Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Arang 22 Jakarta

Well, I'm being so Korean for a few weeks because I'm exploring Korean restaurant in Jakarta and one of it is Arang 22, this restaurant maybe already well-known as great Korean restaurant in Jakarta, as I know they already had 2 store but both in SCBD area, one in Lot 8 SCBD and one more in Senopati , now I'm gonna share the one in Lot 8 SCBD.

Arang 22 has a really remarkable big sign board and I bet you all know ever seen this big sign, this is authentic Korean restaurant which I guess has established quite long here, the restaurant is big and that day I come with not to empty tummy but still curious what will I get here anyway I come here with my mom and she isn't into Korean food before :p so it's kinda challenging for her.

When enter the dining area I found a super clean spot with perfect lightning and great atmosphere, all the staffs were so friendly to me and directly accompany me to the table and not like another Korean BBQ restaurant which have grilling spot on the table, here they will cook for you at a space that is made just for grilling your order. Well I quite satisfy for the services here.

Not just the place and environment, but the menu here also authentic Korean, and as like usual Korean restaurant they served us a lot of side dishes to accompany our meal called "Banchan" yes here you can find a lot and I'll explain later, and Arang 22 is a Korean BBQ specialist, so they focuses on grillin' most of the customer here are Korean and for lunch they usually order Soup or Bibimbap and BBQ for dinner, so let's get  hungry !

This is Arang 22's Banchan much enough right?? They have Kimchi (the most common and must be), Namul , Bokkeum, Jorim, Jjim, Jeon and if you want to know more about this Banchan I have had an article about Korean Food Introduction and I think it's quite complete :) and a main ingredients of Korean BBQ is the dipping sauce, here they have sesame oil and of course ssamjang (pepper paste with fermented beans paste).

Sesame Oil, Ssamjang, Garlic and Green Chili

>> Sam Gyeop Sal (Pork Belly)
IDR 100.000

It always be my favorite dish in Korean restaurant, I don't know why but this kinda heavenly meal, actually this Pork Belly just grill yes no marination at all but they taste super great and delicious, and here they had a good cutting style, this pork belly not to think and crispy yet so aromatic ! it getting more crazy when this awesome pork belly meets sesame oil, ssamjang and lettuce also garlic, DOUBLE YUM ! 

>> Daeji Bulgogi
IDR 135.000

This is a stir-fry pork belly (AGAIN) Yes I'm a big lover of Pork Belly but don't want to get my belly bigger (super wish) and the portion was crazeeeehh super BIG !! I can find a lot of Pork Belly here with Korean special sauce which taste like Kimchi but sweeter and more spicy than Gochujang, Yes I love the sauce and also some vegetables to neutralized those fat in pork belly. 

Well, that's all the meal I try at Arang 22 because the portion was so generous and full enough for me, but I must say I would come again here with empty tummy so I can try their another menu, but this menu are the best seller as recommended by the waitress, and the price here also affordable but remember they can't received debit card here, so you can use cash payment or either credit card. Annyeong !

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu - @filipusverdi

Arang 22 
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav.52-53
SCBD Lot 8
Jakarta Selatan
(021) 51401245


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    2. You are absolutely right Linda! This blog post is massive information about Arang 22. This post has increased my hunger to taste its food. I love corn food. So I must visit there during the tour to Jakarta to enjoy these delicious dishes. Is there anyone who suggest me the best dish of this hotel.

  2. The first time I came at Boston restaurants, I was with my cousin! And, I fell in love with this place already! Their mushroom rice was good as well, my cousin said that it was better than risotto! After one visit, I knew I had to come back again soon.