Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bun N Bite Kelapa Gading

Hello ! I have a really good news for Northern foodies especially in Kelapa Gading area as the opening of the first burger joint in North Jakarta I guess ! Actually I often go to Kelapa Gading and rarely found cafe that has a great atmosphere or hang out and also good food, usually in find Kelapa Gading is focusing on family restaurant instead of cafe, so please welcome Bun n Bite.

Bun n Bite I think from the name we can conclude that they focusing on biting the bun, that's why they specialized in Burger, somehow Burger's joint is still not expanded well, only a few at South Jakarta and people usually have burger at Fast Food restaurant and thanks to Bun n Bite for serving so many options of burger with decent taste.

They're located in Boulevard street next to Bier & Flugel (same owner and management) , Bier & Flugel has already well known for some teenagers as hangout spot in Kelapa Gading, but still lack variety of food, just some fingers food and yeah drinks, people usually go there for the drinks, and with Bun n Bite they can become a very good combination, because for me nothing can beat a combination between a delicious Burger and a bottle of beer ! *finger-cross*

Even they already have some experience with that drinks Bun n Bite is focusing on Burger and Shakes, it also good but shakes sounds too heavy if you combined it with burger but let's see how it works, not just serving burger and shakes they also have many food that quite exciting, before go to the menu, let's talk about the interior. 

It feels so comfortable being here, because of the woody interior and also lovely sofa, they're not too big, on the first floor you'll find an open kitchen where all the stuffs here were cooked, so it's a seductive area, at second floor you'll find the mini bar and bigger area of dining, they design feels so up to date, even they're newly open the service was quite good and all the menu has been ready, so this is it !

>> Fat Bob's Fries
IDR 30.000

To start the big lunch, I tried their Fat Bob's Fries, I love the crunchiness of their french fries and then this fries was topped with mayo, cheese and bacon ! so damn good, I love their cheese so much, it combined really well with mayo and of course crispy bacon.

>> Crab Cakes Salad
IDR 38.000

One of the unusual menu that I find at cafe is Crab Cakes Salad, consists of homemade crab cakes, mesclun greens and house dressing sauce, actually I love the freshness of the salad and the sour dressing, but the crab cakes is a lil' too fishy for me, but some people love the fishy sensation of eating crab cakes. 

>>  Ultimate Amish Skillet
IDR 35.000

This is a super complete and delicious breakfast menu from Bun N Bite called Skillet ! Baked potato, eggs, mushroom, bacon, spinach and cheese, yes they're all served together, can you imagine that? The aroma of baked potato, melted egg yolk, grilled mushroom, stunning bacon, healthy of spinach and the saltiness of the cheese, it feels like I want it every time I open my eyes in the morning.

>> Dwarf 
IDR 55.000

Let's go the main dish here, BURGER !!! The best seller and the simple one, Dwarf Burger. 150 gr single patty, cheese, lettuce, ketchup, onion and aioli mayo, it's simply delicious and the portion is really good for personal eaters, not too heavy and already served with delicious house fries. The patty was so tender and juicy ! I also love their bun, so buttery and soft, yes they're homemade and the chef said they add more butter in the bun, so it become so soft, nothing can be better than a soft bun, juicy beef patty and outstanding cheese spread :9

>> Philly Cheese 
IDR 68.000

Beside their classic burgers, Bun N Bite also have a fusion burger and this is one of the best for me Philly Cheese Burger using 100 gr sliced rib eye, onion, bell pepper and cheese. For this Philly cheese they don't use bun but panini, to be honest their panini wasn't as good as their bun, it's a little bit dry, but the rib eye was the top !! So tender and marinated well :9 and once again their cheese was tearing me apart, wish they're served in their superb bun.

>> Apple Crumble
IDR 32.000

For the dessert I had Apple Crumble, it's a classic dessert and they executed it well. I love the texture of the apples and the crumbles also aromatic and delicious, all combined perfectly, the combination between warm based dessert and a scoop of vanilla ice cream was a top notch ! I definitely will come back for this (Y)

>> Nutella Shakes
IDR 35.000

Here's their signature shakes, so many options : Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Strawberrym Matcha, Red Velvet, Banana, Cappucinno, Blueberry, Pina Colada, Oreo, Avocado and Nutella !! I order nutella this time and it's good, actually the sweetness wasn't overpowering, but the whipped cream made it "heavy" and become it's not comfort anymore, so next time I'll order it withour whipped cream. 

>> Mint Cocktail
IDR 250.000

Here we go the cocktails !! YEAH THEY'RE SO BIG ! It's really suit to accompany your time with your besties here, hangout, share the cheers and of course share this cocktail, it's quite strong and the minta give some hint of spice, I love it but with that portion I won't take it alone for sure ! it can be shared up to 4 persons I guess. 

So here's my super big lunch at Bun N Bite , feel so happy to have lunch here and will come back real soon for their delicious burgers, well foodies I recommend this burger house for you and another great news is Bun N Bite open early in the morning at 8.00 to serve some great breakfast menu like I've just tried their skillet, anyway they also have some good pastries and coffee for a morning person ;)

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu - @filipusverdi

Bun n Bite Burger & Shakes
Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok WD 2 No. 10, Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta

Location of Bun N Bite  ( 2 blocks before Bier & Flugel)