Friday, December 26, 2014

Nomz Kitchen & Pastry Jakarta

First of all I wanna say "Merry Christmas" for my readers who celebrate it and this is gonna be a special Christmas post :p because I'll tell a story about my experience at the newly open restaurant, yes this restaurant just opened on 23rd December 2014 and quite sure that they're gonna be successfully impressed all food lovers called Nomz Kitchen & Pastry. Sounds catchy right?

Nomz Kitchen & Pastry is located at East Mall Grand Indonesia, Ground Floor, lower level from Crystal Jade, Paulaner Brauhaus, Social House, Kempi Deli, hmmm actually it's so easy to reach them, dropped by Kempi Deli lobby, or you can go through from Central Department Store. This area isn't too busy in Grand Indonesia but they gonna make some crowd here for sure.

Well, Nomz Kitchen & Pastry is divided into two division from the name, Kitchen and Pastry and the kitchen is handled by Chef Arnold Poernomo (Masterchef's judge) and I think he is the owner and work the concept too and Pastry is from Pastry's Chef Kim Pangestu, that I've ever tried her delicious pastry at Cook's Affair event HYDE , so I'm getting really curious for their collaborations.

After had a Christmas Eve's dinner with my family, I decided to go here for trying some of their dishes, because I thought at dinner time they'll be so hectic so I prefer came after that and yes they're not too busy that time (about 9 o'clock) I love the interior of this place, looks casual but fine, feels like western restaurant even from the menu I can see there's a lot of Asian's influence on the menu.

As I'm a big fan of Asian and Indonesian food, I really excited with them and even they're still a new opened restaurant but the service was a top-notch ! All the staffs were doing great, friendly and the super humble Chef Arnold also hands on the service, he is the one who delivered my order and of course asking the feedback about the food and Chef Kim also serves you well on Pastry station, there're a lot of attractive sweet threats.  So here's some of their menu !!

>> White Latte 
IDR 45.000

NOMZ also specialized in coffee, yes they're using Morph Coffee with nutty taste of prominent almond when you drink it with milk, and that's why I chose their Latte, with a lot of milk of course, the acidity of the coffee was low and have a really great aroma. It's a small cup of happiness, I think most of you already known Morph Coffee as one of the greatest coffee in Indonesia right now.

>> NOMZ Banh Mi
IDR 85.000

 Banh Mi or Vietnamese Sandwiches is a kind of my comfort food and they served in a really good way with Braised Pork Belly !!!! Nothing goes wrong with Pork Belly friends, one of the best part of meat in the world for me HAHA their baguette was crispy but at then end it will be tough if you don't eat it quickly, the pork belly was sweet and tasty yet juicy, I like it and combined with the freshness of pickled carrot, coriander, chili, cucumber, mayo and shallots, taste so light in every bite but surely will make you full and also served with french fries, recommended !

>> Chocolate Crunchy Tart
IDR 45.000

Please welcome Desserts !!! There're a lot of great desserts from Cake, Eclairs and also Muffin from Kim Pangestu of course ;) I've ever tried her Eclairs and that's good, and now I'm trying her Crunchy Chocolate Cake, looks so beautiful with White Chocolate Cocoa on top, and it's so thin, beautiful chocolate, and the cake was crunchy from the dough and the chocolate was perfect ! There's a bitter sensation along the sweetness, topped with crunchy nut, superb !! I'm not a sweet-tooth but this cake made me fall in love.

Great place, good food, reasonable price, and all the price tagged is excluded tax and services 10% They still have many great food and will be back soon of course, now they already opened from 11 a.m to 10 p.m , so go there and enjoy the experience of modern Asian fusion dining folks !

Congratulations NOMZ Kitchen & Pastry Jakarta for the Opening

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu - @filipusverdi

NOMZ Kitchen & Pastry
Grand Indonesia East Mall Ground Floor #06-07
Jl. M.H Thamrin No.1
Jakarta Pusat
021-23581211 /


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