Thursday, July 24, 2014

DAMI Korean Restaurant Jakarta

Hello ! Welcome back with me The Hungry Doctor, yes long time no updating my blog.. I just finished my OSCE it's like my final exam for this semester, so you're gonna see me posting a lot of article this month :p well now I'm going to share not just a review but like introducing Korean food generally because as we know Korean culture has been something special in Indonesian people's heart nowadays. This is the restaurant that I picked as my reference, DAMI Korean Restaurant.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe Jakarta

It's crazy how there's a lot of new restaurants, like every week there's a new food place that offers and of them is AW Kitchen by Akira Waranabe which just opened a few weeks ago. They offer us a Italian and Japanese fusion, most of the menu is Italian where the ingredients are mostly used in Japanese food, nowadays there's a lot of Italian and Japanese fusion, actually I'm not into that style but can AW Kitchen change me ?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta Anniversary Celebration

Jakarta, 14th June 2014 –  Today is an 43rd anniversary of Hard Rock Cafe International, and Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta as one of members also celebrate this International Hard Rock Cafe Anniversary with Legendary Burger PARTY !! where Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta would give 43 free Legendary Burgers to first 43 customers, as the symbolized of Hard Rock Cafe's existence and I'm so lucky be the one of bloggers and media who got a chance to celebrate the anniversary !

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sana Sini at Pullman Thamrin Jakarta

Wanna Travel the world with your taste buds?? Now you don't need to travel abroad, because... Pullman Hotel Thamrin Jakarta has launched their restaurant and I think they're the best buffet hotel restaurant, please welcome, Sana Sini. Four unique restaurants in one, is what you will find at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia's new addition to Jakarta's booming restaurant scene. Sana Sini, which means 'Here There' in Indonesian, is a place where you can travel the world with your taste buds.