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Pala Adas PIK Jakarta

Pantai Indah Kapuk is one of culinary hot spot in Jakarta and became so popular, so when looking for good food they come to PIK, but most of store in PIK are cafe and hangout spot, just few of them are suited for  family dinner but now I've revealed one and it's super recommended Indonesian restaurant, not just in PIK area but also in whole Jakarta , called Pala Adas.

The real Pala & Adas

Pala Adas is located at Elang Laut street, so it's quite far from the well-known PIK area but here there's still a lot of store let's say PapaJack Kopitiam, hmm just search it on Waze and you'll find them yes that's what people nowadays do, we don't need to ask anybody because we have technology and we can operate them well ! And as long as I use waze, they really helpful.

Actually Pala Adas is really new but it's just the concept because the owner still same as ol frenz cafe if you ever heard about that, they used to be a cafe and now changed into Indonesian Bistro which have a really great taste and I really love it, not just me but all of my friends that have been recommended by me and now I wanna share my experience with you guys.

When you entered the room you'll see the decoration which is look so Indonesian, with Batik pattern everyone and there's a lot of antique ornament in this dining area, the lightning feel so warm anyway this restaurant is really big for PIK area, and they have such a cozy 2nd floor for hangout and then VIP room for you who wants to have a private dinner here and also there's a balcony to enjoy your afternoon.

Here's their amazing dishes....

>> Ice Tea Tarik
IDR 18.000

Let's start lunch with something sweet and fresh, we have Ice Tea Tarik, the combination between tea and milk are quite balance so it became one of great drinks here and completed with grass jelly, another touch when we drink it.

>> Milo Dino
IDR 20.000

One of my favorite drink when in Kopitiam, yes everybody like Milo I think, the milo is blended and then they put some milo powder on top and also milo cereal yes everything in the glass was from Milo, love it !

>> Mojito Virgin
IDR 20.000

Mixture of lime, basil and soda water, always be your refreshment !

>> Healthy Juice
IDR 20.000

Pala Adas also have fresh juice and this one is really good, healthy juice made from fresh green vegetables and also lemon and pineapple, and seriously this is amazing, no veggie aroma at all so it's just like you drink usual fruit juice but this is more healthy, smart way to complete your vegetables needed ;)

>> Tropical Dragon
IDR 30.000

Super juice !! Dragon fruit mixed with banana and milk , oh yeaah I love banana ! But the taste of banana completely take over the dragon fruit, we knew that dragon fruit is plain but still good for your health so actually it's another healthy juice ;) 

>> Nasi Pandan
IDR 8.000

Here we go ! To enjoy every dish here we need some carbs, and Pala Adas offer you Pandan Rice :9 it's a fragrant rice with nice aroma and of course great taste, feels like Nasi Uduk but with pandan aroma, like this rice, and now here we go the main dish...

>> Krecek Labu
IDR 18.000

A really simple dish, but taste really wonderful ! Yes you should order this one to compare with another dish, maybe they should make it more spicy :p but still tasteful. Superb !

>> Kacang Teri
IDR 25.000

Falling in love from the first bite, yes this is happened to me ! I love the crunchiness of this Kacang Teri they all mixed perfectly with every spice and will be one of the greatest Kacang Teri in for me :9

>> Sate Pala Adas
IDR 30.000

Actually this satay wasn't grill, but they're deep-fried before that the beef has marinated well with coconut or we usually called it "Serundeng" this is delicious but it's not quite tender for me and a little bit dry, if they make it more tender it will be so great !

>> Bebek Cabe Ijo
IDR 78.000

SUPER DELICIOUS FRIED DUCK WITH GREEN CHILI !!!! Yes, this is terrific !!! You must order this and this is one of my favorite duck dish in my whole life, the duck was perfectly cooked and they're so crispy, the duck was so tender and there's no bad aroma at all, the crispiness combined with superb green chili and become Pala Adas' masterpiece, I would say nothing compare this outstanding fried duck even the restaurant with specialty of duck. Super great !

>> Ayam Goreng Madu
IDR 42.000

Fried chicken marinated in honey, but they're absorbed well, so the taste of honey just on the skin, haven't reach the inside, so the skin was super great but still tasteless inside, served with dipping sauce which taste like Thai Sauce, sweet, sour and spicy.

>> Samchan Tiga Rasa
IDR 128.000

Another great dish from Pala Adas..... please welcome Samchan Tiga Rasa (Three Flavored of Pork Belly) yes this pork belly was totally bomb !! They're cripsy but still juicy, they come in 3 sauce : soy sauce, green chili and rica-rica ! My favorite is.... all of them ! YEY ! HAHA Yes I'm a pork belly lover, actually beside pork belly they also had pork ribs ! Just prepare your tummy to getting bigger by eating this delicious sinful dish !

>> Gurame Matah
IDR 72.000

One of identical fish in Indonesian dish is Gurami, and this Fried Gurami with Matah, it feels so Balinese ! This fried fish was so cripsy and this Sambal Matah make it so perfect and I'm one of Sambal Matah lover, just put this sambal on the rice and enjoy them, amazing !

>> Salad Buah
IDR 25.000

Fresh fruit to finish your lunch ! Watermelon, apple, longan, grape combined with light lemon dressing and some shaved ice to make it cold, fresh !

>> Kolak 
IDR 18.000

This is one of authentic Indonesian food, Kolak ! Who likes kolak? I think most of you like this much and this mixed kolak contains banana, sweet potato, and kolang-kaling all combined well in really great santan sauce, perfect ! 

>> Banana Pala Adas
IDR 25.000

It's not over yet, because we still have Banana Pala Adas, it's like a thin pancake with generous banana filling and then topped with sprinkle chocolate, cheese and condensed milk ! It will be more interesting if the presentation was better, put some strawberry and mint leaves on top? 

>> Es Campur
IDR 18.000

LAST BUT NOT LEAST !! Es Campur Pala Adas !! Just look at the picture how fresh is that?? No need to mention it just order and prepare yourself to get addicted...

That's some of menu that I tried at Pala Adas that day ! They have such a really wide variety of Indonesian food with amazingly delicious food ! If you ask me what's my favorite I would say all the menu ! Like there's no comment for every dish here and just hope they can consistent with their quality so they could be one of the best restaurant in Jakarta ! Come and try ! 

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu - @filipusverdi

Pala Adas Indonesian Bistro
Elang Laut Boulevard No. 8-10
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

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  1. Last year I went to Jakarta before completing my new york and niagara tours but my aunt has recently visited this place and told me about Pala Adas. She appreciated the interior decoration which was not really Indonesian, but there's something western and Chinese. She told me that it’s hanging lamps, red chairs and the overall rooms were beautiful. When she was talked about its food she recommended me that don’t forget to taste its vegetable juice and Pork Ribs. Is there someone who visited this place share her/his experience with me?