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Singapore Culinary Fun Trip - Day 2

Hello all of The Hungry Doctor Readers !! I wanna say thanks to you because now The Hungry Doctor has officially had 1.500 daily readers, and I hope that'll keep growing. And one of the most read this month is my post about Singapore Culinary Fun Trip - Day 1 (which is already more than 1000 hits) so I'm gonnna share Singapore Culinary Fun Trip - Day 2 !!! Yey ! And I'm gonna post the 3rd day when this post already reach 1000 hits ;) Well, if you miss the 1st day just click here.

Woke up in Singapore with beautiful weather and atmosphere, I've told you that we stayed at Hotel 81 Herritage. Hotel 81 was a low budget hotel group, you can find them in every area in Singapore, even they're low price but the quality was good ! The one in Herritage was quite new too, the room wasn't that big but quite comfy and so clean, also the bathroom. They're in strategic location too, near the Bus Stop, MRT Station, Food Place and Mini Market, it's a really recommended accomodation for a backpacker-traveler like us.

Oh yaa, as they're a budget-hotel they didn't provide breakfast, and luckily just across the hotel there's a food place, so we had breakfast there...

Dai Jie Le
100 Jalan Sultan, #01-07, Beach Road, 199001

One of the perfect place for breakfast I think and the weather that day was so calm dan friendly, I really love the breeze and the view here, feels like you're in your home town, anyway Dai Jie Le was like food court, there's some food stall. But the seller here speaks in Chinese, so your english useless, lucky one of my friend can speak chinese fluently.

Dai Jie Le opens from 6.00 - 22.00 and it's kinda hangout spot for oldster, they chit chat and drink some beers until the shop closed. Dai Jie Le offers you a lot of food, and here's some that we had for breakfast that morning.

 Fried Noodles & Vermicelli with Fish Cake - S$ 1.20

Really low-price breakfast !! They're delicious enough, you can choose you want fried noodles or vermicelli and then choose the side dish too, there's a lot of fish cake and some meat. Personally, I like fish cake so much and my friends also choose fish cake for their breakfast, taste good. The portion also suit for breakfast. Their chili taste great, like balacan but with strong garlic, great !

Kaya Toast - S$ 1.00

Had a breakfast with kaya toast was such a perfect breakfast, I really love kaya toast. Even they're not the best I've ever had, but they're great enough for my morning spirit. The level of sweetness was good for me.

Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee
VivoCity, 1 Harboutfront Walk, #B2-38, Telok Blangah, 098585

After we had a "light" breakfast, we're heading to Sentosa Island via VivoCity. VivoCity is one of the shopping mall which had a lot of delicious food place. When we arrivd at VivoCity the first thing we did was eating !! The one who really attracted us was Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee. We haven't eat scrumptious noodles in Singapore, and we hope they're the chosen one.

Egg Tart

They had a really great place, woody interior and warm lightning, we directly order and paid at cashier and then wait our delicious noodles served. While waiting, the girls (Hilly and Janet) bought some Egg Tart !! We love egg tart, and they taste Awesome !! We really like it, excellent sweet treats.

Kolo Mee - S$ 6.50

Here's the Noodles, special one, you can see how complete the noodles was ! The texture was great and the topping was terrific ! Minced pork, charsiew, wonton, and prawn, actually there was abalone too, but we're not into abalone, every bite taste so amazing, the soup aslo great. One of my favourite dish so far ! Even they quite expensive but that's worth it.

Food Republic
VivoCity, 3rd Floor, 1 Harboutfront Walk, Telok Blangah, 098585

Well, I think everybody already know this one of the best food market in Singapore, they have many branches. The one in VivoCity was the busiest because they're located next to MRT Station Sentosa Express, the only MRT route to Sentosa Island. Actually, we want to had snack time here, but in fact another main course for our lunch ! HAHA.

Yes, we love eat so much and Food Republic just like heaven on earth, because we can find any kind of food here. The place was so great too, looks rustic and that's the strong point. The area was so big and clean, one of spot that you should come when you came to Singapore, and of course they had delicious food !!

Rice with Stew Pork, Pork Chop, Egg and Cabbage - S$ 5.20

Actually, it's a curry rice but too bad the curry wasn't ready, so we ate curry rice without curry. Because they're one of the best seller here, so they quickly sold out, the taste was good, but It's so much better with curry.

Fried Prawn Noodle - S$ 5.25

Fried Prawn Noodle is a must have list ! Yeep, everytime I went to Singapore, I always eat it. I can't found it in Jakarta hehe, their kind of fried noodle was wet and taste really great, with some big prawns and fresh too, so delicious. The balacan gives punch in the dish.

BBQ Chicken Wing - S$ 4.50

I'm craving for chicken wing, and luckily found this ! They still using traditional process of grillin' so quite interesting and taste delicious, they're so savoury one and I think they just using salt and pepper for the seasoning, because I didn't taste any bbq sauce that I usually try. But they're great !

