served in front of you there's a little snowy attraction from the icing sugar, this is a great moment to shoot some video and upload it to your social media ;)

LAST ! Inject the snowman with the best cure in the world, Mactha Cream :p as Shirokuma already identically with Matcha, you don't need to worry about the taste, and get ready to get another surprise because you have a bottle pills of happiness and how it works? Just simply go to Shirokuma and order this one, your happiness won't over even when you have finished this Snowman !

Anyway I also have a GIVEAWAY for 5 winner to get this #saveoursnowman for FREE, and this how to do it  on Instagram :

1. Regram This Picture
2. Follow + Mention + Tag @filipusverdi and @cafe_shirokuma
3. Don't forget to put #saveoursnowman on the post
4. This contest ends 12 December 2014, so regram it now and maybe you're the lucky one !

So simply right? Go regram it now and share the happiness of Christmas with us !

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu

Ruko Crown Glof Blok A No.32
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta


  1. Menu yang pas untuk event natal

    Kita jual berbagai bibit tanaman silihakan klik

  2. This venue and the event coordinator were true gem- it was intimate (we had 100 guests) and has a lot of character, which allowed us not to have to invest in extra lighting or decorations.