Saturday, April 19, 2014

Eric Kayser Jakarta

Eric Kayser is one of the most famous french bakery and patisserie in the world, first opened in Paris, now Eric Kayser has owned many branches whole world and NOW THEY HAS OPENED IN JAKARTA !!! This is what we waiting for and finally we can enjoy their french bakery and patisserie, they just opened in early April 2014, and I visited them just 3 days after the soft opening :p such a sweet hunter anyway I'm not sweet-tooth, but I just wanna try and feel the euphoria of french patisserie in Indonesia.

Thanks to Plaza Senayan for providing this awesome bakery ! YES, Eric Kayser is located on 3rd floor Plaza Senayan, even they're just opened but already busy here and you have be on waiting list to get seat. OMG the aroma of baking was totally tempting ! When waiting I just can't hold myself get into the kitchen and directly enjoy the baked goods from the oven :p but seriously you'll feel the same way too.

You can see all the bakery and patisserie here and every single dish here looks so delicious !!!! So you'll be confused, but as I don't really into sweet treat I prefer something simple and doesn't look too sweet. The service here was quite good and if you bought some baked goods they'll microwaved it for you, so you'll enjoy it when they're still warm.

>> Assorted Bread
IDR 18.000

Here's their original bread, they have a really great dough, that's why every baked goods here was delicious ! First time, I think they'll be a little rough just like french toast, but I'm totally wrong, because they're so soft and better enjoy it with salted butter :9 geez simply delicious ! I love it ! anyway, if you dine-in you'll get this as complimentary, so I got a lot of their assorted bread.

>> Apricot Danish
IDR 28.000

>> It's like falling in love for the first time ! This Apricot Danish was so tempting and that's true ! They're really great :9 The pastry was outstanding, filled with custard and topped with apricot hmm I always love combination between sweet and sour in pastry. The aroma was definitely good, my kind of favorite pastry. 

>> Chocolate Pie
IDR 28.000

This is just great ! Great dough, good aroma, really love the texture of this pastry. Not too soft and not to crunchy like croissant, filled with chocolate sprinkles, delicious ! I do love simple dish like it because they're not too sweet and I really enjoy them, anyway I'm big fans of chocolate bread :p 

>> Raspberry Ice Tea
IDR 27.000

SO FRESH !! Ice Tea with raspberry, quite rare and this is the first time I try raspberry ice tea and I think they're working, just like strawberry ice tea but raspberry has different character. The raspberry also generous ! The color also beautiful and the sweet wasn't overpowering, love it !

>> Iced Cappuccino 
IDR 30.000

I always love having baked goods with coffee, I think they're really matched ! The iced cappuccino was lil' bit too watery, it will be great if I doubled the shot, too much cream and milk even they're not sweet because the sugar was separated, I need something stronger but overall I still enjoy this iced cappuccino.

Maybe they quite over-priced but they have quality you have to pay for, actually they still have many kind of "sweet-army" such as macaroons, eclairs, tartelette, and many more ! Not just bakery and patisserie they also have main course like pasta and pizza, I'll come back later to try another dish from Eric Kayser.

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger
Plaza Senayan 3rd floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270
Opening Hours : 9.30 - 22.00 (Mon-Sun)

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