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Suntiang Jakarta - Pondok Indah Mall

I think most of you have ever eaten Padang food, that's one of the most well-known Indonesian food, as we knew that Rendang is on the list of the most delicious food in the world, yeep we should so proud about that. The characteristic of Padang food is strong flavour, savoury, spicy and tasty. Can you ever imagine thick flavour of padang food combined with simply and soft flavour of Japanese food? So this is it, Suntiang.

Maybe you still unfamiliar with these word "Suntiang" , what's that? Suntiang is crown that usually worn by bride in Minang culture, so in this case they want to symbolize Suntiang as the marriage of padang and japanese food, which is the first in the world ! They quite brave to collaborate these two different type of cuisine.

Suntiang is located at restaurant row Pondok Indah Mall 2 and they just opened late 2013 hmm still new ! They have a really great ambience, so modern. Warm lighting and woody interior give me such a good mood to have dinner here. So curious to try their Padang-Japanese food. Well, there's a sushi bar too here, just like another sushi restaurant. All the staffs were so friendly and their service was good too, all the food that I ordered was quickly came. Yey !!

Sunntiang offers you a wide of food and totally padang ! Even it's Japanese they're combined with padang ingridients. Not all the menu are fusion, they also have usual padang food, let's said nasi kapau , but of course I didn't try it, because they're so easy to find and I think I eat that a lot hahaha I'm one of padang food lover. So what's padang-japanese food they have?? 

>> Ayam Pop Roll
IDR 33.000

Ayam Pop is one of my favourite Padang food, they only available at some of Padang restaurant, so they quite rare hehe and Suntiang have it in different style. They're served in sushi !! So here's Ayam Pop Roll. Sushi roll filled with tamago, carrot, and nori topped with sliced of ayam pop and serve with ayam pop sauce. Taste so great, they're so savoury and rich in flavour, but the chicken wasn't fragrant enough as I usually eat at Sederhana. But, they're awesome ! 

>> Onigiri Ayam Bakar
IDR 23.000

Onigiri usually serves plain, but here they filled with grilled chicken. The chicken was grilled in padang style, as you usually eat at padang restaurant. Yep, using coconut milk and spicy taste, and then served with shredded nori and teriyaki dipping sauce. Hmmm, I love the grilled chicken filling, so delicious ! But the presentation wasn't as cute as on the menu. 

>> Crispy Tunjang Roll
IDR 33.000

Next menu is Crispy Tunjang Roll. Tunjang is a beef rinds and one of the authentic padang food. Sushi roll filled with kyuri, nori and tempura topped with spicy beef rinds curry, superb dish !! So delicious, there's a crispy and crunchy sensation when you eat this sushi roll, and then the beef rinds was just perfectly cooked, they're tender and the curry also strong, if they served warm I think will be so much better. 

>> Rendang Roll
IDR 33.000

Save the best for the last !! Yeep this is it jreng jreng jreng..... RENDANG ROLL !! They're extremely delicious !!! I just can't mention how great is rendang roll from Suntiang. Beef rendang, kyuri, lettuce and then topped with rendang with gravy and using rendang mayonaise they said, but it's more like mustard. The combination of every component was terrific, I probably ate like 3 portions of this rendang roll if I'm not full, anyway 1 portion contain only 4 pieces of tiny sushi (for me haha), I hope they'll upsized. Really love this rendang roll.

Suntiang successfully impressed me that night, they had a really great Padang-Japanese fusion food. Especially their rendang roll and crispy tunjang roll, some source said that their Lidah Cabe Ijo dan Asam Pade was really recommended, so sad that I didn't try it, next visit they will be on my order list. The price is exclude 10% Tax and 5% service charge. So, when Padang meets Japanese it's Suntiang.

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Suntiang Restaurant
Pondok Indah Mall 2, 3rd floor #346
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Jakarta Selatan
+62 21 75920529


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