Sentosa Island 

One of favourite place for narcism HAHA Yeah, all of like really like pose on the camera. Sentosa Island is a recration world, from Universal Studio until Siloso Beach, they're all great. Actually we had to pick up one of our friend at Chinatown MRT Station, so we can't spend long time here, so we need to hurry. But we really enjoy our short trip here. Sentosa Island also one of the place to buy chocolate yupp haha we bought a lot of chocolate here.

Pinky Buddy

Most of attraction at Sentoso Island was charge quite high but you'll get that satisfaction. Remember don't forget to play LUGE and Sky Ride when you came here, that's one of the best experience here !! If I'm not mistaken they charged S$ 18.00 for two laps enjoying Luge and Sky Ride, what's that? Find out by yourself ;) But trust we they're freakin' entertain.

 Look at those cute face HAHA !!

If you want to explore this Sentosa Island you don't need to walk, they provide shuttle bus. So won't get 
tired here, but they're so sunny ! I suggest you to wear a bright colour shirt here. Enjoy your time at Sentosa Island !!

Chinatown Food Market

As I told you before, that we just got new members HAHA we pick her up at Chinatown MRT Station, she's Yolanda Inggriani but you can call her "Popon" just say she's a guest star in this trip ! Chinatown is one of the busiest district in Singapore, you can find many hawker food and also merchandise. You can find the best Bee Cheng Hiang here, yes we love Bee Cheng Hiang even we can find them easily in Jakarta, but in Singapore they had different taste and so much better !!

Pork Belly Noodle - S$ 3.00

Another noodle in this trip, we love eating noodle so much, and I can't say no to pork belly whenever. The noodle was thin and taste wonderful, with sweet and spicy sauce, and the pork belly was so crispy and had a great aroma, so tempeting !!

Fish Ball Noodle - S$ 3.00

The taste was similiar to pork belly noodle, but the noodle they use was different, they used wide noodle for the dish, and that's good ! The fish ball and fish cake were so chewy and there's no fishy aroma at all, great !


We're now at ORCHARD ROAD the most well-known spot in Singapore and we enjoy the best ONE DOLLAR ICE CREAM in town !! yeeep we love it so much nothing I can say about One Dollar Ice Cream, they must be on your "must-go list" Maybe they're not the only one here, but this old man was the most famous here.The ice was provided by Magnolia and King's Ice Cream

They had many flavours here, and I think I've tried almost all of them, and none of them wasn't good !! Ice Cream such a really excellent too. I don't need to give any comment to One Dollar Ice Cream, everybody loves it ! And that's Popon (the girl beside me).


TORI Q Japanese Yakitori
Takashimaya Food Hall, Orchard Road 

Another must have snack in Singapore ! Tori Q Japanese Yakitori, maybe they sounds ordinary but trust me they're just like heaven on earth, I really love Tori Q, they have many yakitori here, from chicken, beef, pork, and also chicken chicken wich is the most delicious one, they so crispy, because before it's grilled they've already deep-fried, the greatest I've ever had.

Skin and Pork - S$ 1.20 / each

Chicken skin was the greatest !! Must try ! For the pork skewers, they great too, taste salty and tender enough, the fat makes them so delightful :9 

Balls - S$ 1.50

Minced chicken and formed to Balls, delicious too, taste sweet ! So tender of course the size was quite big too, hmmm and absolutely tender, love their texture and taste. Recommended !

Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig's Organ Soup
24 Foch Road, Jalan Besar, 209263

One of the legendary food in Singapore, but it's non-halal one. Actually we had back to our hotel and then went out for trying this Pig's Organ Soup. There's some incident that we had a wrong way ! HAHA because we keep chatting on the bus we forgot to get out -__- luckily we still can find the last bus to come back, and it's almost 11 p.m ! We're so lucky and finally arrived at Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig's Organ Soup.

This is the headquarters, I love the environment and ambience here, so old school and clean also big. Really enjoy having dinner here, hmm late dinner I mean. The service was good, so quick and when it served hmmmm the aroma was superb !!! 

Pig's Organ Soup - S$ 4.00

That was the first time I tried Pig's Organ Soup, recommended by Bayi , and honestly they made me crazy, taste so perfect !! You can see the soup was clean and so tasty, you can taste the strong pork broth soup, yummy !! This soup was contained of pork meat, liver, belly, lung, and also intestine as the complement there're tofu and green vegetables, seriously I love this !!

Fried Meatball - S$ 2.50

We had fried meatball for the side dish and they taste wonderful too ! Nothing I can say beside they're good and also the pickle was great. Must visit food place when you came into Singapore !

Well, that's what we had for today !! We're SUPER FULL and FUN of course ! But on our way back to hotel we still taking a picture, and we really like Singapore's atmosphere at night, and we bought some snack for our Night "chit-chat" hahaha such a fun day and we can't wait the happiness we share when we opened our eyes the mext morning !! I hope you enjoy this post and can use this post as your guide when you're at Singapore !

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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