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The Immigrant Dining Room Jakarta

Immigrant, who has for years matured into becoming one of Jakarta’s iconic nightlife destinations, is proud to rekindle its epicurean roots this month with the introduction of an all-new The Immigrant Dining Room on 9th April 2014. Immigrant and The Immigrant Dining Room are managed by PT Baresto Mitra Maju, part of the umbrella company that also manages Rustique Grill & Wine, Monolog Quality Coffee & Co, de Luca Trattoria & Bar and Bistro Garçon. Now they separated the club and dining area, so for you who come here for dinner, it will be a great option, this is it The Immigrant Dining Room.

Taking a spot within Immigrant’s sprawling block on Plaza Indonesia’s 6th Floor, The Immigrant Dining Room is a new entity birthed from the aspiration to offer valued ‘migrants’ a better place to eat and interact, away from the glittery – albeit trendy – club vibes. Yes, I do love their new concept, I think we can have dinner properly here, they came with casual-dining concept, but the dining area looks so classy and perfect for fine dining I think. 

From Art Deco touches that evoke the energy of the Roaring 20s to the homey feel of a 60s diner (leather booths anyone?) to the retro-futurist influences of industrial metal, all design elements are meticulously brought together within the Dining Room’s 400-plus sqm area. Furthermore, sash windows overlooking Jakarta cityscape give off that fresh semi-alfresco dining experience whenever weather permits. Materials used in construction are a combination of exquisite (marble, leather) and earthy (galvanized metal, copper, custom ceramic tiles) to amplify that cool-yet-cozy mood to encourage guests to relax, put their feet up and chill. 

The Dining Room also supports a bar, a semi-private alcove and both smoking and non-smoking areas. It's 150 seats beckon diners and socialites while banquet options are available for groups dining for a more intimate gathering. Menu-wise, the Dining Room harkens to years of experience resulting in a personal culinary growth and exciting kitchen explorations. The result is a menu of tried-and-true dishes with just enough twist to make them stand out. Before the decent food, let's start from the beverages !


>> Crimson
IDR 55.000

Let's start the dinner with something light and fresh, from Refreshing Drinks section, I had Crimson. The mixture of watermelon, cucumber, lemon, basil and honey, strong flavor of watermelon and basil, fresh ! And all drinks in this section are alcohol-free ;) 


>> Peeping B*tch
IDR 98.000

As we know that Immigrant is the Jakarta's iconic nighlife, they have an amazing cocktails ! Here's the signature cocktails, first I had Peeping b*tch. Combination between vodka, ginger, cranberry and lime ! GEEZ so damn good ! Can you imagine vodka mixed with ginger?? Two strong flavor became one and they're blended, served beautifully with fresh cranberry in lemon.

>> Burn & Breakfast
IDR 98.000

Even they're named as Burn & Breakfast, seriously they're highly not recommended for your breakfast ! LOL. Another, Immigrant Signature Cocktails, gin, marmalade, grape fruit, lemon, aperol and vanilla. I can smell milky aroma when about to sipped it, but there's no milky taste at all, quite strong and glazed sugar just make it more sensational :9


>> Portobello Mushrooms
IDR 70.000

This is one of their favorite dishes ! Mushrooms baked with smoked beef chorizo, mozzarella cheese, thyme and double cream ! SUPER DELICIOUS ! And look at that melted cheese, such a cheese porn !! So tempting ! Feels like eating pizza? hmmm close enough and seriously this is really recommended especially for you who really into pizza :9 

>> Wagyu Beef Burger
IDR 140.000

Maybe this is the best burger in town for me !! Absolutely perfect ! What I love the most is the combination between every component in this Burger :9 especially the BEEF PATTY ! Grilled patty of Australian wagyu beef, so tender and juicy !! tomato chutney, jalapenos, cornichon and mozzarella gratin served with leaf salad and chucky potato fries complete with decent dipping sauce ! The dipping sauce is the combination between Thai chili sauce and sour cream hmmmm super delicious and ssssttt this is so much better than "one of burger joints in Senopati" but it based on your own delicades, wanna try?


>> Corn-fed Chicken Marinated in Argentinian Chimichurri
IDR 150.000

400 grams of chicken breast well marinated in Argentinian Chimichurri and of course well grilled ! The spice was minimalist but taste really great, and the chicken was so tender :9 Served with saute vegetables and baby potato. Fantastic grill chicken !! You just have to try it guys, rich flavor in every single bite :9 awesome dish ! 


>> Valrhona Dark Chocolate Fondant
IDR 65.000

WELCOME DESSERT ! I love this part when the dessert looks real delicious ! This is Chocolate Fondant, basically a warm chocolate cake with melted chocolate inside and served with vanilla bean ice cream which made from vanila, baileys and cinnamon, the ice cream seriously amazing ! By the way I really love the chocolate cake, not too sweet. This dessert came in beautiful presentation completely served with fresh strawberry and peanut crumble, FANTASTIC !!

Seriously, The Immigrant Dining Room is recommended, the new concept just perfect. The separation between club and dining room will be great for you who like to "fine-dining" here, I do love the ambiance and the service of course, they still new but every staffs here has well-trained. The food was great and don't forget they have a happy hours from 16.00 - 22.00 everyday.


Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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The Immigrant Dining Room
Plaza Indonesia 6th fl. (Next to XXI Plaza Indonesia)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
P. +62 21 2992 4125 / +62812 9930 0099  
Opening Hours : 11.00 - late (Mon-Sun)

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