Sunday, August 17, 2014

SAKE+ Senopati Jakarta

Another cool hangout spot in Senopati has revealed, please welcome SAKE+ !! This place will be one of hotspot here, yes they're different because they not serve you usual brandy but SAKE ! Still not many place focusing on Sake. They're in the same group with VIN+ which is a wine specialty. But beside Sake, they also serve a really good food, so this is SAKE+

SAKE+ is located at Senopati just accross Piplitin Cocoa, such a really wonderful place from outside ! Yes, the exterior looked so modern with touch of Japanese accent, they have good concept and then they claimed (and I can see by myself) as the most complete collection of Sake with more than 100 kinds of Sake, so amazed ! 

When you entered this restaurant you'll find this Sake+ collection ;) Come of sake lover you'll get crazy here and by the way this restaurant has 2 floors and on the second floor will be suit for dinner and first floor it's more like bar and good for chillin. The dining area is quite big with 3 VIP room and also have open kitchen, the ambiance was great too, feels so Japan here and this is their menu :D

>> Edamame

Edamame is one of my favorite snack, they're healthy and delicious, can bring up your appetite, I can never stop eating this edamame while watching movie at home :p my kind of healthy snack.

>> Ehire

Grilled ray fin, maybe if you "juhi" Ehire taste like that and then they just grilled and then served with chili powder and then mayo sauce, it's quite good :9

>> Kaisen Salad
IDR 110.000

Special salad from SAKE+  mix vegetables and seafood, this salad was so complete, as you can see there's a lot of fresh vegetables, salmon, prawn, squid and of course tobiko, really like their freshness and of course their dressing sauce, actually for this kind of salad, just a toss of olive oil and lemon juice was great enough but they served with special dressing sauce which was really good too :9

>> Ebi Shinjyo Age
IDR 70.000

Deep fried prawn ball, it taste like prawn ball which is already ready to serve, not made from fresh shrimp from the texture, but I also like it because it served with ponzu sauce, citrus based sauce, so nice !

>> Satsumaage
IDR 35.000 

Deep fried fish cake ! Actually we can find this easily but in SAKE+ they have 3 kind of deep fried fish cake, the original one, filled with edamame and filled with onion, personally I like onion satsumaage the most, because they have fancy aroma from the onion and taste richer than the other, superb !

>> Tori Karage
IDR 45.000

One of mainstream dish at Japanese restaurant, Tori Karage, and this karage included the chicken skin so it will be so crispy and delicious, YES I'M A CHICKEN SKIN LOVER !!! And I think everybody also like chicken skin, but... remember their calories :p and the chicken alos tender I like it !

>> Gindara Shio

Grilled Gindara fish, they have a really lovely texture, soft and juicy and they only marinated with salt and pepper, the spice was so thin, because they want to exposed the freshness of their Gindara, but I still prefer they grilled in teriyaki sauce or some kind of that.

>> Hamachi Kama
IDR 160.000

Hamachi Kama !! I always love Hamachi Kama, head of yellow tail fish, they have a really unique texture and that's why I love them, they grilled well and again they only marinated with salt, pepper and lemon, but it never fail to made my dinner.

>> Karubi Amiyaki
IDR 280.000

I think everybody would love this grilled short ribs ! Yes they're awesome !! The beef was tender and the sauce was really great, taste so japanese, I just can't stop eating this, perfectly grilled, I can taste the aroma and every spice was completely blended with this short ribs, awesome !

>> Gyutan Amiyaki
IDR 150.000

Another super delicious dish !!! Grilled ox tongue !! Still on of my favorite food in life after Pork Belly :p Two things that I love in the world is Pork Belly and Ox Tongue HAHA but it's true, I never find that two ingredients was executed bad, and SAKE+ had a really great grilled ox tongue, super delicious, a must try !

>> Beef Teriyaki Roll

SAKE+ offers a really wide variety of food, and now it's time for sushi !! Their sushi was great too, beef teriyaki roll was smart ! This sushi was rolled with teriyaki beef, the sauce also delicious, like it !

>> Ebi Tempura Roll
IDR 60.000

Next, they have Ebi Tempura Roll, ebi, lettuce, kyuri, mayoanise and tobikko ! They all combined perfectly, beside the crispy from ebi tempura, the crispy come from kyuri and also fresh, I like this ebi tempura roll ! Legit !

>> Kanitama Udon
IDR 120.000

Now it's time for Udon ! They have a clear soup with eggs, crabstick and nori, simply delicious and warm your night here, I like this udon and I think it's better if they put sliced beef on top :p

>> Kyuri+
IDR 120.000
dry sake, gin, casis syrup, strawberry, lime juice

>> Sakura Castle
IDR 110.000
dry sake, light rum, baileys, yogurt and blueberry

>> Sake+Jito
IDR 100.000
dry sake, light rum, elder syrup

>> Red Eyes Dragon
IDR 100.000
dry gin, pomegranate, strawberry, red dragon fruit

>> Fukiya
IDR 100.000
dry sake, gin, strawberry fruit, and lemon juice

>> Night Jar
IDR 100.000
dry sake, gin, elderflower, pomegranate and casis syrup

Overall, SAKE+ is one of recommended place in Senopati area, they have great ambiance, wide variety of food and of course they all delicious and then don't forget they have the most complete sake collection in Jakarta ;) so Japanese food lover should try this spot and will be one of your unforgettable dinner ;)

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu - @filipusverdi

Jl. Senopati No.54
Jakarta Selatan
(+6221) 7250002
Opening hours:
Weekdays 11:00 – 24:00 (21:45 last order for food)
Weekend 11:00 – 02:00 (23:45 last order for food)

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  1. Amazing Sharing! Your blog information is really interesting. I am not going there but after reading your blog I must go there after completing my New york travel and vaccation with my uncle and friends. Your shared food and juice picture very nice view. When I go there I must try to taste these dishes and juices.