Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Shirayuki Pantai Indah Kapuk

Pantai Indah Kapuk has been a hot-spot in Jakarta for food lovers, they have one of the greatest progress area, as we can see you can find a lot of new cafe or restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk and I don't know why but dessert house is quite dominating here, you can find a lot of dessert cafe and here's the new one and already became very hipster in social media, please welcome Shirayuki.

Shirayuki from the name we can conclude that they're a Japanese desserts specialty and it's true and of course matcha become their favorite dishes, actually in PIK you can find some similar cafe but that's okay, every cafe should be compete to be more creative so can attract many people, Shirayuki actually not really new, because they're used to be Kabocha and now they've changed their concept and focusing on desserts but somehow you can order Kabocha signature dishes too, interested ;)

Located in a row with Fresh Market PIK, Shirayuki is one of the busiest cafe in Pantai Indah Kapuk nowadays, waiting list is a must that's why I didn't take so many picture about their interior because too crowded here, anyway the design is quite simple and cute, this is how dessert house should be. The room isn't too big, maybe that's one of the reason why waiting list is a must, because you'll take a longer time at dessert house for hanging out.

For the menu, they're one of the dessert house that serve a lot of good food, yes because they used to be Japanese fusion restaurant and here's some of the menu, even for the desserts I bet you all know have ever seen it before on Instagram ;)

>>  Kushikatsu Set B
IDR 38.000

Kushikatsu is a Japanese style of skewered, kushi means skewers or kebab while katsu mean deep-fried battered seafood, meat or vegetables, and as you can see this skewers is covered by bread crumbs that usually used in making katsu, and for this set B you'll get 5 skewers of prawn, beef, tomato cheese, quail egg, and sweet potato served with special dipping sauce sweet, salty and spicy, I love to mix them together, it become so delicious, good companion for waiting your sweet army.

>> Cabe Ijo Bianco
IDR 41.000

My favorite dish at Shirayuki is not their dessert but this Cabe Ijo Bianco, this is a fusion between Italian and Indonesian food, they using green chili as the main seasoning, and I love it ! I can feel the aroma of green chili mixed with lime and that's amazing, they using a lot of garlic and onion too, make this pasta taste more strong, it's so much better than pesto, I must admitted that I have an Indonesian appetite :p

>> Salmon Cream Soup Spaghetti
IDR 55.000

I just don't believe that this menu become so special, at first I think it will be a big mistake, fishy and over creamy, but in fact it's a really good dish, the cream wasn't overpowering and not too light, just perfect for me and the salmon also good, the spinach also give some touch to the dish, if you get bored with creamy pasta like carbonara, I bet you to try this one.

>> Kashoku Latte 
IDR 30.000

THIS IS A SUPER RECOMMENDED DRINK !! Kashoku is a mixed of Japanese nuts and it's a perfect drink, I love Kashoku Latte so damn much, it tastes so special, milky and nutty in one sip, and for the cold one they served in unique way, the kashoku served separately from the milk, they served the milk as ice tube milk, so when you pour the kashoku into the glass, the milk will melt slowly the longer you let it, the milky will be.

>> Manic Matcha with Matcha Ice Cream
IDR 40.000

It's a milky dessert series from Shirayuki, combination between Stuffed Mochi, Jelly, Mixed Nuts, Almond and of course shaved ice and extra ice cream and for this Manic Matcha you'll get delicious stuffed mochi yes this mochi has crunchy texture inside, so good ! matcha shaved ice and matcha ice cream to complete it, nothing special beside the stuffed mochi !

>> Irish Cafe with Vanilla Ice Cream
IDR 33.000

Still in the same dessert series with Manic Matcha, this Irish Cafe Milky is a combination between cream and also bailey's a unique and delicious one, served with lovely stuffed mochi, coffee jelly, mixed nuts and vanilla ice cream, I like it better than Manic Matcha ;)

>> Yukidaruma Matsuri Premium Fruity
IDR 45.000

The Instagenic dessert !! Yakidaruma Matsuri it's a Snowman dessert from Shirayuki, become very popular in social media and yes they look so cute and you must take a picture of it when you order this one, but quite sad that this Yukidaruma just good in presentation not the taste, because basically it just shaved ice with syrup, and for premium fruity you can choose strawberry or blueberry and the topping also standard, nothing special with this dessert beside their good looking. They must improve the taste of this Yukidaruma.

>> Yoghurt Parfait 
IDR 38.000

For the Parfait, Shirayuki has matcha, coffee rum and yoghurt and I want the fresh and sour one so I order Yoghurt Parfait : yoghurt ice cream, fruit sorbet, fruit jelly, coconut jelly, muesli and cornflakes, there's a lot of component in this dessert, look beautiful in color and also not to sweet, so I kinda enjoy this parfait.

>> Shiratama Matcha Parfait
IDR 35.000

Another signature of Shirayuki is Shiratama Matcha Parfait, yes sounds familiar? because some dessert house also using this menu as shiratama is a named of Japanese mochi, mix with cornflakes, ogura, coffee jelly, crystal jelly, biscuit and matcha soft cream, all the ingredients matches well and also looks good, well their Kashoku parfait I think will be more special as their kashoku ice cream also more delicious !

>> Bailey's Kanten
IDR 36.000

Kanten Series also a unique menu from Shirayuki, it's a jelly combined with sauce and also ice cream and for the sauce you can choose classic, matcha or bailey's ! And I absolutely will choose Bailey's as they have lovely creamy character and served with your choice of soft cream, it can be matcha, kashoku or mix.

>> Watanoki Matsuri
IDR 37.000

Last but not least is their Watanoki Matsuri or Cotton Candy Tree Dessert, another Instagenic dessert but too bad they're not to consistence for this one, because the cotton candy sometimes big and good, sometimes look so thin and of course not good as a presentation, and so easy to crush too, but they serving in unique way as a tree with warabi mochi and of course soft cream !

Well, that's my experience at Shirayuki, personally I more like their main course :p but I would say you won't miss their dessert too as they have some unique dessert anyway I don't think their matcha is good enough, because it's too milky and creamy, I prefer their Kashoku, it's a stunning flavor.

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu - @filipusverdi

Rukan Emerald No. 10
(Across Tzu Chi School)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta 
+6221 24080570
Opening hours: 12pm - 11pm 
Instagram: @shirayukipik 


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