Monday, March 31, 2014

Kazan Ramen Express Jakarta : The Unique Way to Eat Ramen

RAMEN !! One of the most popular Japanese dish nowadays, as we can see there's a lot of ramen house open in shopping center *mostly* and some of them using pork as their soup but they also offer chicken  as the soup, for you who're not be able to eat pork, I have one recommendation of halal ramen which have a really great taste and I'm quite sure that everybody would love this new ramen in town, called Kazan Ramen Express.

Well, in my blogpost title I've said "The Unique Way to Eat Ramen" because they serve ramen in different way, as their name Kazan which means volcano, ramen here was served like volcano itself, but beside that they also offer ordinary ramen, I will mention it more later, Kazan Ramen Express has just opened in Lotte Shopping Avenue Food Court.

When I heard that they open in food court actually I'm a lil' bit underestimate them, I rarely eat at Food Court, because they sound like fast food and nothing special about it, but it all changed when I tried Kazan Ramen Express, for a food court stand, they looked so good, the service was quite good and fast, even they using chicken as all the ingredients but they still tempting from the aroma when the ramen was prepared. 

I do love taking picture of their ramen, for sure the Kazan Special one which served like volcano, well beside ramen, they also offer side dish like gyoza and teriyaki chicken, by the way you can add some toppings to your ramen like boiled eggs, corn, chicken karage and chicken beside that don't forget to order their dessert, COLD STONE ICE CREAM ! So the ramen served in HOT STONE and the dessert in COLD STONE !! Here's they are...

>> Tori Ramen Special Soy Sauce
IDR 59.800

There are 3 kinds of tori ramen : Base ( without chicken) , Standard (with chicken slice) and Special (with chicken slice and chicken drumstick) and of course I chose special one, and for the soup they have : soy sauce, salty and spicy miso. Well this is soy sauce chicken broth, looks delicious and the borth was thick enough, I enjoy the soup. The ramen was perfectly cooked too and I did enjoy every component in this ramen, however the chicken was great too and you can add some chili powder and chili oil to make it stronger and more delicious !

>> Tori Kazan Spicy Miso with Chicken Broth
IDR 49.800

HERE'S THE SIGNATURE AND THE SPECIAL KAZAN RAMEN !!! So tempting and it was such a foodporn when you saw the boiling soup of this ramen, GEEZ the aroma was definitely awesome !! The presentation and also sensation when the soup was poured into the hot stone increase our appetite. I really love this ramen because they contain a lot of vegetables like carrot, sprouts and also cabbage. They used thicker and bigger noodles for this Kazan Ramen, spicy miso soup was so much better than soy sauce :9 They also served with delicious chicken drumstick, really great ramen !! Recommended and you should try it, anyway they also served with rice hmmm so Indonesian right?

>> Chicken Teriyaki Bowl
IDR 29.800

Beside the amazing ramen, Kazan Ramen Express also offer you some side dish, and Chicken Teriyaki Bowl was quite good ! Rice topped with lettuce, chicken teriyaki and mayonaise, maybe it's a little too sweet for me but still delicious and the portion was big enough for side dish.

>> Cold Stone Ice Cream Strawberry Milk 
IDR 29.800

Here we come the dessert ! Served in COLD STONE !! Yeah they're so cool ! There are Banana Chocolate, Caramel Peach and Strawberry Milk. This is Strawberry Milk, yep strawberry ice cream with condensed milk, strawberry jam, fresh strawberry, wafer, and mini oreo. I really love the mixture ! Sweet yet delicious, maybe I would come to Kazan Ramen just for this ice cream when I've already full, the sweet wasn't overpowering, that's why I love this kind of ice cream.

That's some menu that I tried, overall they're all great ! Don't forget to order their Kazam Ramen and Cold Stone Ice Cream when you came here they're. They should open their own store, not in food court so the ambiance will be better and I also hope they improve their menu (maybe with pork :p ) so when you gonna eat ramen in different way just come to Kazan Ramen Express and enjoy the meal :9

Stay Hungry,
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Kazan Ramen Express
Food Avenue, Lotte Shopping Avenue 4th fl unit FCS-03
Jl. Prof Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12940


  1. Somehow the drumstick doesn't look that appealing for me. But it is definitely an interesting way to have ramen in a hot stone. Is this what you mean by 'Volcanic' ?


    1. Volcanic mean, they served in hot stone and then covered with something looks like "volcano" (the red one) and the smoke comes out from that