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H5 : Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho !

Hi all of my lovely readers :D sorry for not updating my blog for a long time, yeah my college's life was freaking me out, yes I do have to study hard for my exam, and I really miss share my culinary journey to you, so now I wanna tell you one of the recommended Asian restaurant in Jakarta, this new restaurant is under OPCO Indonesia Group and they have such a really catchy name, called Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho ! or simply says as H5.

I came to this restaurant with high expectations, because every food place under OPCO Indonesia has satisfied me with their quality, let's say my coffee break at Koffie Warung Tinggi and my best Japanese food experience at Yellowfin. I really interesting with them, Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho is located at West Mall Grand Indonesia next to Yellowfin and they just celebrated they Grand Opening at the end of March 2014. 

From the decoration they look like a western or somehow just like a bar, but they serve a really great Asian fusion restaurant, mostly Thai and Vietnamese Food, they're all good, seriously. The place was super cool and so enjoyable, but it's quite dark here, so I got a problem when taking a picture here, and you can see the great wall-painting here, they're so artistic and the ambiance was so relaxing, when you enter this restaurant you can see the bar, cool !

The service was great too, all the staffs here were treating me well, and you can see the kitchen itself, instead of the great ambiance and service, they have some games which suite for you who came here with some friends to hangout, just ask the waiter about the game and feel the experience !! Now here's the great menu !!

>> Uncle Ho's Crunchy Wings
IDR 32.000

I always love chicken wings but H5 have different way of chicken wings, they didn't look like a chicken wings at all, the chicken wings have already marinated in their special sauce, and then deep-fried after that tossed with fish sauce, that's the unique one, so Vietnamese and taste so wonderful, so crispy and outstanding,you can feel the crunch without lose the chicken wings texture in it, worth to try !

>> Son-In-Law Eggs
IDR 18.000

If you like tamago (boiled egg in ramen) you should love this one, because this just same as tamago, but they're deep fried, OMG I really the texture, the egg was so soft and soggy, when you cut it, the yolk was melting and this was freakin' me out !!! So foodporn and I just can't hold myself to rape them, they served with tamarind-caramel sauce, which taste unique and sweet, I really love this one, amazing dish !!!

>> Mr. Phat
IDR 50.000

H5 serves a non-halal food, one of them is Mr.Phat, slow-cooked pulled pork (but you can swap with beef) zesty fresh Asian slaw and sunny side-up egg stacked on a toasted roti. Sounds like kebab or burito, this is H5's favorite and also mine. The combination between sweet pulled pork and sour fresh salad was dancing in your mouth ! Geez, so great and don't forget their sunny side-up egg which make it beautiful and tempting.

>> Crispy Pork Belly with Watermelon
IDR 48.000

Crispy Pork Belly with Watermelon?? hmmmm feel so strange but they're SUPERB !!! The pork belly was so crunchy, one of the most crunchiest pork belly ever !! This pork belly was coated in black pepper-caramel, so they taste sweet and smells good of course, the watermelon gives freshness in the dish, maybe they combination was little weird at first, but you'll enjoy them and can't stop eating this delicious Pork Belly *pork belly lover*

>> Vietnamese Chicken Chop Rice (Com Tam Chicken)
IDR 55.000

Aromatic rice served with honey-glazed chicken, house chicken meatloaf, sunny side-up egg, pickles + nuoc cam dressing. You have to eat them all in one bite, so you can taste the combination of every components, the chicken was great, but the chicken meatloaf was the winner ! So great and H5 really loves using sunny side-up egg in their menu, but I have to say that they have a great chef and so consistent when cook an egg.

>> Nasi Campur Auntie K
IDR 52.000

A one-plate wonder of coconut rice, sweet shredded beef, fresh green papaya salad, crispy whole egg with chilli jam and peanut cracker, this is really simple dish yet delicious. More like "nasi uduk" and the shredded beef was really great, even I don't like the salad, their peanut cracker (re: rempeyek kacang) was awesome HAHA and the chilli was delicious too.

>> Tom Yum Seafood
IDR 62.000

Thai food without Tom Yum?! So H5  also have Tom Yum Soup with selection of seafood and pork spareribs, and Tom Yum always good with seafood, they had modified the tom yum, doesn't taste as sour as the authentic one. The character is sweet and quite thick spices and herbs, they great but it will be better if it's more sour and for sure spicy and hot, so I put some chilli on it and taste better, the seafood was fresh and came in big portion too.

>> Crispy Roast Pork Knuckle 
IDR 199.000

Pork knuckle slow-roasted in masterstock for juicy meat and crispy crackling. Served with a zesty apple slaw, lettuce wraps and H5 special sauce. THIS IS A SUPER AWESOME FOOD !!!! The pork knuckle was perfect !! The skin was so crispy and really enjoy this and can't stop eat the crispy crackling pork skin :9 they served in Asian style with apples and sweet sour sauce, actually the pork knuckle was already great without the sauce.

>> Asian-Mess
IDR 33.000

Let's move to the dessert ! I love this part :D Vanilla ice-cream layered with chunks of coconut cake and meringue, lemon curd, fresh mango slice (seasonal) and salted peanuts. Well, this dessert was great, the coconut cake was unique and suite with ice cream and mango slice, feels so Thai but served in modern way. Great !

>> Bangkok Betty
IDR 33.000

Durian lovers should try this ! Warm black sticky rice with coconut cream, Thai tea sago, durian ice cream and a dollop of fresh durian. Taste so durian, as we knew thet Thai food quite familiar with durian, and they have a really strong aroma of durian and taste so durian too ! The Thai tea sago was great too, delicious !

>> Avogato
IDR 35.000

This is Avogato not Affogato, yes we all knew that Affogato is a mixture of ice cream and single shot of espresso but Avogato is a twist on the good favourite "avocado juice" - Creamy avocado pannacotta served with dark chocolate shards and hot espresso coffee ! AWESOME DESSERT !!! Combination between avocado and coffee is always great and they executed well, so you can taste a really delicious dessert, this is real pannacotta, love the texture, love this Avogato to the moon !!!!!

>> Mango Mania
IDR 40.000

This is a seasonal dessert, because it's quite hard to find a great mango nowadays, it's simple authentic Thai mango sticky rice. One of the most famous dessert in Thailand, Thai sticky rice with fresh mango slices and what makes them different is served with mango-cream icy bar and sesame brittle. The mango was so strong !!! I enjoy every single bite of this Mango Mania !

There're some menu that I've tried, and overall they're all good, but if you ask me the favourite I would say Son-In-Law Eggs, Crispy Roast Pork Knuckle, and ALL OF THE DESSERT !!! Their dessert was really great for sure, well when you're at Grand Indonesia and looking for Asian food just come here and give it a try ! I think OPCO Indonesia was doing great, all of the brand was great !!! So enjoy your time here :D

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho
Grand Indonesia 5th fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Opening Hours : 11.00 - 00.00 (Mon-Sun)

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