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#MySweetMoment with Chef Frederic Scailteur and Shangri-La Jakarta

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta welcomes Frederic Scailteur as its new Executive Pastry Chef.  The award-winning chef will be in charge of creating innovative and creative pastries that entice both guests’ eyes and palates for the hotel and I'm the lucky one that invited to #MySweetMoment event held by Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, beside know more about Chef Frederic, we also got a chance to make some siganture dishes guided by himself, such a really unforgettable experience. 

Inspired by his father’s profession in the culinary world, Chef Frederic first tried to pursue a career in the field as a chef de cuisine.  Soon realising his passion for dessert, the Belgian chef concentrated and perfected his skills to become a pastry chef at the age of 15.

After a four-year service in the army, Chef Frederic opened his first shop in Brussels.  He continued to refine his talents and enrich his experience by travelling and working across the globe as executive pastry chef and executive pastry director at prestigious establishments, including five-star hotels and culinary schools in the Philippines, Japan, Korea and now Indonesia. 

The secret to Chef Frederic’s success in the kitchen comprises four key ingredients: respect, discipline, focus and passion.  For him, if one does not have these traits, one’s place is not in the kitchen.  With these principles, he successfully garnered distinguished achievements in the culinary world, including a gold medal in Premier Patissier de Belgique (Best Pastry Chef of Belgium) competition, a gold medal for his Artistic Showpiece during Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie (The Pastry World Cup) in Lyon and a gold medal in Coupe d’Europe de la Pattiserie (European Pastry Cup) in Rome. 

Chef Frederic will bring a range of new pastries, cakes and desserts to Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta.  He took his inspiration for his creations mostly from women, flowers and everything that is elegant.

“Pastry has to be elegant and sexy,” said the friendly chef. 

Guests can enjoy Chef Frederic’s creation at SATOO Deli Shop, the Lobby Lounge as well as at SATOO. Open 24 hours a day, the Deli shop is the perfect place for those who want to spend time with friends and enjoy good coffee, tea or fresh juice with a delicate pastry or cake made by Chef Frederic.  It offers free wireless Internet access for those who want to socialise and do business through online.

So, here's some of his amazing dishes:

Fraisier Cake

Fuego Cake

Ivory Cake

Vegas Cake

Now, I'm gonna tell you the recipe of some pastry that I made !



Fruits Marmalade

1/4 fresh pineapple 
150 gr raspberry
2 orange juice 

Cream Cassandra

200 gr cream cheese (Philadelphia)
40 gr puree of mango
40 gr puree of raspberry
1 vanilla bean
35 gr powder sugar

Crumble Coco

100 gr flour
100 gr butter
100 gr icing sugar
50 gr almond powder
50 gr coco (dried)

+ Joconde sponge 


1. Prepare all the ingredients (actually this is for two dishes) 

2. We're gonna make Fruits Marmelade first, cut the pineapple into small cube size and then put them in frying pan and add some orange juice, put half of the orange juice slowly, the aim of this step is to reduced the acidity from it's pineapple 

3. Put the fresh raspberry into the frying pan and then add the rest of orange juice, and let them reduced and the color change into red, keep stir until you feel the mixture become a little sticky which mean the fructose has turned out.

4. Put the Fruits Marmelade into the presentation glass, put them slowly and carefully because this cake will contain some layers and we want to make every layer is well separated, so it will be beautiful from the presentation.

5. After you put the Fruits Marmelade, cover them by Jaconde sponge cake, remember to put the pore part, so it will absord the fruits marmelade and the sponge will be still dry, after that just let them in room temperature until this component become cool.

6. After the temperature lower put that Crumble Coco. How to make crumble coco is quite easy, just put all the ingredients and baked it just like you want to make simple cookies, after that smash them into crumble *the crumble coco was so aromatic and delicious*

7. Next step is making the Cream Cassandra, first you have to put that cream cheese and powder sugar, mix it. After that put vanilla bean and the puree, then mix it together until blended perfectly. It will be sweet and sour, then after the Cream Cassandra is ready, put them into piping bag.

8. Put the Cream Cassandra into the glass and then cover them with white chocolate disc and the next step is the most important step of making some dessert, decorating.

9. Not everybody can duplicated this step, because you need some passion in yourself to make beautiful dish like that, such a lovely dessert and.......

10. TARAAAA !! Verrine Pineapple and Raspberry with Crumble Coco by Chef Frederic Sacilteur is ready to served ;) 

And this is my creation with Julia and Marius from Anak Jajan :D

" Maybe it's a little different from the glass, but still beautiful and tempting right? " 



250 gr roasted chopped almond
100 gr pistachio
100 gr sugar
40 gr water
1/vanilla bean
25 gr cocoa butter
250 gr white chocolate


1. First step is always prepare all the ingredients 

2. Boil the water and put sugar also vanilla bean, let them caramelized. Remember please put the water first or your sugar will be burnt and the taste will be so bitter, we know you don't want it happened right?

3. After they've caramelized put all the roasted chopped almond and pistachio, anyway you can replace this nuts with any kind you want, but please make sure you have fried them in pan without oil. Put cocoa butter into the pan then stir them together until mixed perfectly. 

4. When you feel burnt aroma of the almond and pistachio, put them on the tray and just let their temperature down before we go to next step.

5. Pour white chocolate and mixed with the almond and pistachio, for tips please use compound chocolate for better result, and then just mixed them completely after that you can put them in tray and make them into the shape that you want, let's say cookie?

6. Put them into the fridge and.... They're ready to served ! This is a simply delicious dish, you can make it by own easily and can be your healthy sweet meal ;)

Memorable #MySweetMoment at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta with Chef Frederic Scailteur

Well, I'm so glad being there that time because I can learn a lot of new things on baking from expert chef like Chef Frederic Scailteur and after have a great time making some pastries, it's time to chill on Lobby Lounge with delicious sweet and savory treat ;)


Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu - @filipusverdi

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