Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Open Door Jakarta

OPEN DOOR is one of the new gems in West Jakarta and this is quite near to my campus, I do really happy knowing that there's food place where I can chillin' with my friends, doin' a chit chat and of course enjoying great food. When I posted some "food porn" on Instagram, there's a lot question from my friends, where is it, and when I said," That's Open Door at Lobby Royal Mediterania" they not believe in me, but finally they come and fallin' in love with this food place, so this is it OPEN DOOR.

Emil Halim and Steven Tjhang, duo restaurateurs who launched East 8 New York Fusion Tapas + Bar to Singapore dining landscape, introduced aninteractive international bistro concept that is committed to providing honest, heartfelt, and memorable dining experience for excellence seekers. The place is transparently named OPEN DOOR, which will open its doors on May 26th, 2014. Thus reflects the positive growth of restaurants under their belt.

The philosophy behind the name OPEN DOOR is to embrace and welcome the guests, and customers like long-time friends, close neighbors, and/or family members, through the main pillars that OPEN DOOR firmly believes in; Quality, Service, Cleanliness, Location, and Value. OPEN DOOR is located right in the heart of the premier commercial, lifestyle and business property of West Jakarta. It aims to allow guests to pay a visit and indulge themselves in the lineup of creatively delicious main courses and tangs. Other than that, the space boasts backyard that can be used for alfresco dining for guests who long for that nightly breeze, solemnly protected from the traffic madness outside. The joint can hold up to 120 guests within four walls of interactive entertainment. OPEN DOOR promises to bring guest to a parallel F&B universe where the music is good, the service is excellent, the food is delicious, and the drink is refreshing.

Spending time at OPEN DOOR is truly a layered experience. The premise is categorized into three different areas, altogether complement each other, and leverage the atmosphere to a whole new level. From entrance, guest will be greeted by a bright-colored metal-sheeting popup bar that sells alcohols and cigarettes. When guest enters, it is a 360 degree of collaborative space that can be used as for working, escaping from the madness of the city, celebrations, and/or hanging out with best buddies. The back of the joint is also a space of its own, with the reinterpretation of western backyard that can be used to chill and enjoy skyscraper’s landscape while sipping OPEN DOOR’s signature mocktails or cocktails.

OPEN DOOR operates from 03:00 PM – 02:00 AM every day. OPEN DOOR is committed to continuously provide the highest quality taste and warm hospitality, in a family-friendly environment.Three words that describe OPEN DOOR’s signature menu: honest, delicious and creative. Some of the menu includes Tokyo Banana, Kimchi Kalbi Burger, Curry Dust Chicken Wings, and Es Campur Pannacota and they still have some great menu, let's get hungry with it ! 

>> Grapefruit Mojito
IDR 32.000

They have wide variety of mocktails and all great ! Like this one, looks so nice and fresh, but if they make the grapefruit stronger, it will be greater ;) by the way I love their idea combine mojito with grapefruit.

>> Orange Cooler
IDR 28.000

Oranges never fail to refresh my day ! One of the most refreshing drink, but I think they didn't used natural squeezed orange, but orange syrup. I still enjoy this fresh mocktails

>> Crispy Baby Calamari
IDR 40.000

Super delicious appetizer !! I really love it and I can't stop eating this super crispy baby calamari, this calamri was perfectly battered and deep-fried and then they're mixed by some spicy seasoning and it's going to be perfect dish ! The crunchiness made me addictive and the spice also went well, A BIG MUST TRY !

>> Curry Dust Chicken Wing
IDR 39.000

Another appetizer from Open Door, and if you think this is usual chicken wing with bbq sauce, you're totally wrong, because this is Curry Dust Chicken Wing, yep they used curry for the seasoning, but don't worry the spice wasn't overpowering, so for you who're not really  into curry, it still friendly dish for you ;) 

>> Tom Yum Fried Rice
IDR 50.000

I have a high expectation for the dish, yes I'm a big fan of Tom Yum Fried Rice !! They usually come with big prawns and a lot of squid, fishball and some seafood touch, but here they look more plain yet the spice wasn't really strong, I expect strong version of tom yum fried rice, it taste more like usual fried rice, but still good, and maybe this is for vegetarian, because I can't find any seafood here. This Tom Yum Fried Rice is completely served with pickles and traditional crackers. 

>> Grilled Spring Chicken
IDR 80.000

This is my favorite main course from OPEN DOOR !! I always love grill chicken like this, well marinated  and grilled half chicken, actually this is a simple dish but absolutely perfect, the chicken was so tender and the taste was so balance, this amazing chicken was served with grilled potato as the carbohydrate and their mushroom sauce was just awesome. Their simple salad also good as the compliment and a touch of balsamic made this course more touchy, perfecto !

>> Kalbi Kimchi Burger
IDR 60.000

OPEN DOOR also offer fusion menu, like this one, Kalbi Kimchi Burger. Burger is a western food where kimchi is an authentic korean dish and it works ! Shredded beef with kimchi and sunny side up egg were really suit to the burger, what I also love is their barbeque french fries, looks delicious and tempting, the kimchi wasn't too "Korean" so it's quite light and I think anyone would enjoy this burger.

>> Es Campur Pannacotta
IDR 32.000

Start your meal with something savory and finish with something sweet ! Here we come, OPEN DOOR's great dessert ! The first one is Pannacotta, but this is not usual pannacotta, it's Es Campur Pannacotta, so this silky smooth sweet dessert is served with cutted avocado, jackfruit, and strawberry and I love the mixture of palm sugar on this dessert, the mixed well, the sensation will be like "Indonesian Bubur Sum-Sum" I really like it !

>> Tokyo Banana Dessert
IDR 42.000

Do you know Tokyo Banana? Yep one of the most popular Japanese dessert, and OPEN DOOR also have it ! The presentation is breath-taking, looks like a real banana but this is Japanese sponge cake which have a really soft texture and they put banana cream in it and peanut crumble as the garnish, served with a scoop of ice cream makes this dessert completely delicious ! By the way, my tips is put the ice cream on the sponge cake, let the cake absorb the ice cream, so the texture will be soggy hmmm LOVE IT !!

Well, that's what I can tell you my loyal readers, hope you enjoy this post and I hope you also have a great experience at OPEN DOOR when you happen to be there, and seriously you should try Crispy Baby Calamari and Tokyo Banana Dessert if you just want to have a light meal and chit chat with your friends, but they also have a wide variety of menu which I believe good too, enough for now, Good Night ! Ciao ;)

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu - @filipusverdi

Lobby Royal Mediterania Garden
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav 28
Jakarta Barat, 11470
(021) 29427007



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