Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TAIRYO Japanese Restaurant Grand Indonesia

Grand Indonesia has became me and my family favorite shopping mall, yes we often visit Grand Indonesia on weekend just for having dinner, as we knew that Grand Indonesia have so much great restaurant, cafe and many food place to eat, and one of their amazing area is their 5th level as in this level you'll find some great restaurant and I think I've tried them all and have posted most of them on my blog and now another one is Tairyo Japanese Resataurant.

Maybe, Tairyo is one of my family favorite place to dine in, yes actually if they want teppanyaki, they have the best and of course still affordable, here they provide a buffet (all you can eat) package but also for sale by ala carte, but now we choose ala carte, because we don't want to get too full, and as I've told you before, Tairyo is located on 5th level with big sign and of course big restaurant.

Our dine equipment 

Chef on action

The dining area is divided into two parts, the fine table and the table in front of cooking table, yes like usual Teppanyaki restaurant they'll cook everything in front of you and that's one of the fun part here, me obviously choose the one in cooking table, because I can see the cooking process and of course I can feel the aroma and it will gain my appetite. As every chef here already expert, all the food was excellent !!

I just love to see how my order was cooked, I can see the freshness of the ingredients and their time management to cook it, look at that red meat ! GOSH Now I'm hungry looking at the picture, anyway this restaurant is so clean and all the staffs were friendly. Beside the teppanyaki, Tairyo also have sushi and some says they also good, but I've never try it because I prefer their super delicious Teppanyaki.

Almost ready to served

Sirloin Beef Steak

This sirloin beef steak was totally delicious ! The prime quality beef cooked in really fantastic sauce, the beef was so tender and the fat was superb, it's all melted in my mouth, the portion was quite big too, the tenderness of the beef made the sauce perfectly absorb even they cooked them very fast. The main flavor which come out was their saltiness and the peppery, I always that combination of spice in steak, simple but delicious.

look at that ! So juicy right??

Sliced Rib-Eyes Beef Steak

Maybe this is not their prime beef, it's their sliced rib-eye beef steak, but if you looking for very light beef, you gotta choose this, as their thin sliced and rolled, they're very very easy to bite and the taste was so rich, combination between their signature sauce and onion, garlic and every spice was completely awesome ! It's a pretty decent meal and perfect if you enjoy this with a warm rice and mix the sauce in it, I love the sauce very much. 

Prawn on the pan

Tairyo's Pepper Prawn

I always love prawn with the note ( The prawn must be in fresh condition) that's the key of delicious prawn dish and another seafood dish, as you can see Tairyo has a really great ingredients, this prawn also cooked well, just a couple of minutes and then add some salt, pepper and lemon water hmmm YUMMY !!! Look at that prawns, they're beautiful ! chewy and tasty, must order you visit Tairyo.

a little attraction from the chef?

Grilled Chicken Steak

Tairyo also have chicken as their menu, and this grilled chicken steak also wonderful ! look at that thick chicken fillet, contain so much protein right? Good for your health ! And again, the expert chef cook it in really great way, still juicy inside and of course after they mixed with Tairyo's special garlic sauce, it became a really fascinating dish. 

Fried Rice with Garlic

Rather than usual rice, I chose Fried Rice here, actually they have some variants of fried rice but I choose the one with garlic and also beef, where the rest consists of seafood (prawn, unagi, salmon, squid, etc) I also love how they cook this fried rice, look so simple but comes out with very memorable taste, a little bit unsalted but their strong peppery taste give me some different sensation, actually after you combined this fried rice with their teppanyaki menu, hmmm so delicating !

To enjoy all the dish here, I just choose Ocha for the drink, to neutralized all the calories, fat, and cholesterol ? :p because green tea has an anti-oxidant which is really good for our metabolism and our circulation, by the way this is refillable (the most important one) haha 

At the end, I always satisfy to have dinner here, beside their all you can eat they also have ala carte and special set menu for lunch, remember price not include tax and services, me and my family love Tairyo so much and I bet you will feel the same, so just come and satisfy yourself ;)

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu - @filipusverdi

Tairyo Japanese Restaurant
Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 5
Jln. MH.Thamrin No.1 
Jakarta 10310, Indonesia

Tel: +62-21 2358 1988
Fax: +62-21 2358 1989

Price : 

Lunch (weekday only):
Menu A
IDR 149.000++ (adult)
IDR 79.000 ++ (children)

Dinner :
Menu A
IDR 189.000++ (adult)
IDR 99.000++ (children)

Menu A + Menu B
IDR 270.000++ (adult)
IDR 160.000++ (children)

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