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Maison Tatsuya Gandaria City Jakarta

Teppanyaki ! One of great Japanese experience, but I think there're not many restaurant specialize in Teppanyaki, just a few of it and I think I've write before about Tairyo, one of the most famous and finally I find another great place to have your Teppan, called Maison Tatsuya. Their name sounds great, feels like it will be a fine Japanese restaurant with specialty of teppanyaki, but not just teppan Maison Tatsuya also served a wide variety of salad, pasta and steak menu ! so here we come.

Maison Tatsuya is not a new name, actually they've opened for a long while at Central Park Mall, but not so many people aware, because they're located in the Hongkong Cafe, yes they're under Arena Gourmet group which manage Hong Kong Cafe, Seribu Rasa, Penang Bistro, La Hoya and Delika well one of big name in culinary industry and they just opened in Gandaria with spacious area and of course excellent crowd.

In Gandaria City, you can find Maison Tatsuya easily, one of the biggest restaurant here, oppostie of Robata Jinya in restaurant row area and this is the reason why I love exploring food place in Gandaria City, they manage the location in a good way, and I must admitted that Maison Tatsuya is a great place to have dinner with those good looking interior, so great for a cozy family dining.

As I've told you before, Maison Tatsuya not just served a Teppanyaki but also Grill restaurant, even I believe most of you will attract to their Teppanyaki dining area. Yes, they separated the teppanyaki and the grill (salad, pasta, steak) area, but one of the advantages in Teppanyaki area is you still can order the menu from the Grill section, but if you're at grill area you're not allowed to order Teppanyaki's menu. 

Maison Tatsuya only served their best ingredients, because the point of teppanyaki is the fresh ingredients, yeah you know in teppanyaki all of the menu is processed in simple way, less spice but that's the strong point, for the grillin' section they also have delightful menu such as salad, pasta and steak. They also have a cutting-edge way to order the food using iPad ! 

>> Niwa Tea Breeze
IDR 36.000

A mixture of elderflower, mojito mint and lemon, so fresh and strong tea flavor and of course great aromatic elderflower, a great choice for your drink here, if you want a fresh drink that's not to sweet or sour.

>> Kyoto Delight
IDR 36.000

Beautiful color of drink, mixture of strawberry and calpis, yeah you should try this one !

>> Smoked Beef & Tofu Salad
IDR 45.000

Start the dinner with healthy meal :p yes it's salad ! The salad is fantastic for me, I really love it contains of fresh green vegetables, black olives, cherry tomatoes, smoked beef, tofu, parmesan cheese  and sesame seed for the last touch, the dressing's taste is really japanese, I believe there're miso, dashi and lemon in it, taste super delicious, and tofu in salad is such a great idea, I bet everyone would love this salad even the one who didn't like vegetables :p 

>> Salmon Mentaiko
IDR 90.000

Pasta is originally an Italian food, but nowadays you can find so many fusion food featuring pasta and at Maison Tatsuya they also combine pasta with Japanese ingredients and one of their favorite and the best seller is Salmon Mentaiko, the spaghetti was cooked perfectly and the salmon wasn't fishy at all, they're all great and the cream wasn't overpowering that's why I love this pasta, nori and tobiko on top give some popping sensation. Recommended !

>> US Tenderloin
IDR 195.000

As a Japanese steak specialty also, I won't say anything beside their steak was great ! This tenderloin was perfectly grilled in medium topped with herbs butter and served on the hot plate along with carrot, broccoli and also delicious baked potato, the sauce was served separately, the sauce taste so Japanese, mostly like tempura dipping. The tenderness of the beef, saltiness of the sauce, and the best side dish bring this steak on top, absolutely must try :9

Here we come the Teppanyaki Section !!

For the teppanyaki, they have a combo set which include Tofu, Vegetable, Salmon, Prawn, Moyashi, Yakimeshi and Miso Soup, you just have to pick the main meat from Chicken, US Sirloin, Seafood (Scallop & Cuttlefish), US Rib Eye and US Wagyu 

>> Sakura
IDR 185.000

Fresh Vegetables

US Rib Eye 

Sakura Combo contains US Rib Eye as the main ingredients, I chose this because I love rib eye part, all the ingredients was well cooked, the tofu was greatly served topped with bonito, oh so Japanese when the others teppanyaki restaurant only served the tofu itself, and as I've told you before, salmon and prawn already included in the combo, it's not a personal portion tough, because you can share it with your partner, if don't to order the combo one they also have ala carte menu, but of course it's getting more expensive, they not just have best ingredients but also best way of cooking, even the taste wasn't that strong, but combined with their 3 kind of dipping sauce, they become so delightful !

Now, Yakimeshi ! yes if you order US Rib Eye combo (Sakura) the beef will be separated to the fat ! And do they threw away the fat? NO ! They will mix the fat into your Yakimeshi (Japanese fried rice) and that's perfect ! Will be a really tasty aroma and of course excellent taste, they simply made the yakimeshi only mix the fat with some vegetables and egg, but I love the taste, simple yet delicious.

Can you imagine the aroma of the FAT ?

Yakimeshi on Progress

Delicious YAKIMESHI !

Your experience of Teppanyaki Dining still not over !! I know everybody love desserts and here we come one of the most interesting desserts at Maison Tatsuya.... The Banana Flambe ! yeah the banana and of course the ice cream will be made over the teppanyaki and it will be amazing ..

As their name Banana Flambe, yes they using banana and simply grill it with butter and then put the ice cream on top, you can pick chocolate or vanilla ice cream

And then they put some rhum, fire it and pour the fire on the teppan and this is the fire attarction !

The Banana Flambe is ready to served, and just put some cinnamon for a little sensation I always love grill banana with ice cream there's nothing can compare a happiness of it ! So guys Maison Tatsuya is a highly recommended restaurant either you want to enjoy their pasta, steak or the Teppanyaki of course but I believe most of you will have an unforgettable dining experience here, so this is a great choice for your weekend special dining ;)

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu - @filipusverdi

Maison Tatsuya
Gandaria City, GF #MG 39
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama
South Jakarta 12240
(021) 29236781


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