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Yellowfin Sake Bar & Kitchen Jakarta

Yellowfin is one of restaurant under OPCO Indonesia, same management as Embassy Club, Domain Club, Portico Terrace Bistro, Stark Beer, H5 and Koffie Warung Tinggi as their newest brand. Well, Yellowfin focuses on Japanese food and also sake, so it's kinda perfect place for Japanese ambience hangout, you can chill enjoying some sake and cocktails while eating some yakitori which already been favourite at Yellowfin.

Yellowfin is located at Jl.Senopati and Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, but this time I'm gonna review about their Senopati branch, anyway Yellowfin is about to celebrate their second anniversary ! Yey ! Now they have different concept and grow better, because I just know from some of my friends that Yellowfin is not a food place recommendation, but when I try by myself hmmm THEY'RE FREAKING AMAZING !! My best japanese restaurant ! Seriously they serve a terrific Japanese dish, I just fallin' love with Yellowfin.

They located opposite of Apotik Senopati and Anomali Coffee, so they're not hard to find. From the exterior and interior we can see that they really want to be an authentic Japanese restaurant, I really love their ambience, feel so Japanese here. This sake bar & kictchen was separated into some areas, outdoor, indoor and also private room (VIP) with minimum charged of 2 millions for 10-12 persons.

When you entered the restaurant you'll find bar and the kitchen of course and a lot of sake's bottles, yes they have wide variety of sake, even it's pure sake or already mixed with another ingridients to be cocktails. I really enjoy my time here, I like the ambience they offer, also the warm lightning. As I've told you that there's an open kitchen, we can see the cooking process here. Yellowfin offers you wide variety of Japanese food, from yakitori as their specialities, salad, sashimi, sushi, and also grilled !! Here we come :9

>> Ice Apple Ocha
IDR 28.000

Just a simple japanese drink, OCHA ! Yup but here they made it flavoured , they had lychee, peach, lemon and apple. I chose apple that night, I love combination between apple and tea, because they'll be sweet but there's still some sour taste, they also put a sliced of fresh green apple, love it !

>> Ponyo
IDR 35.000

This is a mocktails from Yellowfin, mango puree mixed with passion fruit syrup, soda water and of course passion fruit ! Yey looks good ! Sweet and sour perfectly combined in this mocktails, such a night refresher ! Beside Ponyo they also had Castle in The Sky, Porco Rosso and Spirited Away which surely great too !

>> Ebi Tempura Spicy Salad
IDR 48.000

To start the dinner, I had Ebi Tempura Spicy Salad which was so great !!!! Super crispy ebi tempura made from minced prawn and the mayo dressing sauce had a great balance of sweet and sour, perfect !! The lettuce and korean mushroom, which I forget the name gave extra punch to this super delicious ebi tempura salad, beside they're delicious they also healthy !

>> Gyu Tan
IDR 70.000

From Yakitori section, I had Gyu Tan. Grilled ox tounge which already marinated was really great, so tender because of the thin slice and the aroma was superb ! Served with miso sauce, the sauce looked like mustard but taste so different, such a really fantastic sauce ! They had best quality of ox tounge and executed it well so Gyu Tan became one of the best Yakitori here :9

>> Asparagus Bacon
IDR 45.000

Another yakitori and it's so foodporn !! Asparagus Bacon yupp pork bacon with asparagus, great combination, I can't stop eating this awesome yakitori, super delicious ! The pork bacon was really tender and tasty yet the aroma was good. I enjoy every single bite of this yakitori, recommended for pork eater HAHA ! 

>> Green Tea Limocello
IDR 100.000

As I've told you before that people here love to have yakitori with cocktails, I also try that ! Here's the Green Tea Limoncello, mixture of sake and green tea served with caramlized lemon. From the presentation is like adapted from tequilla but change the salt into sugar. Just a single shoot and quickly eat that caramelized lemon, I can feel that great sensation ! Now I know why Japanese people love sake. 

>> Shake Onigiri
IDR 25.000

Now, let's go to the main dishes and for enjoying that I chose onigiri rather than gohan (steam white rice) because will be more Japanese, they had different kind of Onigiri and one of the best was Shake Onigiri, onigiri with minced salmon, the salmon was great ! I really like this onigiri :9

>> Spicy Maguro Onigiri
IDR 25.000

Still onigiri, but now the onigiri topped with spicy tuna ! There's no fishy smell at all, they're fresh and great ! But I prefer salmon rather than tuna for the onigiri or sushi or whatever haha

>> Gindara Saikyo Yaki
IDR 165.000

Perfectly grilled gindara fish in miso sauce, hmm looks so tempeting and the presentation was nice too. Served with lotus' root tempura hmmm delicious ! The gindara was sweet and tasty hmmm seriously delicious, they're so smooth and marinated well, there's no fishy smell at all, superb delicious grilled gindara !

>> Hamachi Kama Teriyaki
IDR 140.000

Here's the yellowfin icon ! Hamachi a.k.a yellow tail fish (inspiration of Yellowfin) was one of speciality here, the meat was used as sashimi and here's the head, because the cheek has a fantastic texture and right... Hamachi Kama Teriyaki was an outstanding dish !! The BEST ! So crunchy because before they grilled, they already deep-fried seriously fantastic dish and the teriyaki sauce was great too, became a super duper awesome and recommended fish menu ever !!! 

>> Ebi Creamy Spicy Yaki
IDR 148.000

Well, it's kinda seafood night, because every main dish was a seafood ! Now Ebi Creamy Spicy Yaki !!! Grilled tiger prawn topped with creamy and spicy sauce made from mayonaise and cheese, So freaking tempting and delicious of course !!! Thanks to Yellowfin for serving a really great food, you can't imagine how great is the grilled prawn, you have to try by yourself, I bet you'll cry because of their perfectness !!!!

>> Ogura Ice Cream
IDR 25.000

For the dessert, I had simply delicious Ogura Ice Cream ! Yep, they had 3 flavors : black sesame, green tea and ogura. But Ogura is still the best and my favourite nyam nyam ! The ice cream was creamy enought and the sweetness wasn't overpowering, and the you can still feel the ogura here, because they're not blended too smooth, I love the texture :9 

I really enjoy my dinner here, they served an amazing Japanese food !! They must be on my best Japanese restaurant so far and of course my 2014 best restaurant list, so it's kinda I've figured it out my second best restaurant in 2014 !!!

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Stay Hungry,
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Yellowfin Sake Bar & Kitchen Jakarta 
Jl. Senopati Raya No.42
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
(021) 7220394
BBM : 266334D3

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