Friday, October 17, 2014

Smoke It Up at Potato Head Jakarta

Potato Head, located at Pacific Place in Jakarta’s SCBD and opened in 2009 has remained a much-loved fixture on the city’s restaurant and bar scene. Known for continually innovating and serving a menu of international comfort food using the highest quality seasonal ingredients, the restaurant is excited to be able to offer its valued and loyal guests the opportunity to try authentic American barbecue smoked dishes throughout October. 

Potato Head is proud to have enlisted the help of the talented chefs from Up In Smoke Barbeque, Justin and Zachary, California and Texas natives to collaborate on this month long culinary event.  The American chefs are well known for their family recipes, firewood barbecuing and smoking, and made-from scratch sauces and rubs. As they say themselves  “You can’t hurry a good thing.”  

Their approach to cooking is “low and slow” - utilizing custom built smokers and a variety of local hardwoods, they smoke their meats at low temperatures for up to 14 hours, allowing them to arrive at the sublime junction of tenderness and flavor. Focusing on the use of fresh, quality ingredients and a no frills approach gives their food a rustic charm.

So lucky that I can try amazing smoked dishes, the key of great smoked dishes is patience because you need to cook it low and slow to get the best taste and texture and yes it will be a fully meat dish, because nothing best cooked in smoke beside meat, as we knew that Chef Justin and Zachary has been known for the specialty in smoked dish.

Let's start with their special cocktails !

Bourbon Darjeeling Martini (IDR 120.000)

Red Alley & Socialite (IDR 120.000)

Here we come the special dishes for Smoke It Up event !

>> Chicken Noodle Soup
IDR 90.000

At times, nothing could be more comforting and wholesome as a bowl of very good soup. We start with an excellent chicken broth, add fresh organic vegetables, pasta and our barrel-smoked chicken to add a different twist to a classic soup that tastes amazing. It's not the usual Chicken Soup, yes they using pig-ear pasta as the carbo and then a lot of vegetables which have cooked perfectly and the chicken was smoked ! That's why it taste so special and the broth was rich too served with garlic bread with cheese on top, love this soup so much ! 

>> Pulled Pork Sliders
IDR  115.000

Pork on the smoker is a matter of reverence in some parts of America, so we present to you our rendition of slow smoked pork shoulder, dressed in a Georgia style, tomato-based sauce.  The result?  A sweet, and smoky taste that we know you will love. The pulled pork is available as snack sized sliders or a hearty sandwich. One of the best Pulled Pork Sliders ever, yes the pork was marinated well and the dressing sauce was just awesome, they using potato bun for the burgers and then their coleslaw also made this Pulled Pork Sliders more more and more delicious.

>> Beef Brisket
IDR 320.000

Slow smoking brisket is part science, part sorcery.  For Texas style barbecue, a properly smoked brisket reigns king.  Slow smoked for 14 hours and rubbed with our house blend of spices, and it's the real Texas taste served with coleslaw and potato wedges and their Beef Brisket was totally memorable, the brisket was so freaking tender and then the taste was fantastic, and again I love smokey dish comes up with coleslaw, once again their sauce was tearing me apart !! Must must must try ! And by the way it also great to combined with German Potato Salad and Barbecue Beans !

>> German Minnesota Potato Salad
IDR 35.000

This is an old family recipe brought over from Germany.  We use homemade ingredients and our own dill pickles to make this salad. Perfect combined with their smoked dish too increase your vegetables infused, because their smokey dish contained a lot fat LOL.

>> Smoked Chicken
IDR 165.000

You can always expect chicken on the menu at a household barbecue, but here they add their own flair with a special chicken rub that would be worthy of an award at any barbecue competition. Served with a tangy Alabama sauce, this dish brings new respect to chicken. Well personally I don't really into their sauce because it feels too sour for me, but the chicken was super super delicious and again the portion was big enough, if you think a great roasted chicken, just come here and you'll get surprised.

The ‘Smoke It Up’ menu will be available from the 1st to 31st October, and is accompanied by four especially created bourbon cocktails mixed by the experts behind Potato Head’s bar and designed to accompany the strong and smoky flavours of the dishes perfectly. So for smokey dishes lover, you should come and try because it's very limited and trust me you'd love it !

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu - @filipusverdi

Pacific Place G51A
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Pusat
(021) 5797 3322

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