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Lasagna Lasagne : Best Lasagna in Town

Lasagna is one of the Italian food, they categorized as pasta and lasagna is become one of my favourite too, actually I never find bad lasagna until now, but I just revealed THE BEST LASAGNA IN TOWN !! They’re Lasagna Lasagne. I’ve known them from Social Media such as Instagram and also my blogger friends who have tried it before, so there’s no doubt for ordering some Lasagna from them because my mom really want to eat some lasagna, and why not trying Lasagna by Lasagna Lasagne.

Lasagna Lasagne was established in early May 2013, so they haven’t trough their first anniversary either but already be one of the famous Lasagna specialities. “Though become things”, simply quotes that brings Virra Vinsenssa (the chef and owner of  Lasagna Lasagne) back into culinary world. She can’t avoid that culinary is her passion, 4 years learning Culinary Art and 2 years working in Food Industry make she brave enough to start her own online-food business, and finally she growing up with Lasagna Lasagne.

So why Lasagna? Personally, she really likes Italian food, especially pasta. Pasta can be served in many different style of sauce: tomato base sauce, creamy sauce, pesto or just simply olive oil. The most favourite pasta is with tomato base sauce or people knew it as bolognise, but most restaurant or cafĂ© that she tried didn’t have a great tomato sauce as her taste buds. Anyway, there’s still a few online-food business that offer lasagna as their specialities, so she try to create a recipe of great lasagna and everyone could enjoy the delicious lasagna easily.

What makes Lasagna Lasagne is different? Fresh from the oven is the answer. They make lasagna based on order and directly send to the customer after the lasagna is perfectly cooked. Beside that, they always use the premium quality and organic ingridient. Lasagna Lasagne have 4 kinds of Lasagna : Classic Beef Lasagna, Mushroom Tomato Lasagna, Mix Mushroom and Beef Lasagna, and their newest creation is Bratwurst Lasagna.

>> Large Classic Beef Lasagna
IDR 95.000

So here’s the most favorite lasagna here !! Classic beef lasagna, well they packed really well and absolutely fresh, so you just have to put them in oven and enjoy this super delicious lasagna. You can smell the great aroma from this amazing lasagna, every layer of this lasagna is like heaven. GEEZ, PERFECT LASAGNA. Generous beef, tomato sauce, and of course cheese, I love lasagna when it comes with strong flavor of cheese. I rarely eat lasagna without chili sauce, but Lasagna Lasagne doesn’t needed any addition, just enjoy the lasagna itself and you’ll that kind of satisfaction.

>> Small Bratwurst Lasagna
IDR 65.000

Here’s the newest flavor of Lasagna Lasagne, Bratwurst YES The German Sausage will complete your outstanding lasagna. Actually, the base is same, the different just a lot of bratwurst chunk in the lasagna, and it’s definitely excellent, like the classic one every layer of this lasagna is such a perfection, every component in the lasagna is super !! OMG I can’t stop eating this lasagna and I ate them all by myself, sounds greedy but once you eat this lasagna seriously you can’t stop !

Size :

Classic, Mix and Mushroom
Large : oval 18x8x4.5cm – IDR 95.000
Small : rectangle 15x7x3cm – IDR 55.000

Bratwurst Lasagna
Large: oval 18x8x4.5cm – IDR 110.000
Small : rectangle 15x7x3cm – IDR 65.000

They also available in custom size for special occasion

That’s the mighty lasagna from Lasagna Lasagne  and I enjoy all of them so order now and get ready for addiction !!

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