Thursday, March 13, 2014

Laughing Stock Steak and Seafood Grill Jakarta

Well, it's still early 2014 but guess what? I've just got a candidate to be one of my 2014 best restaurant !! For steak and grill I will rate this restaurant as 11 out of 10 !! Maybe I'm over-react but trust me they're so worth to try. This restaurant just opened in January 2014, so they're still new. I often see their menu on my foodie friend's instagram and can't wait to try until last Sunday I came here, this is it Laughing Stock Steak and Seafood Grill

Look at those fancy decoration!! So creative and unique, I really love their art on the wall. Anyway, Laughing Stock Steak and Seafood Grill was located at Jl. Cipete, near Abuba Steak House which is already well-known. They're casual dining restaurant with specialty of steak and seafood grill, but beside that there's still a lot of awesome menu. Well, from outside they just like an usual restaurant and also from their first floor but when you went to their 2nd floor, all changed. Great atmosphere with such a prefect ambience to dine, I love it.

The place looks so artistic and I really like it, they also surrounded by mirror which was so helpful when you take a picture here hehe, I really enjoy their warm ambience and every saturday night there's a live music performance that will make your dinner more fantastic :D on the second floor there's also big LED TV that suit for watching football match together here and remember World Cup is coming, will they held Nobar here? 

Beside the environment, I also love their service ;) all the staffs were great and friendly. The food they serve here is mainly steak and seafood grill but they also have breakfast menu such as egg benedict (which I would try on my next visit) , Indonesian food, soup, salad, decent dessert and also  milkshake. Their milkshake was great, but for steak or grill companion? hmm It didn't work on me, I prefer something fresh and sour for the drink like mocktail.

>> Lychee Ice Tea
IDR 23.000

Just a simple sweet ice tea with lychee syrup and of course fresh lychee, I always love lychee ice tea. The aroma was great and of course the sweetness level was good for me ;) 

>> Oreo Milkshake
IDR 35.000

As I've told you before, Laughing Stock Grill marked their milkshake as their recommendation. Here's the Oreo Milkshake, well I love the consistency which was smooth and the sweet taste wasn't overpowering and you know what? I'm a big fan of Oreo Milkshake ! 

>> Laughing Caramel Milkshake
IDR 35.000

Another milkshake from Laughing Stock, and one of their best-seller, caramel milkshake combined with peanut crumbs on top, the caramel was strong and brought a sour and bitter sensation when you drink it, seriously they're good ;)

>> Banana Split Milkshake
IDR 35.000

My favourite !! Strong flavor of Banana and creamy milkshake !! Seriously one of the best milkshake I've tried, so delicious ! And the presentation also nice, I really enjoy every single sip of this banana split milkshake, must try !

>> Oxtail Balado
IDR 110.000

First menu that I wanna tell you is their Indonesian Food, it's just  like my mood-booster, the aroma when it served was so freakin' tempting !!!! One of the best aroma of oxtail balado ever ! Fried AUS oxtail with balado served with steam white rice, pickled vegetables and crackers. All of the main indigrients here were imported, yep from the beef until their seafood and surely they're prime quality. The oxtail was so tender and the balado was perfect ! The soup was outstanding too !! I really love this oxtail balado and became my favourite Oxtail Soup !!!! *applause*

>> Pan Fried Salmon
IDR 120.000

Pan fried Norwegian trout with baby tomato, spinach, enoki, ginger flakes and miso broth. I think I wouldn't describe it too much, because the decent pics already told that ! The salmon was perfecly cooked, love the colour and the skin was so crispy !!!! The miso sauce made this pan fried salmon more delicious, the presentation also nice and the most important was still the taste, if you wanna have fish here, this Pan Fried Salmon is a great option.

>> US Hanger Steak
IDR 110.000

Seared 200gr US hanger steak with caramelized onion, mashed potato and sauteed vegetables or fresh salad with beef jus. Hanger steak is one of their recommendation, steak lovers should know this steak, because they're quite rare and the stock isn't much. It's taken from chest-part of cow and so tender, they cooked this US hanger steak perfectly, looks dark because of the sauce, and the sauce was made from the beef jus itself, so tasty, the caramelized onion gives a perfect combination.

>> Surf & Turf
IDR 175.000

Another super and food porn dish from Laughing Stock and Grill is their Surf & Turf, well as we know this is the combination between beef and seafood !! Grilled rib eye topped with assorted fresh seafood in garlic and herbs butter, served with mashed potato and asparagus. The rib eye must be perfectly grilled, the dory was nice, also the prawn and squid !! I enjoy every component of this Surf & Turf, extremely delicious ! Don't forget the sauce which made from garlic and herbs hmmmm BOMB !!

>> Grilled US Maine Half Lobster
IDR 145.000

Still from the grillin' section, here we come THE SUPER TEMPTING GRILLED LOBSTER !!!! OMG, I really love the presentation, looks so classy and the aroma was awesome !! Seriously, I can't wait to rape them HAHA The lobster was fresh and they cooked them really well, because the seasoning was perfect and well absorbed to every part of this lobster, I have no idea how they cook this lobster, they're amazing ! I also love their mashed potato from the texture and taste of course, one of the best grilled lobster ever.

>> Uncle Romy's Hotplate Chocolate Brownies
IDR 55.000

Let's go for dessert !! Laughing Stock also served such an amazing dessert, Uncle Romy's Hotplate Chocolate Brownies. Homemade dark chocolate brownies topped with vanilla ice cream served on the hotplate ! yup hotplate and you can pour the chocolate sauce and you'll see the great presentation of this brownies, the aroma of hot chocolate was so tempting, the texture of this brownies was perfect and had a great level of sweetness, I love this !! 

Well, that's all what I had !! I really love every single meal that they served, the presentation was nice, the taste was superb and the price is still affordable. Seriously, they're one of the best restaurant I've ever visited and you guys should visit this place !!!! really recommended and I hope they serve you as good as mine, so you'll get satisfy. 


Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Laughing Stock Steak and Seafood Grill
Jl. Cipete Raya No. 7BC
Jakarta Selatan
Opening Hours : 11.00-23.00 (Mon-Sun)


  1. How did you have your steak? Rare, med-rare? How was it?

    Agree with you, Milkshake & Steak, it rhymes but not a well companion for each other, eh?

    1. I always love medium :D yeah right ! hahaha but seriously they're great, you should come and try