Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Edible Wish : Fruit Bouquet and Dipped Fruit

Thinking something special for great momment such as birthday, anniversary or other occasion? Getting confused of perfect gift for someone? Something unique and memorable? Now let me give you a solution, a bouquet. Flowers Bouquet? NO !! It's Fruit Bouquet !!! Sounds unique and sure looks perfect for a gifts, thanks to Edible Wish  for make this happen, yap the first Fruit Bouquet in Jakarta !! So excited when the owner send me an e-mail and want to sent me some sample, me so lucky, so here it's... Edible Wish 
Let me tell you a story about Edible Wish 

Edible Wish are professional fruit artists who are inspired to create a new healthy way of giving. Providing not your ordinary bouquet, they offer healthy and nutritious fruit bouquet using only the finest and the freshest fruits. Each bouquet is freshly made and arranged uniquely, making it perfect for every occasion and every taste bud. On top of that, they dipped fruits are wrapped in luscious gourmet chocolate  that will definitely satisfy your sugar cravings.

They believe that everyone has their own special moments in life and they would love to be a part of that special moment, sometimes or usually we give chocolate and flower for your lovely one, but chocolate is a high-calories meal and flower hmmmm yeah they're beautiful but not edible and Edible Wish now provide you a gift that's beautiful, edible and of course healthy, we know that health is so important and their product is just not a give but it's experience ;) Let see their amazing products !

>> Star Truck
IDR 425.000

So here's the beautiful Fruit Bouquet, when I saw it for the first time... OMG they're awesome, so colourful and I think everyone would love it ! And as a fruit lover I just can't wait to eat that fresh fruit, I could see the freshness of the fruit. Star Truck is contained of starfruit of course, I do like starfruit, because they're one of tropical fruit and taste really great, watery enough. There's a lot of strawberry and grapes, don't forget the fresh and sweet melon. Sunkist orange also make this fruit bouquet so perfect as a gift ! 

>> Drizzled Strawberry
IDR 175.000

As I've told you before, beside Fruit Bouquet, Edible Wish also offers Dipped Fruit. There's strawberry, apples and banana, but this is Drizzled Strawberry ! They're so damn good, yes I'm a big fan of strawberry and thanks for serving me a big and fresh strawberry, they're dipped in good quality of chocolate and the packaging also nice. The strong point of fruit is their freshness and Edible Wish has owned that, such a really really really healthy snacks :p 

Well, that's just a few of their Fruit Bouquet and Dipped Fruit creation, you can see more beautiful gifts on their website, Wishing You a Fruitful Day !!


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Edible Wish


  1. After a long time I got something fresh and quality content on related topic. I searched a lot for the related material but got almost replica work. Keep it up! It is really very informative.

  2. Finally someone write about it. I wonder how the package comes for the fruit bouquet. In plastic bag? Cause I'm really concerned about the hygiene.

    1. Yup, they're well packed, of course in plastic bag, and they have their own delivery service and they keep this fruit bouquet in fridge, so they still in fresh and hygiene condition :D