Saturday, September 6, 2014

BIBIGO Jakarta

We can easily find Korean restaurant anywhere, yes they've been conquered our culinary world from the authentic, traditional until the modern one, talk about modern Korean restaurant one name that surround in my head is BIBIGO a quite popular Korean restaurant in the center of Jakarta yes, they located at Pacific Place Mall, as I know they also in same company with Tous Les Jours, so let's see what BIBIGO had !

BIBIGO take place at level 4 Pacific Place Mall, it used to be Y&Y restaurant (if I'm not mistaken) one of restaurant that really well known by their boat dining area, it literally on the boat. They dining area is quite big and separated into some parts, the usual dining area, on the boat and in front of open kitchen, this kitchen only for grilling section. Beside that, all the ornaments here looks so good and clean but the lightning seems so dark (I had to struggle getting a great picture).

Their services also great, all the staffs were friendly and they can give us a recommendation what we should order and of course explain us their new menu or new promo, I think all the staffs here were well trained. The time management also good, I don't need to wait longer to have my order on the table, they also offer some free light bites (cassava chips). Anyway BIBIGO has a wide variety of menu and they also suit for personal dining here.

>> Blueberry Mojito
IDR 40.000

This is a really freshening drink !! The sour and minty Mojito combined with fresh blueberry hmm looks so nice in presentation and the taste, it really wake me up after the bad traffic on my way here ! Really great first impression. I know I love it from the first sip.

>> Korean Chopped Salad
IDR 35.000

Start your meal with healthy food ! Yes and this is salad .. A SUPER DELICIOUS SALAD !!!! I would die for it !! It's a really simple salad like I can make it at home just a chopped lettuce, cabbage, carrot, and bean sprouts topped with wonton skin and using sesame oil dressing, simple right? But taste really delicious, like I can come here just order this salad. Must order one, FYI BIBIGO is focusing on healthy food :9 

>> Gangnam Chicken
IDR 120.000

New menu of BIBIGO ! Gangnam Chicken not gangnam style, so this is a really big portion meal maybe can share up to 4 persons, actually this is a fried chicken (fillet one) , this fried chicken come with 2 variations, the original  and one that sauteed by sweet spicy sauce (gochujang) and also served with cassave chips, fried potato, fried sweet potato, fried green chili, garlic and some crumbs ! Delicious ! Also served with 4 kind of dipping sauce : Sambal, cream garlic, Yuja mustard and orange BBQ .. The Yuja Mustard is the bomb !

>> Korean Ice Flakes
IDR 45.000

Korean ice flakes or also well known as Bingsu be my dessert this time ! Oh yeah I'm a big fan of Bingsu, they come with reasonable portion too, simple but good ! Shaved iced with red bean, corn flakes, milk and a scoop vanilla ice cream on top, you can choose Regular Ice Cream or Premium Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream of course Haagen-Dazs has a different price, but this regular ice cream already superb !

That's all ! BIBIGO has a really nice ambiance, great service, wide variety of food, great taste, generous portion, reasonable price and there's nothing I can say beside this is a really great Korean modern restaurant they also have another great dish like grillin' section, bibimbap and many more that I can bet all good too ! 

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu - @filipusverdi

Pacific Place Lv. 4 
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 53
Sudirman Central Business Disctrict (SCBD)
Jakarta Pusat


  1. BIBIGO Jakarta is a nice place for food. It is very famous for its Korean dishes. I visited this restaurant few months ago after my niagara falls trip with my wife. Location was amazing an artificial lake is located near this hotel. I really liked its red chicken. Atmosphere was also awesome. Famous Pacific Place Mall also situated near this spot.

  2. I have visited Jakarta twice a time in my life but did not visit BIBIGO Jakarta. It seems to be very amazing with wonderful surroundings. After seeing this blog I want to go there and try their Korean food. I am planning to go there after two months in my winter holidays. Then I must visit this restaurant.

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  4. great info! thanks a bunch, Doc!