Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Genji Shoppe : Eat, Share, Love

Have you ever seen this tempting snack?? I bet you all already know this is GENJI PIE !!! Yup the only one biscuit with pie texture and heart shape, I think most of you have tried it and falling in love with this delicious biscuit, we usually enjoy them just like that or with coffee/tea, but now you can have an unforgettable experience of Genji Pie, because.......... they've just launched a pop up store called Genji Shoppe.

Jakarta, 12 April 2014 - Monde Biscuit Indonesia, as one of company under Khong Guan Biscuit that have been in people's heart for more than 40 years, officially launched Genji Shoppe, a dessert shop where you can find our favorite Genji Pie has been modified into classy and delicious dessert , the aim of Genji Shoppe is for inspire the young generation to share their love and focus on their passion.

Monde Biscuit Indonesia have revealed that art is really identic with young generation and they love it, as we can see there's a lot of art event held by young people, that's why Genji Pie came with art concept and they collaborate with 5 talented young artists (Rukmunal Hakim, Lala Bonang, Ykha Amlez, Muhamad Taufiq a.k.a EmTe, and Monica Hapsari) who will share their originality and unique visual arts to inspire the young generation for bring out their passion.

Genji Shoppe will be available at North Entrance Pondok Indah Mall III (Street Gallery) Jakarta only one month from 12nd April 2014. You can see the beautiful art from the lobby and I think they're quite eye-catching. Well, so lucky that I can attend their launching, so I'm the first who try their Genji Pie creation :p BTW I really love the exterior and also the interior, where every side of the wall was originally painted by that 5 talented young artists. 

I always love white wall and art ornaments on food place, so this place is just so me and I really like it. There're some unique decoration and some cute stuff on Genji Shoppe, well we can see the process of dessert making here and not just enjoying their creation, you can show your idea by create your own Genji Pie ! So it's gonna be a creativity challenges for you ;) And here's the menu that we can try on Genji Shoppe.

>> When Sour Meets Choco
IDR 32.000

This is for sweet lovers addict !! Layered of Genji Pie with hazelnut chocolate malt enriched , finished with chocolate ganache blanked and spring fruits salad, it's gonna be a really really delicious dessert, our favorite heart shape genji pie was layered by chocolate and served with fresh fruit hmmm combination between chocolate, genji pie and fruit made them like chocolate fondue without the fondue :p

>> A Jar of Hearts
IDR 20.000 / 100gr

Just like Christina Perri's song "A Jar of Hearts" is on the list of Genji Shoppe menu, this is really simple, a chocolate spread in the middle of two original genji pie, but they're delicious, you can taste the originality of genji pie itself and the chocolate spread only make it more sweet and give chocolate sensation in it.

>> This is not a Martini
IDR 25.000

Yes this is not a Martini but Tiramisu ! Layered of white and chocolate mousse, a perfect combination to share with love ones, the sweetness is not over-powering, I really like this kind of dessert and dipped your original genji pie inside, OMG they're so damn good !! Looks so beautiful too, I love the presentation and of course the taste :9

>> Sweet Sweet Love
IDR 35.000

Heart shape melting brownies in between original genji pie, I always love heart shape genji pie and this awesome combination completed with fresh raspberry to balance the sweetness hmmm they're so great !! Sweet from the biscuit and a little sour from raspberry, really really really delightful dessert :9 You have to try this one ;)

>> Ratatouille Goes Berries
IDR 25.000

A sweet combination of cream cheese and fresh blueberries on top of genji pie crust. Our favorite genji pie was smashed and mixed into crumble and heart shape crust, after that they put cream cheese on it, so it's sweet but the sweet is from cheese, so it's gonna be unique and the fresh berries just make it perfect ! Not just delicious they also beautiful and I really like the pale color. 

>> Magic Cinnamon Pie
IDR 28.000

Crispy Genji pastry with assorted spiced fruit, well this is so delicious pastry, just like a French patisserie, our lovely Genji Pie was so crispy and I always love the combination between genji pie and fruit, really awesome and they also healthy ;)

>> Sleeping Beauty
IDR 25.000

Last but not least, Genji Shoppe has Sleeping Beauty !! Mini Genji Pie hidden inside a moist, strawberry pinkish sponge cake, and they always made fresh when ordered also served with a choice of Chocolate or Strawberry sauce. First, I think they'll be like cotton candy, but in fact they just like sponge cake, but delicious too ;) They sweetness is not over-powering though.

Well, that's the creation of our lovely heart shape biscuit !! They're so drooling and they're all awesome ! So what are you waiting for?? Come and try delicious Genji Pie and also enjoy the amazing art here ! Remember they're available for only 1 month !!! 

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Genji Shoppe
North Entrance Pondok Indah Mall III (Street Gallery)
Jakarta Selatan


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